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Monday Morning blues and memories

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As the Labour Day weekend approaches, our troops in Latvia have irked the Russian BEAR……

isis also seems to be getting into the Tit for Tat with Trump having a Ten Year old threaten the USA….. No comments as of yet from the Donald perhaps he will ignore this taunt?

Who knows what this President will do.

Even Kim Il Jong fired 3 more missiles on the weekend. Will this make the orange man S N A P !! !

These are certainly trying times Globally.

Meanwhile our self confessed MULTI MILLIONAIRE terrorist wishes more freedom ( perhaps to seed more terror ) for his travels and full INTERNET Access? OMar Khadr  was/is a terrorist and she should be in Jail.   Mr. Khadr, now 30, was 15 in July 2002 when he lived in an Afghan compound with a group of bomb-building Islamic jihadis planting roadside explosives. Afterwards, U.S. troops stormed the house and this is where a grenade thrown by Khadr killed Sergeant Christopher Speer, a medic who was helmetless and dressed in Afghan clothing.

It is true that at the time Omar Khadr committed his act of terror and murder, he was only 15 years old, but in the context of the war against civilization by Islamic terrorists, be they from the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Shabab or Boko Haram, the vast number of volunteers who have taken up arms and carried out war crimes are in their teens.

For bleeding-heart liberals whose guilt-ridden frame of mind cannot comprehend beyond the storybook picture of the child soldiers hired by African war lords, this may be a shock, but the ultimate hero of Muslims in the part of the world Omar Khadr was photographed making IEDs, is the 8th century 17-year old Arab invader of India called Muhammad Bin Qasim, and from Kabul to Karachi every child jihadi wishes to emulate the rape and plunder of this Arab jihadi. We are not dealing with the God’s Army in Uganda or the Liberian child soldiers of the 1990s.

The Muslim boys who go to fight jihad do so not under any pressure, but for the lure of entering Paradise and meeting the opposite gender for the first time. This may sound bizarre to the non-Muslim, but trust me, this is not fiction nor propaganda.


On a happier note I am proud to say that the Military tradition of marching in the WARRIORS  Day Parade at the CNE continued into its 96th Year.  the march was at the opening of the CNE. Bravo Zulu to all those past and present who took part.

A wee bit of History Sgt Robby Robinson and his RCASC Apprentice Drill team of 1961 marched in the parade that year.

Talking of the Old Corps  RCASC does anyone recognise anyone here?

Rolling Liquid Transporters circa 65-67 ?

Stay Safe have a thought for your soldiers, sailors and airmen of Canada and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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Another Sad Day for the US Navy and Canada remembers DIEPPE.

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Sad news for the US navy after their second warship collision in two months. !0 sailors are missing after the USSS john S McCain struck an oil tanker near Singapore.

SEVENTY FIVE Years ago this past weekend. The largest number of Canadian Soldiers died or were captured on that beach in Dieppe. A few surviving members of that ill fated day were  at the ceremony  honouring their Brothers in Arms.

Indeed Canada lost a lot of their prime youthful Canucks that day. May they never be forgotten. It is sad tha Canadian Relatives of these soldiers are not allowed to wear their loved ones medals on Remembrance day. Her Majesty our Queen proudly lays a wreath at the National Monument in London alongside family members wearing their loved ones medals on the Right Breast.

Our so called Royal Canadian Legion wears pieces of tin and plastic on their right side. Many having never served a day in uniform in their lives. To myself and others this is an attempt at STOLEN Valour. THIS IS ALSO AGAINST the CRIMINAL LAW of Canada.

I have attempted to attach the letter I received from the office of the MND on this issue. However due to age? Lack of Knowledge I cannot add it to this BLOG.

If any are interested send me a comment and I will e mail it to you.

I attach my friends BLOG which will allow you to check out the Medals Campaign for families of Veterans.

> > > > > > > >> > > > >> > >> >> >> >

MURRAY BREWSTER a fine CBC journalist has penned this next piece about security in SPACE:


DND uncertain how best to defend satellites

Canada is party to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 which commits members to the peaceful use of space

Last buy by no means LEAST a story of Hill 70 and Frederick Lee a Dual National Mr Trudeau ! ! !


Till next time stay safe  hug a Vet and think of those serving in outlying areas of our Globe.

Nil Sine Labore



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Red Friday and Padre Dilemma (Dilemna)

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This says it all ! ! !

Padres the Rock of Military Services

During my time in the Military, many of us complained of Compulsory Padre’s Hours. The Catholic fellas used to enjoy a coffee morning while we Protestants simply had talks? A small point, yet over the years I realised how difficult it must be to, be in charge of Spiritual Needs of  many both believers and Non Believers.

