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2016 au revoir 2017 Welcome

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Well the day is finally here. New Years Eve 2017, What will our world be like next year?

Will Terrorism still reign supreme? Will Syria still be at war within. Will the UN, NATO, allies of all western nations make a resolution to exterminate isis/daesh, al-quada, boko haram and others of their animalistic annihilation of peaceful members of the  world citizenary?

I doubt it. 2016 has been filled with horror stories of these gangs on terrorists with no incination to have a peaceful world.

Home grown terror grew substantially in 2016. I pray that it dies a swift death in 2017.

Our Veterans in Canada, The UK  and other allied countries are being treated with disrespect. many stories appeared over the past year of neglect and down right rudeness to our men and women who have been protecting us.

In the UK the D I S G R A C E F UL  charges of a long ago war in Northern Ireland stand out as being the MOST DISGRACEFUL Actions of any western Government. Many British Soldiers including those born in Northern Ireland were killed by the gangsters of the IRA led by animals like   James Martin Pacelli McGuinness and Gerard “Gerry” Adams both members of the IRA during the TROUBLES as it has been described. The IRA killed many civilians and children yet they were granted amnesty.  Words defy me to express my outrage at this tragic situation.

Yet another coward granted immunity.

Sinn Fein Leader since 1989 NOT Charged for cowardly bombings.



The British Government is also involved with charges against Sgt Blackburn  who while serving in Iraq took out an al quada  terrorist.

S I M P L Y   D O I N G  H I S   D U T Y in a war zone.

This is Wrong in so Many Ways

The British Squaddie keeps his proverbial sense of Humour in all situations.

Meanwhile Canadian Veterans are leaving the Royal Canadian Legion in Droves. It is so sad to see an organisation like the.

Royal Canadian Legion forgetting and ignoring the reason they were founded. to assist Veterans of any Armed Service, A friend Veteran and a 30 year member of the RCL has decided not to continue his membership….so sad. He was told by a member of his (former local branch) his definition of a Veteran: Frankly I did not listen too closely,but if I recall correctly, it was basically anyone who has worn the uniform a very basic sentence when the Legion promotes non VETERANS to their highest positions IE Tom Eagles past President Dominion Command who wears dozens of trinkets but no real medals and never serve a DAY in uniform.

Not a medal EARNED in uniform…..FACT                  

MY wish to one and all especially to our Troops and Allied troops serving around the world, May 2017 bring you HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY.

Nil Sine Labore


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Merry Christmas 2016

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  On this the final RED FRIDAY before Christmas 2016, I wish MERRY CHRISTMAS To  all allied troops wherever they may be serving. Also to their families who will not have Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter,  sister or brother near them  at this season of celebration.

A Very Merry Christmas to one and all 2016

No Matter where they serve Soldiers remember home and Loved ones.

 This letter from a fellow Veteran and old  friend.

Coffee chat 7142. Have you ever been away and missed your child’s birthday or your spouse’s? Have you actually missed the birth of one of your children? Have you been away for more anniversaries than you’ve been home? Have you missed Christmas with your family because you were on the other side of the world? Have you missed more holidays than you care to count? Have you missed your children’s first words, first steps, first days of school? if you said no to any of the above, then you were probably never in the Canadian Forces.
The soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the Canadian Forces are on call every day 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Most of them have missed a number of the above. Yes it’s their job, it’s what they get paid for, but did you ever stop and think they do it for you? It’s because of them we enjoy the freedoms that we have.
The next time you see a member of the Canadian Forces, it might be nice to say Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays or maybe just thank you

This story warms my heart no matter how many times I view it. The actions of one man, a young pilot certainly helped some young victims of WW2 enjoy candy, some for the first time in their lives. Narrated by Tom Brokaw . This shows that soldiers do care for others.

A Christmas Message from the CDS…………

For Immediate Release:

The Department of the Defense issued orders today to COL S. Clause, recalling him to active duty, with a report date of 24 Dec 16.

A reservist with 1,742 years of service, the airborne soldier specializes in vertical delivery of high-value items. He is airborne and air assault qualified. He is also a Public Affairs Specialist.

