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Prayers for National Peacekeepers Day. and ……

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Canada provides both Military and RCMP, City Police as peacekeepers around our world.

It has been a rather hectic  couple of weeks  being a Tour Guide to my Daughter and her family. Sadly I missed our Day of National Remembrance for Peace Keepers past, present and sadly Lost. I am Proud to say that the 9th of August has double significance for myself. As I was sworn in 9 August 1960 yes an amazing, 57 years ago. I was worn in as a youthful 16 year old. As a Soldier Apprentice (aka BOY Soldier, Green Monster etc) But we were never CHILD SOLDIERS. As free Canadian Volunteers we took the oath to Queen and country, thus setting a path in life whether 5 years or 35 years.  Peace keepers of many Nations have served with Apprentices of all Corps, Trades and ranks.

I am still relatively busy  for a further week until I drop my daughter and family at Glasgow Airport for their return flight to Victoria.

However I have a piece of news re my Open Letter to His Majesty the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau.

I received a stock answer to my letter which I copy for all to read:

Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>

8:45 PM (16 hours ago)

to me, Ahmed

Dear Mr. McRobb:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.

At the outset, please allow me to thank you for your service to our country.

You may be assured that your comments have been duly noted and are appreciated. As you know, the issue you raise falls under the purview of the Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citiizenship. I have therefore taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Minister Hussen for his information and consideration. I am certain that he, too, will appreciate being made aware of your concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

A. Opalick
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister’s Office
Agent de correspondance
de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

>>>    From :      Received : 28  Jul  2017 03:54:25 PM   >>>

>>>    Subject : PM Web Site Comments – Youth   >>>>

Subject/Sujet : Youth
Date : 2017/07/28
Name/Nom : Albert McRobb CD
E-Mail/Adresse électronique :
Address/Adresse : Pilmuir Steading
City/Adresse : Banchory
Province : British Columbia
Postal Code/Code postal : V8V1G1
Telephone/Téléphone : 07513850744
Comments/Commentaires : The Right Honourable J Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
28 /  July  / 2017

Albert McRobb CD
Pilmuir Steading
Banchory Scotland
AB31 6LD

Cell: 07513850744

SUBJECT: Dual Nationality Canadians Travel.  UK to Canada

Dear Prime Minister
Your act of November 2016 is prejudicial and in extremely poor taste for
I was at Glasgow International Airport today seeing a family member off to
I had the chance to see your outrageous act of alienating Canadian Dual
In Action, A young 15 year old boy from Upper Canada College in Toronto was
refused entry to the aircraft. Despite the fact he had a VALID UK Passport
and his Canadian Citizenship Card in his possession. You place airline staff
in a difficult position  telling people that cannot board an aircraft to
Canada. Despite the FACTS 1- he was a minor, 2- He had his Canadian
Citizenship card with him.
I understand the web site for Dual Nationality Canadians
However unsure of where this site is managed from. If it is manned in Canada
there is a 5 hour time difference to the UK from Ottawa. Which meant his
aircraft was due to depart at 1200 Local which is 0700 in Ottawa a time when
Most civil Servants are not yet at work.
This is a disgrace we Dual Nationals became Canadians by Choice unlike
yourself who is a Canadian By CHANCE.
I asked the Booking Staff if I was to board today, would this rule apply to
myself. She said an unequivocal yes. Well my 5 year CANADIAN Passport has
expired, while my 10 YEAR UK passport is still with 5 years on it.
I am a Veteran of 22 years in the Canadian Army and 10 years with the Privy
Council/ PMO of the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney.
I have shown my allegiance to Canada both in NATO and  as a Peacekeeper.
Are you unaware that our Mother Country in Canada is the UK. WHY you are now
expecting UK/Canadian nationals to have only a valid Canadian Passport is
ridiculous and in my personal opinion I feel that it borders on treason to
our Commonwealth.
This as an open letter will be sent to many media outlets  in hopes that they
will print it.
I remain a true Canadian BY CHOICE and a Veteran, OAP and proud Scot.
I look forward to your reply in either official Language of Canada.

Yours in Disgust

Albert “Robby” McRobb CD
Pilmuir Steading
Scotland  AB31 6LD
E mail:

I have Googled this Minister of Immigration, who himself immigrated to Canada from Somalia as a 16 year old.
Canada certainly has been good to him so I await his response to my letter?
It seems odd to me that an MP can be a non Canadian by BIRTH  yet another Dual National requires special permission to return to Canada. If this Minister actually reads my letter he will understand that by his Birth Year I was in my 16t year of Service to Canada Queen and country with one Peacekeeping Tour under my belt.
Somalia was tragic to Canadian Peacekeepers with an incident which the them Liberal PM  disbanded the Canadian Airborne Regiment.     General Romeo D’allaird now a Senator, who opposes the child soldiers of Africa served as Commander in Rwanda. CHILD Soldiers should not be defined  simply by age but as NON Voluntary Child Troops as many 15/16 year old served honourably in many of the Commonwealth forces as VOLUNTEERS.
That’s it for today folks. I end this Blog with the notice that you have just over a week to order your FLAG of REMEMBRANCE from Veteran’s c voices of Canada:


Nil Sine Labore


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55 Years ago a Sunny Friday in August 1962

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Apprentice Logo of our Beloved CORPS.

The finest platoons to graduate from the RCASC Apprentice program 23,  24,  25 ( subject to opinions )

They marched off secure in their new trades, new Rank PRIVATE. Full of dreams and ambitions. To have a group 3 trades badge by 25  have the Rank of Sgt Major by 30. Looking forward to their  annual leave then taking up a new posting coast to coast. Families beamed with Pride as these young soldiers marched around this square for some the last time ever. Boys / men like Duke Collinson,  Ray Willis, Bill Ballantine, Dave Maxwell, Newf Garsnell. Jim Dawson too many to mention the entire graduating year. All PROUD and Happy Canadians off to serve Queen and Country.

What sparked this fine memory an article about our allies the British Army.

British Army must stop recruiting child soldiers, veteran tells RT
I must disagree with article particularly on this point:
Britain should raise the military recruitment age from 16 to 18 because joining the services at such a tender age can cause irreversible psychological damage, a British Army veteran has told RT. 
I personally know of none of my graduating peers that were damaged Psychological Damage from our Apprentice Training.
Certainly many did only the basic 5 years contract yet many more rose through the ranks and were fine soldiers. In fact I defy any other Corps to, have a boy who joined in 1956 and was still in uniform up until 2016 Lt Col Bob Baxter of 12 platoon RCASC (A) 
The Royal Navy had an even younger age for recruitment to Ganges. I personally know 2 graduates of Ganges  my cousin Rodney Irvine and a good friend in PEI Frederick Rodgers.
Both turned out well.  Perhaps the newer recruits who are psyschologically challenged, are a weaker generation, that do not, cannot, understand DISCIPLINE.
I feel that my 2 years set me up for many of life’s challenges and I am very happy in my 70s.
Something to think about?
The time is getting shorter if you wish to order a Flag of Remembrance, My flag this year will fly in PEI to Honour a Canadian VC Sailor
Captain Frederick Thornton Peters Naval Hero of the Battle for Oran Algeria.  a fine Canadian who joined the Naval Service at 16 years of Age.

SUPPORT        YOUR        TROOPS      and Veterans         T H A N K Y O U

Nil Sine Labore


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