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Midweek Words

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TO some this may be old news but it is very pertinent today with the care of Veterans.

Rex Murphy a fine Canadian Wordsmith said it all in this CBC News video….Well Done  REX.

I also read this editoria on Al Jazeera an opinion on the Silences of TRUDEAU?

There seems to a lack of political will in our Boy PM.

If you have interest in the RCAF here is a good read:

Have a great week and please remember that Friday is RED FRIDAY wear your pride visually in the Canadaian Armed Forces. As well as Veterans and the Military Family.

Nil Sine Labore




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Monday Monday

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First and Foremost a HEARTY welcome home to the Patricias of Edmonton:

Also to the sailors of HMCS Charlottetown  enjoy your reunion with your families and Loved ones. Bravo Zulu one and all.

To the Royals replacing the PPCLI  best of luck and return safely. To the crew of HMCS St. John’s left earlier this week to replace Charlottetown. Return safely. May you have calm seas and fair winds.

I recently had an e mail comment that my Blogs are all downers (so to Speak)

Well I certainly have a difficult time lately chasing up feel good stories.  However today  I try to be UPBEAT. Thanks to brother apprentice  Pat Buzzell here is a story from a few years ago. Spanning from 1944 to present day a 15 min video so get a Coffee and enjoy:

An 18 year-old just out of high school was trained to take pictures of damage done to German targets by B-17s. He flew in a British Spitfire fitted with extra fuel tanks where the guns were. In other words, he flew over Germany unarmed…

 This is probably one of the best WWII film clips out there. Stored for 61 years in two suitcases of 16mm home movies that were inherited by filmmaker William Lorton from his great uncle who served as a Flight Surgeon. Those suitcases contained 3 hours of war footage that included a compelling crash landing of a Spitfire in 1944.

Filmed in a 2005 interview with the now 83 year old pilot and seeing the expression on his face when he realizes it is him in the cockpit, is something you won’t soon forget.

At 18 years old, he was all alone, behind enemy lines, with no guns, no escort, and he gladly did it.

They just don’t make them like that anymore. It was truly the greatest generation and we owe them so much.

A short note on the  amazing closing of US Government agencies. Poor old Orange man could not prevent this closure even with a Senate Majority. I wonder if these flights are cancelled?

Any ex 437  FA’s looking for work??? In Sunny Nevada.

Take care have a pause in your day to think of Veterans and serving military and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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Mid week meandering 17 Jan 2018

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Greetings all, today I give you the link for the latest CPVA magazine for all you former and perhaps current Peacekeepers.

I would also like to  make mention of Last weeks false alarm in Hawaii, simply because there was also a false alarm in Japan.

  • Japanese broadcaster NHK mistakenly issued alarm about a North Korean rocket
  • The TV network later claimed that it had corrected the error within minutes
  • Blunder comes amid heightened tensions between Tokyo and Pyongyang
  • On Saturday, a mistaken alert caused more than a million people in Hawaii to fear that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile
    People within range of Trumps taunts and threats to the wee fat dictator Kim il Jong, are naturally worried. The False alarm in Hawaii was due in fact to a drop down menu. As many of us older Veterans know that a fat finger can and often does hit the wrong space on a dropdown menu. This was a bad design, for something as important,  as a Missile Alert.

I certainly pray that the upcoming Olympics ease a lot of the Tensions in the far East.

A great Blog from my friend and fellow Veteran Fred Rodgers I will now share with you. I feel strongly that the RCL is certainly letting Veterans down.  It is sad that most Legions are failing . I did read of a branch in Quesnel BC that they have many vacancies on their committees specifically the Poppy Fund and  Veterans Assistances. Sadly the RCL has grown as a Non Veterans club.

Last but by no means LEAST a story sent to me by George Girling  A news story that is awfully prominent in my personal life. 4 Years ago I wrote of the Low Life Couple who had planned to plant Pressure Cooker Bombs on the lawns of the BC Legislature , to blow up on Canada day. Why PERSONAL you may ask.  My Daughter her partner and 2 of my Grandchildren live a mere few blocks from the BC Legislature. As is their (as well as hundreds of others) custom to enjoy the Canada Day Festivities on Canada day.

I am PROUD to know that the RCMP sold them inert explosives. This BC Judge that says they were entrapped is obviously lacking in Judgement. This couple should be incarcerated for many, many years to come. Canada and indeed Judge Bruce is far too soft on these so called home grown Jihadis. I am glad to see that the Crown has ordered a new trial. Perhaps this time JUSTICE will be served.

And finally today as promised here is the latest edition of the CPVA peacekeepers magazine.

I certainly hope the links opens for one and all.

Have a great week stay warm, stay happy, if you know a Veteran on his or her own pop in have a chat and a coffee.

Now is your turn to help a Veteran who helped you have a democracy in  CANADA.

Nil SIne Labore






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Good Morning from a SUNNY Scotland

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This must be the proverbial Calm before the storm….. The Scots Met office sounds a lot like its US counterpart….Why you may say.. Well the impending snow and wind storm is coming from Canada….LoL sounds  like CBS weather.