Also recalled were Lt-Col Dasher, CWO Dancer, MWO Prancer, Maj. Vixen, Maj Comet, Chaplain (Lt-Col) Cupid, Sgt Donner, and PO1 Blitzen, an Individual Augmentee from the Naval Reserve, assigned to the Army. 2Lt Rudolph is also authorized to report for duty; however, he must first successfully complete Land Nav training, which he has failed three times.

Although the above troops are on orders for only 24 hours, it is anticipated they will submit a travel claim for 24,901 miles at .56/mile, using a POV. Suitable Government transportation is not available.

As a special operations unit, each member is granted a high level of uniform flexibility, as well as relaxed grooming standards. Per diem has been modified to include large quantities of hot cocoa and cookies.

P.S. – Let’s ALL remember the men and women of our Canadian Armed Forces, as they serve in faraway lands during this Christmas Season.

Thank You.

General J.H. “Jon” Vance, CMM, MSC, CD
Chief of Defense Staff

 Last but not least today    > > > > >> > >  Minister of Defense cares for our troops> > > >> >

                                                       This Card says it all

Nil Sine Labore




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Disgraceful actions against a Military Medal of Valour soldier M/Cpl Collin Fitzgerald

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Years of fighting criminal charges has cost decorated Afghan vet more than $160K………  Retired master corporal Collin Fitzgerald has $160,000 in legal bills related to a two-year court odyssey and an additional $40,000 in family court costs from a custody battle involving his daughter.

This I feel is something the Royal Canadian Legion should address. Sadly the new Legion of non veterans are simply not interested.

This young man is one of many soldiers suffering from PTSD. Where is the Federal Government help for them?

Canada currently is far more interested in housing and doling out tax payers dollars  to refugees. Some of which are alive today because of the actions of

men and women fighting for their FREEDOM>

This Medal of Military Valour  recipient is being dragged into the depths of personal debt, due to court costs. The court cases were dropped with simply no information nor indeed any monetary recompense.

The Ontario Provincial Police tried to offer many inducements for a plea bargain. Which wisely were turned down as he is innocent.

Please read the full story here:   This is tragedy and disgrace to a fine soldier who did his duty unflinchingly  and returned home damaged.

I wish as I am sure  all Veteran’s wish him a Merry Christmas, with best wishes of justice being done for him in the New Year.

Nil Sine Labore


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The Passing of another Fine Soldier

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Sadly even in this day of Instant Communication, the news of the passing of a Soldier sometimes takes a time to Filter Down. I received this from a fellow Veteran, Corps Brother,  Gord Jenkins.



Two Legends of our Corps. Royal Canadian Army Service Corps


The obituary for BGen Harry Brodie, who passed away on 7 Oct 2016, appears in today’s Globe and Mail.  There will be a memorial service in Toronto in January.
As I noted earlier, it was an honour for me to serve under this fine officer and perfect gentleman, on staff at the RCASC School and in DGT.

Brig. Gen. Henry (Harry) Band Brodie, MBE, CD, KStJ Sept 25, 1919 (Paisley, Scotland) – Oct 7, 2016 (Toronto, Canada)

Harry loved life. Always upbeat, he believed self-confidence and hard work could move mountains. His never-say-never attitude, determination, and competitive spirit was something he was born with. Newly arrived in Canada and not able to skate, seven year old Harry entered a race at the local rink. When the starter’s whistle blew, he ran in his skates to victory. If he had doubts he hid them. With Harry, everything was always ‘tickety- boo’.

Predeceased by Flora, his true love and best friend for 66 years, and parents George and Susan Brodie (Ritchie), brothers George, Jim, and David. Survived by his ‘troops’ Stephanie Hennessy, Alison Coke (Robert Coke, deceased) and Jocelyn Brodie (Bill Danis). He insisted that it was easier to get an army across Europe than his three girls to church on time on Sunday. Also survived by sister-in-law Barbara Brodie, nieces Penny, Diane, Susan, Deborah, Janice, nephew Jim, great niece Elizabeth, and grandchildren Lila, Devon, and William.

Harry’s family immigrated to Canada in 1926 and settled in Hamilton. Harry was a good student but an ‘All Star’ in sports – basketball, football, baseball, and track. He always told us that his brains were in his feet. Not surprising, he was also an excellent dancer. Competitive sports were constants in his life. Still playing golf in his 90s, the one thing he could not master was his short game.

