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This says it all ! ! !

On this first Red Friday of May. It was sad to hear that the taliban are within reach of obtaining the territory that Canadians fought and died for. The 2006 operation code named Medusa, and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s role in it, has transfixed Canada’s politicians for the past three weeks, yet no one is talking about how the hard-won gains of the operation stand in danger of being wiped out.

NATO has apparently asked the UK for more troops. How long one may think? will it be asking Canada for additional Troops.   I certainly hope and pray that 1- they don’t ask and 2- if asked our PM says NO uneqivocally.

On a story with connections to the PPCLI, CITIZENSHIP ? We all knew men  in our day ( Cold War) days that we had soldiers from other countries wearing with Pride Canadian Uniforms. I for one was NOT  a Canadian Citizen when I joined in 1960. In fact during my apprentice Years we had apprentices without citizenship. Brits, Germans, Dutch Hong Kongers to mention but a few. The majority of these non citizens became great soldiers and moved through the ranks doing an excellent job. This article is quite lengthy but I will cut and paste the trelevant passage about a Proud former member of the PPCLI.


In her ruling, Gagné highlighted the case of Thomas Gucake, “for whom in my view, humanitarian and compassionate grounds should have been considered.”

Gucake moved to Canada from Fiji with his parents when he was a child and was granted citizenship in 2005 when he was 18 years old.

Two years later, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces and went on to serve with the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry for seven years, and did three tours to Afghanistan. After winning several certificates and awards for his deployments, he was honourably discharged in 2014.

In November 2015, Gucake received a notice that the government was moving to revoke his citizenship.

“The report to the minister contained information received in 2007, eight years prior to the coming into force of the SCCA, alleging Mr. Gucake’s father may have failed to disclose a minor criminal conviction in Australia,” wrote Gagné.

“It seems highly unfair to me that under the amended act, there is no requirement that Mr. Gucake’s personal situation be considered by the immigration officer,” she said.

How can the current Government GIVE access to Canada and Canadian Citizenship to thousands of Afghani’s, Syrian’s and a myriad of other countries as refugees or illegal immigration? One enemy Combatant comes to mind that is suing the Canadian Government even though he is a confessed  MURDERER. Who fought against  NATO and ISAF Soldiers  Omar Khadir.

Yet revoke a man who fought for Canada and her values, Who went to battle with no complaint knowing full well, that he may have been wounded or killed?

SHAME on TRUDEAU, Further SHAME on the Royal Canadian Legion for not standing up for this soldier. I certainly hope and pray that his case is heard and that he holds no anger to Canadians.

On that note about the Royal Canadian Legion and their cash grabbing, sales of Poppy oriented TAT.  Please read the Blog of my friend and a former submariner and Veteran of both the RCN and The RN Fred Rodgers ( if anyone in the RCL Hierachy is reading this article please feel free to use Fred’s correct name)

So very sad to see the Legion being destroyed from within. Keep up the good fight Fred.

To end this week a good news story from WW2:

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Sadly there are no photos of this Soldier who paid the ultimate price for King and Country. RIP Rifleman Ray Donald Jackson.

More than seven decades after his death during the Battle of Hong Kong, one of the last mementos of rifleman Ray Donald Jackson’s life is returning home to his family.

Have a great week end Please wear something RED today in honour of Canada’s Military.





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Monday Musings

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Once again the Government of Canada wishes to use our military as Guinea Pigs. This time it is not a drug for Malaria. But rather a very controversial drug, Marijauna, Mary Jane, Weed what ever you choose to call it may indeed have some medicinal purposes?

However the fact remains that medical weed has yet to made LEGAL in many countries of the free world. Does this mean if a Veteran or serving soldier being treated with this drug, who happens to cross the border into trumpland with no problem. However upon re entry to Canada while on the trump side if a sniffer dog smells the medecine or traces thereof will he/she be arrested? Point to ponder.

Military, Veterans Affairs to test effects of medical marijuana on PTSD in clinical trial.

Our Military once again has been called out to assist in rescue, clearance. rebuilding areas of Canada that have been subjected to Mother Nature’s quirky ways. BRAVO ZULU to all units who are  operating under: AID TO THE CIVIL POWER

Federal government deploys troops to flooded regions amid warning worst is yet to come.


THis next story is a very good news story for cooks at sea especially. The first time I experiended these Combi Ovens was in Her Majesties Prison Service , while I was catering Manager for 6 years. These ovens save time and energy as well as  incresing the healthy value of foods being prepared. Removal of the dreaded deep fryers can not come too soon.

No fried food on frigates as navy takes aim at fatty fare

Steam ovens will replace deep fryers and charbroilers on all ships.

A leader of the cowardly isis was killed in Afghanista recently . Sadly 2 US Rangers also died in that operation RIP Rangers your Duty Done.

The final story link today is not necessarily a military story BUT some may be affected. The addition of a third selection  for Gender on a passport can also PROVE very dangerous for a user. There are a lot of countries including TRUMPLAND who discriminate against Trandsgender people. A Senator definetely has an case against this dangerous move:

Where does that end?’

But Conservative Senator Don Plett said changing the passport could have implications on international travel.

“When you start putting other boxes in, where does that end? How many boxes are we going to put in? I don’t think it’s a workable solution,” he said.

Have a great week think of our Veterans and serving Soldiers as well as their families.

Nil Sine Labore






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Wed Thoughts…..

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I certainly believe that the Ministry of Defence and the Veterans Affairs Canada  has defaulted in their actions to assist this Veteran:

‘I was a good soldier’: A veteran fights to get his disability recognized

An explosion in Afghanistan left Mike McNeil with a traumatic brain injury and constant pain – but Veterans Affairs has denied his application for a benefit created for Canada’s most severely wounded soldiers. Gloria Galloway tells his story

A fellow NATO soldier from the days of the Cold War, was injured in an Auto Accident (As many Were) James Morris of the Cameronians  was admitted to hospital with a broken leg in 1962 but never went home after suffering a cardiac arrest on the operating table

I was privileged yesterday to hear his baby brother KARL told his story on Radio Scotland.  The three words that James was able to speak after a few years were. HOME, PUB, and HORSES.

KARL said he was seven years old when he visited his Brother in Hospital with his Mother. He said he ran from the ward crying saying this was not his brother. A very TRAUMATIC experience for this  man at the tender age of 7. He continued to say that over the years they were allowed to take James home for a day or two, where they took him to the PUB.  As the years passed he was able to take him on a cottage holiday in Scotland.

KARL was a front line soldier of the Cold War, who served his Queen and Country. RIP old Soldier your Duty Done.

One other thing today is the lack of the Royal Canadian Legion still refusing to apply for a change in the CRIMINAL CODE with regard to a Relative wearing a deceased loved one’s medals on the right breast at Remembrance Services. CANADA is the only country in the Commonwealth that makes this a Criminal Offence. A sad statement from a proud Nation.

See the Irish Rover Blogs with regard to this outdated law.

A Timeto Think — Second Blog

For your reading Pleasure the latest Issue of the Sandbag Times is now available at this Link:     page 14 has the Canadian Corner.

Have a great remainder of the week. Have a Thought for your Veterans , serving Military and their families.

Nil Sine Labore



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