Today I would like to start with an email from brother, Apprentice, Cook, Veteran and indeed old friend. George Girling. A man who Cares about our world and in particular our CANADIAN Veterans.

Good Evening Al…I think I told you, I support this society with donations. I really feel good about this, helping the vets who need It. I am trying to get as many people to read and open this site for the team. Perhaps you could send to others.   Bye the way, I guess your man in Washington is kind of ignoring the bogus threat that Hawaii had. Scares me in that he could have retaliated in a burst of childless anger. Which he is known for!! The Yankee propaganda machine, keep the population frightened. I think Michael Moore mentioned that in one of his movies. Hope all is well there….will try a connect tomorrow morning. Cheers

George splits his year between  Ho Chi Min City and Chilliwack.  In answer to his question about the Orange man President:

According to CNN he did make a statement more than 24 hours after the incident.  When the  world counts in Minutes from the initial siren/warning this is most unacceptable for a President/Military Commander to respond. Here is the CNN report for those who may have missed it.

Funny how this so called President is quick of the mark with tweets and lies on other subjects, which are a far cry from calling Wolf.

Once again he was on the Golf Course. Did he run back to work NO.

Thank God it was a  false alarm and a mistake on a workers part. However it must have increased the stress on the people of Hawaii.

Now for the Veteran’s Charity a far  more important issue in Canada. There are many charities including the Royal Canadian Legion. Many of whom are highly profitable with little or no actual assistance to Veterans in Need.

Important News From Citadel Canine

Greetings from all of us at Citadel Canine!!  One of our resolutions for 2018 is to launch a regular (and brief) news-mail distribution to our many supporters and donors, to help keep you abreast of what’s happening with our PTSD & OSI service dog program.  In this first e-mail we once again say THANK YOU for your past support.  It has enabled us to grow right across Canada.

Our first plan was to direct you towards one of our social media platforms.  HOWEVER….

On Friday, January 05th, during the World Junior Cup final (great game eh!!) it was announced that a peewee hockey team from Hamilton, ON… the FLAMBOROUGH SABRES were one of ten teams chosen as semi-finalists in the Chevrolet Canada GOOD DEEDS CUP.  This is a huge honour for “our team”, and their community “good deeds” focus on helping say Thank You to military veterans and first responders, and also raise funds for the son on the late Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, and for Citadel Canine Society too.

We are urging each of you to take a quick look at the one minute video that the team prepared as part of their entry into this competition.  Each video “view” counts as one vote for the team (only one viewing vote per day, by the way).    And the team with the most “views” from January 15th to January 28 will be declared the winner.

The direct link to the short video, via the Chevrolet Canada website is:


So in this inaugural Kennel-Mail we are urging each of you to support the Flamborough Sabres.  Lets see if we can help them get to the top, and then do even more “good deeds” for those that everyone receiving this e-mail cares so much for.  If you really want to support the boys, share this e-mail with your friends as well.

Thank You George for this article. I as a dog person would like to see every first responder that requires a Canine Assistant receive one. Our current Liberal Government is far more interested in returning (ENEMY) Jihadis  then caring for Veterans who have served and duffered.

This edition of The Sandbag Times:

A poster of our Modern Army if the Liberals have their way with  Neutral  Gender, and rainbow Political Correctness…..

Nil Sine Labore


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Monday Start of work for many.

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Imagine working in the Whitehouse at this time in History. The Orangeman is apparently furious at the release of a new book.

THE FIRE and THE FURY. written by Michael Wolff, who I consider to be a respectable source and doubt that he is telling any lies like that man in the whitehouse is saying. Here is a brief Bio:

Michael Wolff (born August 27, 1953)  is an American author, essayist, and journalist, and a regular columnist and contributor to USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, and the UK edition of GQ. He has received two National Magazine Awards, a Mirror Award, and has authored seven books, including Burn Rate (1998) about his own dot-com company, and The Man Who Owns the News (2008), a biography of Rupert Murdoch. He co-founded the news aggregation website Newser and is a former editor of Adweek.

In early January 2018, Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House was published, containing unflattering descriptions of behavior by U.S. President Donald Trump, chaotic interactions among the White House senior staff, and derogatory comments about the Trump family by former White House Chief Strategist Steve BannonBefore its release on January 5, the book, e-book and audiobook all reached number one on and the Apple iBooks Store.

Canada  eases a bit of Tension in the upcoming games in South Korea. FIGURE SKATING: This is a nice story

It is  nice to see Canadians helping out, simply because   they can.

Canadian Veterans  mentioned  on Al JAzeera:   Canadian veterans demand accountability over medication

I doubt that our MND or Minister of Veterans Affairs read Al Jazeera. Perhaps they read NATO Veterans of Canada News:

Well guys and Gals enjoy the first week back at work.

Always Remember our Troops, Veterans and members of Military Families.

Nil SIne Labore




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