Padre’s were always trusted to keep any information divulged about a personal matter, between a soldier and himself/herself.

When in crisis one always went to the Padre, Blessings, Marriages, Christenings and sadly for Funerals. Military Padres of all faiths are a rock of strength and comfort to all men. women serving as well as their families.  Before you read this article please say a prayer or simple THANKYOU to any Padre who has been in your life. I am extremely proud to call a Padre my Friend, a Brother Apprentice, Cook, and Padre. Art Turnbull has certainly been part of many lives and continues to this day in his Senior Retirement days.  I will certainly look forward to his thoughts on this issue.  Thanks Padre.  I n WAR and PEACE they Counsel Wisely

Padre Art Turnbull


Today we wear Red to honour our Military Personnel and their Families and a special Prayer/ Thought for our Padre’s of all Faiths.

So sad for the victims in Spain of terror attacks, carried out by MINDLESS fanatics. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and Loved Ones.

I am also  sad for this mindless Vandalism:

Nil Sine Labore




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Wednesday Thoughts on upcoming INVICTUS GAMES in Toronto

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This article about the upcoming Invictus Games, makes me wonder?  What the US Military Personnel  and Veterans think of  Melania Trump leading the US team of Wounded Warriors to  the Games. A Non Veteran and ditzy model leading men and women who have been injured in the line of Duty.

She seems to me to be the face of Donald Trump so called Commander in Chief:   like her mentally challenged husband she cannot get the dates of Invictus Games Straight for the Press release.

“I was heartened by the great success of the inaugural Invictus Games that took place in London in 2015, and the second games in Orlando, Florida last year,” Trump said in the statement.

The first Invictus Games actually took place in London in 2014. Typical white house response to any issue.

The facts be damned???? Surely these Veterans representing their country should be led by a Veteran??  Who knows perhaps she will be  seeking Political Asylum. The games certainly do need the US Secret Service Circus, protecting this  former Model.

Here is a List of the  Teams by Country that are competing in this years games. BRAVO ZULU to Prince Harry for all his hard work and to his amazing team of Veteran’s.


Saturday is the closing Date for a Flag of Remembrance:  Let’s flood Canada with Flags and Pride in our Military.

    SUPPORT   YOUR   TROOPS  VETERAN’S and the Military FAMILY   T H A N K Y O U

Nil Sine Labore





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Red Friday Mid August…..

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Charlene McInnes operated the MFRC in Charlottetown and had many Red Friday Rallies. BRAVO ZULU Charlene & Volunteers

As the Canadian Army set up camps for refugees escaping from TRUMP Land the tit for tat between 2 Egotistical Leaders continues? Wit Trump threatening to give Fire and Fury  raining down on N Korea whil Kim IlJong warns of attacking Guam. The Island of Guam is extremely small an area o212 Square Miles.  It houses the USAF South Pacific Bomber Command, at Andersen Airfield.

I have visited Guam on a few occasions while flying with 437(T) Sqn back in the days of the 707. Guamians have US Citizenship at birth but are not allowed to Vote on Presidential elections. ( Trump must wonder why)?

I certainly hope and pray that both of these so called leaders, are just Bluffing and Posturing.

The ongoing personal saga of Dual Nationality means that unless I google for a one time pass to enter Canada, I will be allowed to Visit home. Then I must renew my passport at my age, when I have a perfectly Valid Euro/UK passport.

Cuba has hit he news again, but this time not for the Tourism that many Canucks enjoy during the dreay winter months of Snow and declining temperatures.

The US and now Canada has said that some of their Diplomats are suffering from deafness. This is thought to have been due to the Cuban Security  using SONIC sound gear to avoid people listening in to Secret Conversations. 033

I would be willing to bet that the Diplomats affected will receive a far larger payout than Veterans who suffered Hearing Loss over their years of service.

So my dear readers you have only a week remaining to order your FLAG of  Remembrance for 2017.

Let us make this the largest amount of Flags ever in honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary as a nation. Contact:   

The Locations this year are:  Antigonish NS, Beausejour MB,  Charlottetown PEI, Edson  AB, Kingston, ON, Lilooet, BC, Moosejaw, SK, OttawaON, Ponoka AB, Richmond BC, Riverview, NB, Sydney, NS, Sylvan Lake, AB, Vernon, BC, Whitecourt AB, Windsor ON. a great number of spots available please think of ordering a Flag to Honour Canadians, of our Military, RCMP, all Police and Fire Services, past or present.

As I prepare to bid farewell to my Daughter and 2 Grandchildren who have been enjoying Scotland I bid one and all, Health Happiness and Peace in your lives. Please show your Support today by wearing RED to be as visible as possible.

Nil Sine Labore







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