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Well the day is finally here. New Years Eve 2017, What will our world be like next year?

Will Terrorism still reign supreme? Will Syria still be at war within. Will the UN, NATO, allies of all western nations make a resolution to exterminate isis/daesh, al-quada, boko haram and others of their animalistic annihilation of peaceful members of the  world citizenary?

I doubt it. 2016 has been filled with horror stories of these gangs on terrorists with no incination to have a peaceful world.

Home grown terror grew substantially in 2016. I pray that it dies a swift death in 2017.

Our Veterans in Canada, The UK  and other allied countries are being treated with disrespect. many stories appeared over the past year of neglect and down right rudeness to our men and women who have been protecting us.

In the UK the D I S G R A C E F UL  charges of a long ago war in Northern Ireland stand out as being the MOST DISGRACEFUL Actions of any western Government. Many British Soldiers including those born in Northern Ireland were killed by the gangsters of the IRA led by animals like   James Martin Pacelli McGuinness and Gerard “Gerry” Adams both members of the IRA during the TROUBLES as it has been described. The IRA killed many civilians and children yet they were granted amnesty.  Words defy me to express my outrage at this tragic situation.     https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-david-cameron-mp-hm-government-org-stop-the-investigation-of-soldiers-from-operation-banner-ni

Yet another coward granted immunity.

Sinn Fein Leader since 1989 NOT Charged for cowardly bombings.



The British Government is also involved with charges against Sgt Blackburn  who while serving in Iraq took out an al quada  terrorist.

S I M P L Y   D O I N G  H I S   D U T Y in a war zone.

This is Wrong in so Many Ways

The British Squaddie keeps his proverbial sense of Humour in all situations.

Meanwhile Canadian Veterans are leaving the Royal Canadian Legion in Droves. It is so sad to see an organisation like the.

Royal Canadian Legion forgetting and ignoring the reason they were founded. to assist Veterans of any Armed Service, A friend Veteran and a 30 year member of the RCL has decided not to continue his membership….so sad. He was told by a member of his (former local branch) his definition of a Veteran: Frankly I did not listen too closely,but if I recall correctly, it was basically anyone who has worn the uniform a very basic sentence when the Legion promotes non VETERANS to their highest positions IE Tom Eagles past President Dominion Command who wears dozens of trinkets but no real medals and never serve a DAY in uniform.

Not a medal EARNED in uniform…..FACT


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MY wish to one and all especially to our Troops and Allied troops serving around the world, May 2017 bring you HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY.

Nil Sine Labore


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