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Red Friday Mid September

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Sadly today’s headline is that N Korea fired yet another Missile over Japanese territory. The Ocean target was the exact distance from

Pyongyang to GUAM.  In the tit for Tat show of power South Korea launched 2 missiles which went the same distance as Seoul to Pyongyan.
These are indeed worrying times.
This link will take you to the BBC report of North Korea and their tests.
A cut in has just occurred while I am typing this……
What a world. Thankfully Canada and her allies have professionals defending our freedoms, all over this  fragile Globe.
Red Friday and the latest  issue of the Sandbag Times: I must apologise for the Canada Calling Article in that I cannot get the blue links to work? I am afraid you must Copy and paste? (Old Guy Cyber knowledge , any ideas how to correct this gratefully appreciated.)
So as the world continues to teeter on the brink of WW3 sad news from the Royal Signals:
Traditions die hard in the minds of Veterans, sad to see the demise of the  WHITE HELMETS.


Have a good weekend, stay safe  Hug a Vet or a Soldier.
Nil Sine Labore
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As Gene Autry used to sing …I’m back in the saddle again

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Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Toronto

Yep  Gene Autry the singing company was a Veteran who served in WW2:

How many Saturday Matinees did we watch with these fellas?

The Invictus Games are in 2 weeks so I hope that many of you in the Toronto area will be able to attend and show your support.

The Flags of Remembrance teams across Canada and specifically in Riverview NB they are searching for Volunteers to mount this years Flags of Remembrance:

Finally on reminders we have Remembrance Day drawing closer in less than 2 months. They shall never be Forgotten.

As you may be aware I have been offline for a bit. I was enjoying a visit from a long time brother apprentice and friend Ed Beveridge of 25 pl RCASC (A)

He and his wife Olive have  now headed to Glasgow Airport for their return flight to WhitehorseYT, Safe journey and smmoth flying my friends.

Before Ed left we discussed many news items of late TRUMP, the hurricanes etc BUT one story which struck a nerve in both of us was the CBC interview with a VOLUNTEER for isis. this man as Khadr was. Were never DRAFTED  they joined the enemy VOLUNTARILY. now approx. 60 of these traitors to Canada have returned? ? ?  He may be suffering from PTSD   BUT our loyal and professional Canadian TROOPS  should be receiving aid for their  mental health FAR BEFORE These traitous Canadians ( at least by Passport) de-radicalisation

  1. the action or process of causing someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues.
    “the radicalization of the intelligentsia led to the revolution”

in my knowledge does not work. and this goes way back. They even made a film about  brainwashing   of soldiers who were then sent home as sleepers. This film starred Frank Sinatra and Janet Leigh and a young Angela Lansbury. They say ART Imitates life  if you have the opportunity watch The Manchurian Canidate of 1962;  This is the CBC report on this terrorist.

The Liberals owe it to Veterans to place them FIRST ahead of these so called home grown Jihadis and refugees that are draining our Country’s resources.

Hug a Vet  and please think about FLAGS of REMEMBRANCE 2017 :


Meanwhile Canada’s sailors have acquired some more targets    wow a wee bit more expensive that the targets we used on the ranges:

Nil Sine Labore


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Another Labour Day has Come and Gone……

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With the passing of Labour day 2017, Toronto is firmly entrenched in the set up and welcome for the 550 Para Athletes from 12 Countries. Bravo Zulu to the Toronto Organizers and VOLUNTEERS. Without whom these games could never be produced.


             Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Toronto


What a GRAND way to end the summer of Canada’s 150th  Birthday  .


Sadly the news everywhere in the world is about the crisis developed in North Korea….a Hydrogen Bomb Test ? will this finally cause WW£? here is what the UK papers are saying.

There is also news about Azerbaijan and Corruption having spent 6 years in Azerbaijan I can personally attest to the corruption of many officials. In fact I used to add a

% 15 FUDGE FACTOR to all contracts I was bidding. Simply to cover the pay offs required to operate in that OIL RICH Country.

Of Particular interest to a brother apprentice and friend Art Turnbull this headline from the Telegraph will tweak his interest:


I am sure that the news covers all bases this fine Tuesday morning here in the Highlands: Stay Safe have a Thought or a Prayer for our Troops serving in outlying areas of our Globe.

Nil Sine Labore
















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Red Friday ….11 till Remembrance day ….17 till Xmas and finally 18 till 2018

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As the first Red Friday for September  I note that 11 Red Fridays will take us to Remembrance day. This year on a Saturday.

Then fast forward there are 17 remaining till Christmas and 18 remaining till the New Year 2018.

How many of our troops will be away again on these important days? ? ? ?  Far more than I would wish? I know myself and many of my peers served countless Remembrance Days and Christmases in far from Home and Loved ones.

Our rapidly dissolving Royal Canadian Legion has reiterated that despite the fact they wear Tin Medallions on the right breast ( Cracker Jack springs to mind) bear in mind CANADA is the only Commonwealth Country that makes it a criminal offence for, Mother’s wives and other family members to wear wear their loved ones medals on Remembrance day as their token of Love and respect. So sad when Her Majesty, our Queen welcomes family members on Remebrance Services wearing their Loved ones MEDALS please note the difference between MEDALS  and Medallions: 

Whereas a MILITARY MEDAL: is defined as  a flat piece of metal, often a disk, bearing an inscription or design and issued as a token of commemoration or as a reward for bravery, merit, or the like.  (There are also Medals for sport  ie. The Olympics)

  Medallion:  1. a large medal. 2. something, as an ornament, resembling a medal.  RESEMBLANCE being the operative word of description.   under Frequently Asked Questions the DVA says it is a criminal offence…this so called law must be changed Call your MP PLEASE>

Meanwhile I discovered this excellent slide show about the North Korean Military, I hope it has been brought to the attention of POTUS  that infamous American Clown.


Invictus Games Toronto 2017

So as you celebrate Labour Day  Holiday please remember our Troops who will not be with their Loved ones.

Nil Sine Labore


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