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Monday Morning…… Good Morning World

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Harjit Sajjan our current Minister of National Defence:

A rather sad story to see that his battlefield claims, are not quite what they supposed to be. He served honourably in Afghanistan for 3 hard combat  tours as a Combat Intelligence  Officer. Were his tales of operational command, simply blown up as all soldiers tend to do. Or was this claim for Operation Medussa simply amplified for his political career. It was so nice to see a  Minister of Defence who had actually defended Canada as a Soldier. Not since Barney Danson has we a MND who had seen actual Combat.

This soldier carried out all his duties in Afghanistan in an exemplary manner. As  a man of the Sikh faith he, showed that Canada is indeed integrated in the armed forces no matter which faith you follow. He was clearly visible in a group of soldiers with his turban in place.

Let us hope that this is simply a hiccup in a most illustrious career. Good Luck Minister, may your apologies be accepted and allow you to get on with your Ministry of Defence duties.

For those veterans who say they never embellished a story of their military experiences, good  on ya but you are a minority as it is human nature to embellish tales of old. What would reunions, breakfasts coffee breaks be without a few war stories.

One year ago my good friend Senator Mike Duffy was absolutely exonerated  in the courts of Canada. I hope that Mike is doing well and that he is healthy. The Conservative Government of which I was a proud Tory besmirched this fine Canadian.( I for one have lost faith in a once proud Politcal Party).  I hope that soon we are reading about the good works that Mike does for Canada and indeed Prince Edward Islanders . Best of Luck Mike keep up the great work.

In my days in the Canadian Military, pocket books were the essence of entertainment, who had a paperback stuck in a back pocket or in a kitbag.  No internet, no TV Radios dependant upon where you were. In Soest we listened to Radio Luxembourg for the latest hits. Radio Free Europe for the  news as they saw it CFN for any titbits from home.    >>>>>FAST FORWARD to 2017       Cell (SMART)  phones, Internet, Skype, Kindle are part of military day to day life. BUT their is still an arm of our military when away at work that PAPER Backs still rule. Here is a story on life aboard one of Canada’s warships HMCS Saskatoon, where paperbacks are a source of entertainment, that is a surface ship. Submariners  must have read and re read paperbacks while in the depths.

There is now a net radio for Veterans of all military.  over the next few weeks I hope to have a program (as yet un named) to reminisce about Canadian Military in NATO,  Germany. Peacekeeping  Cyprus Egypt etc. BAOR 4 CMBG. I look forward to preparing and hearing my first Program on this site, You can tune in in Canada and indeed around the world.

In case you missed the Link to the International Sandbag Times here it is agin. Check out the Canuck Corner:

With Thanks to Gord Jenkins for this link of the first 100 days.

On that note as we enter the next 100 days of Trump let’s hope that Diplomacy wins out with North Korea.

Please share a thought  for our Veterans, our serving troops and their families.

Nil Sine Labore






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RED Friday …Newfoundland Women keep up the tradition.

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Well folks another Red Friday is here. Happily there are no actions in Korea other than the Bluff and Bluster of 2 egomaniacal Leaders.

The Senators had a meeting with trump: MISCALCULATIONS  CAN BE DANGEROUS seems to be the concensus.

The Russkis have lost a spy ship aka reconnaissance vessel in the Bosphorous:

The fine Ladies of Western Newfoundland have resurrected the WW1 tradition of knitting socks for soldiers in the lines: BRAVO ZULU to the members of the Patriotic Association of Newfoundland founded over 100 years ago to knit thousands of socks for the men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. See this Link for the Archival story of these Patriotic Ladies;

I wonder if any of the Current Ladies, may recognise a Grandmother or Great Grandmother.