He enlisted in 1940, joining the RCASC 1st Canadian Division. He shipped out to England in 1941 and joined the Normandy invasion with the second wave of Canadians. WWII took him through France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. He was mentioned in dispatches. It was in Brussels in 1945 that he met and fell in love with his life partner, a CWAC, Sergeant Flora Shaddock. They married in England in May 1946.

Harry ‘stayed on’ after the war. Over 33 years as a soldier he rose from 2nd Lieutenant to Brigadier General. He moved his family many times, was a true and loving partner in marriage, helped raise three daughters, rescued many cats (including one at gun point in Ottawa during the FLQ crisis), and had an interesting career. Highlights included service in WWII and Korea, an exchange with the British Army of the Rhine in Germany, and appointments as the Commandant and Head of the Army Service Corp. School, Director General of Canadian Forces Transportation, and Canada’s Military Attaché to the US. According to those he served with, he was a ‘role model, mentor and great leader’. He was a soldier’s soldier.

Harry and Flora retired to Vancouver where they enjoyed life and built many friendships – particularly at Shaughnessy Golf Club. He ran a successful small business and was an active Board member with St. John Ambulance and Cheshire House. He donated a kidney to his daughter at age 60 because he was determined tto do everything he could to ensure all his daughters enjoyed full lives. Harry and Flora moved to Toronto in 2008 to be closer to ‘the girls’.

Harry dedicated his life to his family, his country, and community. He was a kind and generous, gentle gentleman who made everyone he touched feel special. We miss him terribly. Many thanks to Chris (care companion), Edna (trainer), Julia (volunteer), Roger (pianist), and the team at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre L1W – particularly Chito, Valerie, Cathy, Fatima, Leah, Myna, Janet, and Laurie – for their care, compassion, kindness, and music. Cremation has taken place. A celebration of his life will take place in January. If you wish to make a donation in his memory, we suggest The Comfort Fund, Sunnybrook Veterans Centre, St. Johns Ambulance, or a charity of your choice.

I passed Brodie Castle today and I hope that Col Brodie visited sometime  during his Life time:

You may enjoy this excerpt mentioning  Col Brodie:

Any one in the Toronto area that wishes to attend the Celebration of Life Please do.

Rest in Peace Soldier your Duty Done.

For all you Smart Phone Geeks a message from Jack Shapka NVOC:

Veterans Affairs has a mobile app, for military and RCMP, there are some interesting items , I am hoping that this is only the start, check it out.


VAC does have some mobile apps. Go to:

Nil SIne Labore



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As Omar Khadir ( Confessed Murderer ) enjoys freedom in Canada….. This Brave Soldier never came home.

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A true hero of the US Military and the sadness of Western Governments charging soldiers and protecting terrorists.


UNSUNG HEROES: The Soldier Who Sacrificed Himself To Save A Stranger From A Suicide Bomber .

Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis  RIP

Omar Khadir despite confessing to murdering a US Medic, by tossing a Hand Grenade still remains a free man in Canada.

This is certainly not justice, when you look at the UK. Soldiers involved in the terrorist wars in Northern Ireland. Many are being charged many years after their tours of Duty. This is a disgrace for a  free western country. Especially as members of the dreaded IRA are so blatantly flaunting themselves as Parliamentarians. Since 1983 GERRY ADAMS gas been the leader of the SInnFein Party.

763 Soldiers and police were killed during the troubles.  13 killed civilians as a result of bloody sunday. From 1969 till 1999 British Soldiers were serving on Operation Banner against the IRA. DEFENDING Irish civilians. Yet they are now being hunted down by the UK government  to appease killers like Gerry Adams. Political Correctness???? The latest men to be charged took out the Official Leader of the IRA in 1972. John Joseph McCann, McCann (24) was commander of the Official IRA’s third Belfast battalion.



Also  Marine A  was charged and found guilty of executing a Taliban fighter? I feel that he killed an enemy combatant which he was trained and expected to do.

Hopefully he will be allowed to be with his family  while an appeal is conducted.

WHY do we treat our soldiers so bad while protecting  confessed killers like Khadir? It is certainly not the way the world should  work.

Please have a thought and a prayer for all NATO soldiers serving to protect us and our families.

Nil Sine Labore




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