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Trudeau What next? ? ?

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The leader of an al-Qaida-inspired plot to explode truck bombs in downtown Toronto during the morning rush hour will have his Canadian citizenship reinstated under legislation introduced by the Liberals on Thursday.

How can this man sleep at night?

Trudeau in his short time as PM ,has ignored Seniors, Veterans and most Importantly he has ignored, cut off, shown no RESPECT to wounded warriors. Yet he can cosy up to Terrorists, Criminals and sadly to various off the wall groups. Removed the reference to our soldiers from OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM.
With HEALTHCARE he ignores the plight of Veterans, has ignored my friend and fellow Veteran Fred Rodgers who has a life threatening blood condition. Yet a Big BRAVO ZULU to the ROYAL NAVY Benevolent fund and the ROYAL BRITISH Legion, and friends he can now pay the atrocious cost of treatment. The terrorist cowards who are in the midst of retraining into Canadian Society. Receive FULL Medical Dental etc. These low life’s have never served Canada nor have they ever been ggood hardworking Canadians. And NOW He gives Citizenship back to a terrist Bomber.
While DUAL Canadians, of which there was many in the military. Are banned from returning to Canada on another countries Passport. Myself included as my UK Passport is still valid for a further 5 years.
What a mess that Poor Canada is in.

Meanwhile Canada’s military serves  Canadians Pay their taxes etc etc.

That’s my moan of the day

Have a safe week and give a thought or a prayer to our Serving Military  Our Veterans and the Military Familes of CANADA.

Nil Sine Labore


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A Sad Monday…RIP RCASC (A). Major EMS “DENNY” Deneumoustier EMS,OMM,CD

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R I P Major Eugene Modeste Simone Deneumoustier  EMS,OMM,CD
RCASC Apprentice 10/12 Platoon
Sadly yet another Apprentice, moves on to the advance party. Although his full name was rather a mouthfull everyone knew him as “DENNY”. A proud Apprentice and after apprentice training a fine and proud Officer. Denny retired as a Major, and retained his active interest into all things RCASC oriented. Denny was one of the instigators in the, initial RCASC Apprentice reunions in 1978 and I for one enjoyed each and every reunion that I was able to attend over the years. A keen historian who knew the history of our beloved Corps inside out.
I personally met Denny the year I started Apprentice training in 1960. As he was our Platoon Officer 25pl RCASC ATC. He was a great platoon officer, and we could not have had a better initiation into the Corps. 25 Pl initially in 1960 had Denny ex apprentice, Jim Fuller WW2 vet and Alec McNeil a veteran of Korea. A great team to break us into military life. I will always remember those days and evenings when Denny would pop into the Hennesey Block with quizzes.

These pop quizzes were about Current events and interspersed with Corps history.
These quizzes taught us to listen to the news and or read the newspapers. A few quizzes would result in laughter and in some cases the christening of an apprentice with a nickname. One that springs to mind as due to this Question Who is President of the Congo. Correct answer Kasabubu, however Dave Armstrong said Boo Boo which became his nickname.

A soldier like Denny amassed a lot of tales (ie War Stories) one of my favourites was when he was a platoon leader in the Apprentices. He would purchase an iron at the MLS for 8 to 10 bucks. Then raffle it of with Tickets from a penny to one dollar with a free ticket thrown in. This would net him 50 dollars and 50 cents. Then invariably the owner of said iron would be broke and offer it for sale Denny would buy it and resell his lottery tickets. Stories like that gladden the heart of Veterans.
So as Denny moves to the advance party, think of the funny, happy stories you know of Denny.

Thank you Denny for all of the history you passed to us, and for your lifelong friendship. RIP my friend and form up our brothers in the Advance party.
Nil Sine Labore My Friend.

Official Obituary Barrie Examiner

Born in Montreal in 1940 to Leonce and Elizabeth Deneumoustier, and sibling to Madelaine, Leonce, Bessie, Bishop, Modeste and Edward. Denny was a natural leader which helped him have a long and successful career as an officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, achieving the rank of Major, and being awarded the Order of Military Merit along with numerous other military recognitions and distinctions. A dedicated and loving husband to his life long love Carol, and proud and devoted father to Kevin, Darren and Sandra. Beloved Grandfather to Caitlyn, Tessa and Joshua. Denny was a larger than life personality, and a man of great generosity who dedicated his life to helping others and serving his country and community. A passionate outdoorsman, an avid gardener, a respected leader and coach, his life impacted all those around him. Denny will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. If desired, donations in Denny’s memory may be made to Princess Margaret Hospital and are greatly appreciated.

