1/2 Century plus 6 ….. CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS October 1962…..now?

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Nala Ayed of the CBC gives a thought out opinion on the possibility of a Nuclear war?


With TRUMP  angering most of our Globe and especially with the chunky Rocket man of North Korea, we are closer than ever to a Nuclear war. By an error?

WHY  ???? is the Canadian Government angry with Israel with regard to their Refugee problem.  WHY ????

would Canada entertain the idea of bring in a huge number of Eritrean Refugees from Israel. When he has no Money for Veterans. Serving Military nor Seniors. Pouring our hard earned tax dollars into yet another Governments problems if an incorrect Gesture?



I and I am sure many Canadians feel that the time now for Trudeau, is to sit back in Ottawa and assess Canadian problems. Voters are underwhelmed with his actions to date.

This story of Canada’s involvement in Iraq was very quiet in the mainstream media:

Canada considering taking part in expanded training mission for Iraqi forces

This news site from Mosul highlights the nation involved with their flag. You need to scroll to 3 or 4 pages to locate a Canadian News story.


So Mr Trudeau a word of advice from a Veteran PAY ATTENTION To CANADIANS and quit being a Namby Pamby  Liberal.

Meanwhile please show concern for our Troops and our Veterans and their families.

Nil Sine Labore





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