Red FRIDAY….TRUMP is at it again (like a spoiled Child).. RCL Info

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This says it all ! ! !


Well once again PEACE is threatened in Korea? TRUMP in his usual CHILDISH Manner has spoken out that Kim may wind up treated like Gadhafi. Threats like this will certainly lead to Tit for TAT rhetoric between the 2 leaders. No deal like the so called Libya deal of a few years ago?

Trump’s warning to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi

I seriously wonder why this next story has been released to the PUBLIC. Does CANADA no longer believe in not telling the enemy what they are doing?? It used to be called

                     S E C U R I T Y

My friend and Fellow Veteran FRED RODGERS is still trying to open the ears of the RCL Dominion and Provincial Commands. I Agree %100 with his views. The Royal Canadian Legion has forgotten their ROOTS which are within the UK founders many years ago. Please open the following ink and read and perhaps Comment on his articles.

That’s it for this week folks. Always wear red on Friday’s in support of our Troops, their Families and our Veterans.

Nil Sine Labore


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MId Week and Good News for KOREA…..Bad News for Korea

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As the saying goes  first the good news. A Canadian General has been appointed Deputy Commander of the UN Group in Korea.

The bad news is Kim is upsetting the applecart? Talks between North and South have been suspended.

Last but by no means least today… a story that many Veterans who joined the police services or prison services. What a further waste of Tax Dollars.

Hey what better give cons more weapons? Needles just what is needed to attack Prison Officers  clean or Dirty. Once again prisoners (non Taxpaying) are given items while Veterans suffer.

That’s it today folks as I have an appointment in town.

Always give a thought to our troops and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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Monday Morning a SUNNY Day R A N T ……

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I honestly think that a lot of Veterans will agree with my thoughts on the Repatriated ISIS Jihadis from Canada. This one captured  and being tried in NY after admitting to an execution killing, he participated in in Syria. Has now RECANTED his statement. This is natural as the cowardly scumbag wishes to return to TRUDEAU Land for a repatriation Course and funding from the Bleeding Hearted Liberal Government?

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has refused to provide details on the status of a Canadian former ISIS fighter who made an apparent confession to an execution-style killing in Syria, saying police and security officials are taking all necessary steps to “keep Canadians safe.”

I take exception to traitorous  Canadians who fight for our enemies. The moment they accept allegiance to a TERRORIST Organisation they cease Canadian Citizenship. Therefore releasing the Government of the day HELPING Them. I am sure they all treat Omar Khadir multi millionaire as a Mentor and hope to win as much of our tax payers dollars to their personal bank accounts.

That’s my rant for this beautiful Monday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Have a great Day

Nil Sine Labore



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