Still on Canada’s East Coast I welcome back the BLOGMEISTER OF PEI….Frederick Rodgers  aka The IRISH ROVER a proud Canadian Veteran of both the RCN Submarine service and the RCN. Stay well my friend. This latest Blog continues the fight against a ridiculous law, that is backed by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Have a great weekend and please share a coffee or a chat with a Veteran

Nil Sine Labore




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A TANKER died today… RIP Sgt Robert Dynerowicz … A Royal Canadian Dragoon

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RIP Sgt R J Dynerowicz

A PROUD REGIMENT has lost a Son

Sadly a military exercise in Wainwright ALberta , has resulted in the loss of life of a Sgt with the RCD’s. This goes to show that the military suffer casualties in training, as well as Combat. May he Rest in Peace and condolences to his family, Regimental Brothers and Loved ones.

May the 3 injured recover quickly and return to their loved ones.

Tuesday has passed but the Bluff and Bluster of Donald Trump  continues to plaque the world.

The next issue this morning is not military but it does Concern me and should also concern all free Canadians. My baby brother Joe sent me this Video. I follow it up with links to the Government of Canada web site as confirmation. I find this a reprehensible rule in gun ownership. EVERY ONE MUST BE Photo Identifiable.

On that note we continue to watch the childish machinations of trump and kim il jung.

Have a thought and a prayer for our Military, our Veterans and indeed their families.

  Thank you to all Family Members of our Serving Troops.

Nil Sine Labore





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Will Tuesday be the day ? The Korean TRUCE may end ?

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                           T IT                                                                                                        T A T

In this childish tit for tat between trump (the egomaniac) and the N Korean Maniac  kim jong-un. Will Tuesday end the 64 year old TRUCE of the Korean War?  trump has finally gotten his carrier group travelling North.

The North Koreans have a habit of testing weaponry on important anniversaries. This Tuesday is the 85th anniversary of the formation of the Korean People’s Army.

The North Koreans have stated that they will sink the intruding Carrier with one blow.

Meanwhile the free world and even China wishes for a DIPLOMATIC answer.

Canada is hoping for a Diplomatic answer, as our Military is technically still Obligated under the UN Truce to send troops should the TRUCE  end. Should the tense standoff on the Korean Peninsula escalate into war, the United Nations could come calling on Canada for a military commitment.

So my comrades, Veterans and all readers of this BLOG the next 24 will reveal, who is one up in the upmanship contest Kim or Donald.

Please have a prayer for our Veterans and their families. As well as a special prayer for a Diplomatic Answer.

Nil Sine Labore





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Red Friday Canada supports her Troops and Remembers her Fallen.

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On this RED FRIDAY we remember the sad day on April 17th 2002. When our PPCLI were bombed by the USA thus named Friendly Fire a term that I personally do not condone .TARNAK FARM remains in the history of the PPCLI

We will remember them, a much used phrase Yet so significant. These young soldiers were killed and wounded by our American Allies.


Meanwhile the current Leader (Commander in Chief) of the USA. Continues to add to his ever growing list of Paux Pas’. My navy is sending a Carrier group NORTH to Korea ? ? ? ? ooopppppssss they are heading SOUTH. As the president of China and I ate the best Chocolate Cake Ever. I unleashed 59 cruise missiles to IRAQ……..oooppsss SYRIA. As C in C he certainly does not know his AS* from his Elbow as we used to say in the Army.

Tensions have been rising between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. Leaders of two huge countries acting like they are in Kindergarten.

This childish tit for tat with North Korea may certainly have grave consequences to the rest of the Free World. His 100 days of power are soon to be reached, it will be interesting reading when the media complete his 100 day Report Card. Here is a Pre Report Card:

Canada again steps up to the plate with a Helicopter Squadron from Edmonton arriving in IRAQ yes that is correct IRAQ not Syria. Stay safe and return home safely to your homes and loved ones.

Meanwhile Canada’s once proud Royal Canadian Legion is lowering standards by authorising Legion Lager, what better way to promote Cheap Drinks as the majority of NON Veterans rule the Legion:

So once again I ask you to wear Red on this Friday. Also a wee reminder about ,


Flags of Remembrance 2017                                                                                                                 


Nil Sine Labore


Red Friday

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