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A little known fact about London Cabbies on REMEMBRANCE DAY….plus combat rations….

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The black cabs of London waiting on Westminster Bridge to ferry the veterans from Waterloo station to the Cenotaph and back again……for free.
They do this every year, but it never seems to be mentioned in the press.
Good on you cabbies.


A Hearty Bravo Zulu to the Cabbies of London. Doubt that Ottawa , Toronto Montreal or Vancouver would do this?

A Hearty Bravo Zulu to the Cabbies of London. Doubt that Ottawa , Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver would do this?

From Cabbies on Remembrance day to MRP’s, Dry Rations, Compo, field rations how ever they may be named here is a great article on field meals that are used by my our and other NATO Military  units.

I have fond memories of Brit Ration packs in the 60s in Soest. Some delicious Date and nut loaf comes to mind , some not so tasty. I also remember the US packs that had cigarettes and a vile  choice of Lima Beans and Ham yyyeeeuuuccchh.

Arctic Rations were excellent and included high energy lozenges. Ah Memories both good and bad. Comments welcome from Veterans of all armies.

Till next time stay safe be happy and think of our Troops serving around the world.

Nil Sine Labore



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Red Friday….

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             Red Friday

                                      Red Friday

HACKED ! ! !

It was inevitable that Canada would be hacked, as have many other Western Countries.

Unlike the current TV Programs tracing hackers within a 30 minute media window. In real life sometimes the perpetrators are never uncovered. This time it was our DND Recruiting website which was hacked. Here is the CBC report.

Meanwhile one of the biggest days in football (Soccer) here in the UK, was played on Red Friday Nov 11th. Both teams England V Scotland, wore a red Poppy on an armband. The rulers of football has now laid charges against these teams wearing a Poppy. FIFA is riddled with graft and deception and shouls pay more attention to their internal problems.


England & Scotland poppy decision leads to Fifa disciplinary action – BBC Sport


On a happier note I was ;listening to a programme on Radio Scotland which was produced by the Imperial War Museum. Over the year the IWM has interviewed sutvivors of WW1, WW2 and onwards.

The subject I listened too was Brothels and the Ladies of the night. Sometimes in history lables as Camp Followers, following the troops from Roman Days.

The USA apparently in both WW1 and 2. Barred their soldiers from enetering these premises?

Where as Britain allowed their troops to avail them selves of services available. In fact they had 2 types of Brothels. Identied by either a Blue light or the traditional Red light. Once again this was very British because the Blue light cat houses for were for Officers Only while the traditional Red Lights were for other ranks.

I enjoyed this programme, far different memories than the horrors of the trenches. It most certainly would have put a smile on soldiers faces.

and you can listen at:

On this Red Friday once again I ask you one and all to Always Remember our soldiers and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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Canadian troops not leading fight or engaged in ‘offensive combat operations’ says DND

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This seems like a misleading title. However Canada’s Special Forces are in action against isis/daesh. They have successfully destroyed 3 vehicles laden with ammunition and explosives. BRAVO ZULU to the Special Forces Canada’s elite professional soldiers.

However our politicos of the ruling Government party in Ottawa. Maintain the stance that this is not a Combat Operation  but rather a mission to assist and train Kurdish fighters.

HOW I wonder will this play out for survivor pensions if we lose a soldier during these operation not marked as Combat? I certainly pray that we lose no member of Canada’s units in any conflict.

So our Liberal Boy Prime Minister must make up his mind whether we are or are not in a Combat Conflict.

Even the Canadian Government’s supply of Weaponry to the Kurdish Fighters is open to Political dispute. With the Government of Baghdad disputing the supply of weapons to the Kurds. Fearing they will use them to declare independence.

C’mon PM be a real leader and get this job done.

Always remember our men and women serving around the world for Canada’s freedom.

Nil Sine Labore



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A Memorable REMEMBRANCE weekend 2016

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Greetings from the Highlands of Scotland,

I have just enjoyed a weekend of Remembrance, with parades and the laying of wreaths at the Highland memorial.

I have also enjoyed a weekend reminiscing of friends whom I have said goodbye to over the years. From Duke Collinson  who went down in a plane crash  in the Yukon back in 68. To my friend Tom Jardine who 25 years ago , died in the Herc crash 13 miles short of Alert. So many friends taken not by war but by their service to Queen and country. There have been many who have paid the ultimate price that were not involved in  a war, but rather the peaceful ,carrying out of their duties. The families and Loved ones of all military personnel, suffer greatly on behalf of their love for a soldier. So as this Remembrance weekend passes, I will REMEMBER THEM.

Now about the Legion in Canada, I would like to tell them that it was indeed heartwarming to be on Parade here in Scotland , and to see both men and women wearing a relative’s medals on parade or in the crowd. A more wonderful token of Remembrance I do not know.

To see Prince Harry greeting a child who was wearing his Uncle’s medals was indeed Heartwarming.

So to the Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian Legion get off your high horses and amend the rules of Remembrance.

A few photos from the Parade I attended follow. I will be correcting issues as required over the next few Blogs.

Nil Sine Labore


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