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Monday Meanderings…..breakfast club….Canada’s top Sniper and How we Men cope with ageing.

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For the First Time the RCASC Corps Flag was alongside UK forces Flags. Thanks to Joe Drouin of Montreal a brother Apprentice of the   RCASC Apprentice soldiers, many moons ago.

Sunday was our day for a breakfast at the Ravenswood Legion in Banchory Scotland. This Legion and in particular this Breakfast Club is now in its’ second year. (In April). It is a great mix of veteran’s Army Navy Airforce and even Royal marines. We are well into Nato with 2 Canadian Army Vets one male one female. The breakfast morning are filled with laughter, old stories and today I even had help with my Income Tax. It is a bastion of comradeship, of men and women who served their countries in times of need.

The UK/International Veterans Breakfast Clubs are always open to visitors if you are in their area.

Here are a few photos from this mornings breakfast meeting:



A few Members





and a Few More







But what was this Veteran doing?????? in the shadows.

Look closely what has he in his hands?

 Once a “Tankie” always a “Tankie”

He is practising for the Games night in April, why not come out and join in. Chris Collins has a great evening of fun,games and food planned for all.

Veteran’s Breakfast Clubs Are GREAT.

Today I also give you a link to a fine Canadian story about a retired SNIPER. Rob Furlong

(Retired PPCLI Para)


After his tour in Afghanistan, Canada’s most famous living sniper came home to a different kind of fight.

Finally today despite the story of our most famous sniper. A problem that all Veterans will face one day. Sadly some more prematurely than others. I hope and pray the I celebrate my Centennial Birthday in 2044.

Aging is difficult for some males?

Please have a thought and a prayer for our Military and their families serving around the world.

Nil Sine Labore



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Black Battalion No Longer ‘Canada’s Best Kept Military Secret’

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You may wonder about the Header in today’s Blog. Unlike the US military Canada only had a segregated Black Unit in WW1. Proud history for Canada’s Black citizenry but a shameful  bit of history for Canada as a whole. Please read the entire story at this Link:

I for one had never realised that we had a Black Battalion. I did know that the first soldiers at Ft Victoria were slaves escaping from the Slavery of the USA.

In 1849 Vancouver Island became a Crown colony and tensions continued between Britain and the United States in the Pacific Northwest; a dispute over the San Juan Islands in 1849 came close to hostilities. With the outbreak of the US Civil War suspicions increased on both sides. In early 1861 the Governor of the Colony accepted an offer from a prominent black merchant, Mr Mifflin Gibbs, to raise a militia company. In July of that year fifty black soldiers were sworn in and formed the Victoria Pioneer Rifle Company, known informally as the Africa Rifles. 

The only surviving photograph can be seen at Ogden point Docks in Victoria.

A wee bit of BC history.

I wonder which Astronaut collected the Moon Dust?

STARDust……Moon Dust… a woman in the city of Chicago has won her case against NASA. She is the only civilian in the entire world to own a Bag of MoonDust collected by astronauts. Well done ma’am.

Recently I wrote about the  military role in case of a Major Quake in BC.

Today we read about>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.


Classified documents reveal Canada’s planned response to 9/11-style attack:

This also includes the need for Canada to shoot down a civilian Airliner if it is thought it would harm Innocent Canadians. I certainly hope our brave Fighter Pilots do not need this scenario.

Remember tomorrow is Red Friday please show your support to our Military and their Families.

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