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trump munchkins detain Victoria Cross Winner at JFK airport

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I do realise that this ban has been put on hold for a moment, or at least until the US Courts clear this ban up.

There are many things going through my head about this specific incident. This young man has done more for the world’s fight against Terrorism than trump and his cronies. What a disgrace for an allied country to detain the man who earned his VC for Bravery.

I tend to wonder if any US soldiers who have served in Iraq may be detained?


L/Cpl Johnson Beharry Remembrance day Service.

As many people of the world at large, realise this so called president is indeed a dangerous leader. Who still cannot get out of his Tweets, he wants to be the bully of the Globe. His personal motto seems to be MY WAY or not at all. Compromise is certainly not part of his vocabulary limited though that may be.



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Trudeau get your head out of your A*S

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T he previous Blog covered the Sgt who was evicted…. and as I mentioned The Trudeau Government is quick to remove funds from the  military families. Now the men serving in Kuwait in the fight against isis/daesh.

Mr Trudeau it must be the genes of your pacifist, tax loving father. It is time to re establish proper payment for serving soldiers and Veterans alike.

Put the refugees, druggies and the lazy non workers on the back burner. You owe the military for your freedom in Canada.

Nil Sine Labore


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at a DISGRACE to Veterans, owed by our Government

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A single Mother and Veteran of 27 years, including Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan was evicted due to the failure of the Canadian Government. Her pay and benefits package after retirement was mired in redtape and a failure by the so called Phoenix system.

She was living in Ottawa, surely someone in Veterans affairs, Ombudsman’s Office Hell even the Legion should have stepped out and given her interest free loans until the pay situation was rectified. Please read the full story here from the CBC.


Sgt.Tricia Beauchamp (Retired)

Retired sergeant Tricia Beauchamp, a former member of the air force’s logistics branch, waited over five months for her military pension and severance. In the meantime, she was evicted from her home near Ottawa.

Ex-soldier and cancer survivor evicted during wait for military pension – Politics – CBC News

To allow any Veteran to fall through the so called cracks in the system is a disgrace. Yet to allow a single Mom who has gone through 2 bouts of Cancer this is an even bigger disgrace. My mind Boggles.

Where are all these so called Veteran’s Organisations? When needed.

Yet our Government can find funds for non Canadian Refugees. Yet could not pay a Sgt on time. Or the hundreds of others that have yet to be paid.

Mr Trudeau get you cabinet together , your finance minister and issue retroactive cheques to those who the Government owes. Heaven forbid you are Damned speedy in taking Taxes etc. MAN UP and pay these folks. Especially our Veterans.

Please write . call or e mail your Member of Parliament and tell him how disgusted you are about this situation, here in Canada.

Good Luck Sgt and stay strong and positive. Thankyou for your service of over a ¼ of a Century.

Nil Sine Labore


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A Busy week in Deeside on behalf of Veterans.

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Well it is only Tuesday but what an amazing weekend. We had our Veteran’s Breakfast at the Legion on the SUnday and Dee Radio on the Saturday. Plus on Monday a meeting at the Number ONE Hub drop in Centre. There are so many organisations in Scotland to look after/advise and care for Veterans. Canada should take note! !

I was also Happy to see that Canada’s MND visited with his American Counterpart over the weekend.

U.S. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan met at the Pentagon:

The US retired General is certainly not on the same train of thought as his president is. This is good for NATO and Canada. A retired General who takes no orders from trump. A soldier’s soldier as both he and his Canadian Counterpart have been known.

The newest Local Radio Station here on Royal Deeside is:   

Radio Deeside Tune in for all the Oldies but Goodies Graham & Mike Saturday 10 am till 1300….Plus lots of Interesting Banter. Check facebook for all the programme listings.

Chris Collins our esteemed leader at the Breakfast club announced our second Anniversary celebration to take place in April.

Second Anniversary Celebratory Evening.

As they say the only difference between men’s and Boy’s toys is the price. Well Chris has combined both for the events on 7 April. He demonstrated a few.   

Chris explaining games Night

The Equipment Table

It looks like a Good night and I am sure Competition will be rife.

All in all a good weekend. Last but by no means least a Subject close to my Heart. The One Club has decided to offer a home cooking course to Veterans, Men and women  who perhaps live alone and do not cook  meals as often as they should.

We aim to offer inexpensive recipes and menues to keep well within budgetary restrictions.

More to come in the following weeks. stay tuned…perhaps as you listen to River Dee Radio.

Last but by no means least. As Canada is starting to celebrate its 150th Birthday, FLAG DAY is on the 15th of this Month. I proudly remember being on Parade at the Gates of Ft Chambly as our old Red Duster was taken down for the final time. Then the raising of our beautiful Maple Leaf known the world over , respected and honoured.  This short video includes an old RCASC Comrade of mine and former Platoon Officer of 30 Pl RCASC(A) Gord Jenkins please enjoy:

Have a Thought and a Prayer for our military their families who remain in silence while the soldier is away. Also a very Happy Happy Birthday to Soldier Apprentice Art Turnbull AKA Padre.

Happy Birthday Padre Art. Here conducting services at the RCASC Apprentice Memorial in Camp Borden RV16

Nil Sine Labore



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