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Now this REALLY upsets me personally

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                    HEROIC Soldier                               Confessed Killer

Damn Trudeau and his give away Government. This is an absolute DISGRACE to Canada and to the 158 Canadians who died fighting this CONVICTED MURDERERS  thugs in the Taliban.

Dear Prime Minister I certainly hope that this BLOOD Money you are giving to self confessed terrorist murderer Omar Khadr.

I am sure that the family of Sgt Christopher Speer  a medic with the US Army, will not be appreciative of Canada paying this money to Khadr. At least one of his two children has never seen his father. Now the  wife and 2 children will receive only a tiny pension for the Loss of their Loved one.

A DISGRACE  to Canada adding to the list of SHAME and Disgust that Trudeau has brought upon our fair Country.

Here is the article from The Guardian.       In typical Liberal Policy this  article was released on a LONG WEEKEND hoping that many Canadians do not see it.         Whom do you think deserves this windfall of Cash ? The widow and fatherless children or a CONVICTED, SELF CONFESSED MURDERER?

I certainly know who I would give this money too. Yet again the Liberals give a WIN to the terrorist Activities of Thugs and lowlifes.

Please raise a Flag in Remembrance to some one, some group, or simply to honour them for of their loyal service to Canadians.

                                    SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS T H A N K Y O U

Nil Sine Labore



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Monday Meanderings 03 July….G20 Summit this week… NATO

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NATO will certainly be a major part of the G-2- Discussions this week.

Good Day everyone I hope you all had a very Happy Canada day. and I wish to our American Allies all the  best for Peace and Happiness on their Birthday Celebration  4th  July/ Independence day.


Sadly the US has a buffoon as a Commander in chief, it will be very interesting to see what he discusses with Vladimir Putin. I certainly hope he doesnot  discuss Chocolate cake again as he did with Xi Jinping leader of China.

NATO has been with us and grown substantially since  April 1949. A wee bit of history with regard to NATO for those who may be unaware:   a belated Birthday wish from LATVIA Canada’s latest NATO operation.

T E N S I O N S   are certainly at an extremely high Level between NATO and the Russians:

The majority of the OLD Original Warsaw pact countries are now either members of NATO or are pending membership:

Meanwhile here in the UK word has gone out to Citizens who wish to exercise their right to Protest, ( In case TRUMP, Drops in either enroute to the G 20 or Bastille Day in Paris, or his return). These people have the right to protest PEACEFULLY  due to NATO and other military, who have insured these rights,

It will certainly be a very interesting week, especially in TRUMPLAND  and the Whitehouse.

Stay Safe Folks still time to purchase your Flag of Remembrance, Remember a relative, a loved one, a buddy or simply remember your troops who  put their lives on the Line  around the world.


Nil Sine Labore


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