Farewell my friend

Nil Sine Labore

A.Robby McRobb

25 Platoon a Lilywhite of Denny.

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Another Red Friday and another FREEBIE Holiday for the Trudeau Family. He has embarrassed himself yet again BUT more importantly he has EMBARASSED  Canadians. The wearing of Bollywood Dress in INDIA and at the

Tajmahal has gotten him SCORN and ridicule from the citizens of India, and media sources around the world.

This PHOTO on facebook says it all:

Has he No Shame nor Common Sense?

Plus the fact he would seem to spend more time with  men who were charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER  than Veterans, who have served CANADA with honour.

An interesting article today about Peacekeeping Operations. Canada’s role in Blue Berets, was exceptional, THe Congo, Egypt, Beirut, Syria to mention but a few. Now Canada wants to increase Female presence in UN Ops.

Canada is looking at ways to help other countries boost the number of female peacekeepers, despite having only a handful of Canadian women in blue helmets and berets.

With the Olympics in Korea this article shows what North Koreans think or know about Canada; Mild weather hmmm?

That’s it for today folks, please show support to our military and to our Veterans and to the Military Families who support their spouses.

Nil Sine Labore








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Mid Week Thoughts?

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Does our current leader feel that wearing Indian National Dress  in India is correct, or was he playing Mr Dress UP?

I am hesitant at this news? Why oh Why would the Orange Man, even think about prodding N Korea with an attack    ( AKA The Bloody Nose Theory ). Has this man no peaceful intentions in his heart?

Even his Generals are against this, as must his S Korean Allies.

The Olympics are raising the possibility of re unification?

Mr President listen you your people you have far major problems within the USA including GUN CONTROL. This would certainly make you a successful President if you absolutely put the screws on Gun Ownership Perhaps a six month waiting period on personal purchases. No one needs a gun Immediately. After all it is not like purchasing other items.

A more urgent matter is the disposal of 2 UK isis menbers that have been captured. Why not send them to Guantanimo, where your goons can try out their torture skills. This is the least these low life’s deserve.

They deserve NO MERCY> If tried in UK the riots would be horrendous. Try them in Guantanimo.. Make the world happy and perhaps raise you in the polls.

All AMericans must read this article from the US Teacher of the year.

Discipline begins at HOME.

A hearty shout out to my friend, Veteran and Blogger  The Irish Rover, Ben Rodgers. Currently undergoing treatment for a rare Blood Disorder.

Sadly Canada and in particular PEI Governments would not allow this life saving means under our Hospitalisation Acts both Provincial and Federal. This is a disgrace in Canada. Ben is retired from both the RN and the RCN. Yet no medical procedure for him unless he paid. Well I am proud to say the The Royal Naval Benevolent fund came forth and in conjunction with the British Legion and friends he is now undergoing costly treatment.

Stay STRONG Ben and get back to serious Blogging when you feel up to it. a Hearty BRAVO ZULU to you. a man who served and was honourably released.  as you say in sign of Ben  READY  AYE  READY.

Please give a thought to our Military and our Veterans and their Families

Nil Sine Labore.



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1/2 Century plus 6 ….. CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS October 1962…

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Nala Ayed of the CBC gives a thought out opinion on the possibility of a Nuclear war?

With TRUMP  angering most of our Globe and especially with the chunky Rocket man of North Korea, we are closer than ever to a Nuclear war. By an error?

WHY  ???? is the Canadian Government angry with Israel with regard to their Refugee problem.  WHY ????

would Canada entertain the idea of bring in a huge number of Eritrean Refugees from Israel. When he has no Money for Veterans. Serving Military nor Seniors. Pouring our hard earned tax dollars into yet another Governments problems if an incorrect Gesture?

I and I am sure many Canadians feel that the time now for Trudeau, is to sit back in Ottawa and assess Canadian problems. Voters are underwhelmed with his actions to date.

This story of Canada’s involvement in Iraq was very quiet in the mainstream media:

Canada considering taking part in expanded training mission for Iraqi forces

This news site from Mosul highlights the nation involved with their flag. You need to scroll to 3 or 4 pages to locate a Canadian News story.

So Mr Trudeau a word of advice from a Veteran PAY ATTENTION To CANADIANS and quit being a Namby Pamby  Liberal.

Meanwhile please show concern for our Troops and our Veterans and their families.

Nil Sine Labore





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