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Mid Week Thoughts?

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Does our current leader feel that wearing Indian National Dress  in India is correct, or was he playing Mr Dress UP?

I am hesitant at this news? Why oh Why would the Orange Man, even think about prodding N Korea with an attack    ( AKA The Bloody Nose Theory ). Has this man no peaceful intentions in his heart?

Even his Generals are against this, as must his S Korean Allies.

The Olympics are raising the possibility of re unification?

Mr President listen you your people you have far major problems within the USA including GUN CONTROL. This would certainly make you a successful President if you absolutely put the screws on Gun Ownership Perhaps a six month waiting period on personal purchases. No one needs a gun Immediately. After all it is not like purchasing other items.

A more urgent matter is the disposal of 2 UK isis menbers that have been captured. Why not send them to Guantanimo, where your goons can try out their torture skills. This is the least these low life’s deserve.

They deserve NO MERCY> If tried in UK the riots would be horrendous. Try them in Guantanimo.. Make the world happy and perhaps raise you in the polls.

All AMericans must read this article from the US Teacher of the year.

Discipline begins at HOME.

A hearty shout out to my friend, Veteran and Blogger  The Irish Rover, Ben Rodgers. Currently undergoing treatment for a rare Blood Disorder.

Sadly Canada and in particular PEI Governments would not allow this life saving means under our Hospitalisation Acts both Provincial and Federal. This is a disgrace in Canada. Ben is retired from both the RN and the RCN. Yet no medical procedure for him unless he paid. Well I am proud to say the The Royal Naval Benevolent fund came forth and in conjunction with the British Legion and friends he is now undergoing costly treatment.

Stay STRONG Ben and get back to serious Blogging when you feel up to it. a Hearty BRAVO ZULU to you. a man who served and was honourably released.  as you say in sign of Ben  READY  AYE  READY.

Please give a thought to our Military and our Veterans and their Families

Nil Sine Labore.



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1/2 Century plus 6 ….. CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS October 1962…

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Nala Ayed of the CBC gives a thought out opinion on the possibility of a Nuclear war?

With TRUMP  angering most of our Globe and especially with the chunky Rocket man of North Korea, we are closer than ever to a Nuclear war. By an error?

WHY  ???? is the Canadian Government angry with Israel with regard to their Refugee problem.  WHY ????

would Canada entertain the idea of bring in a huge number of Eritrean Refugees from Israel. When he has no Money for Veterans. Serving Military nor Seniors. Pouring our hard earned tax dollars into yet another Governments problems if an incorrect Gesture?

I and I am sure many Canadians feel that the time now for Trudeau, is to sit back in Ottawa and assess Canadian problems. Voters are underwhelmed with his actions to date.

This story of Canada’s involvement in Iraq was very quiet in the mainstream media:

Canada considering taking part in expanded training mission for Iraqi forces

This news site from Mosul highlights the nation involved with their flag. You need to scroll to 3 or 4 pages to locate a Canadian News story.

So Mr Trudeau a word of advice from a Veteran PAY ATTENTION To CANADIANS and quit being a Namby Pamby  Liberal.

Meanwhile please show concern for our Troops and our Veterans and their families.

Nil Sine Labore





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Life aboard a Submarine and a Conspiracy Theory? ?

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Canadian Veterans Camping Out In Ottawa For Better Treatment After Trudeau’s “More Than We Can Give” Comment

A protest will be held Thursday on Parliament Hill.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL VETERAN’S who are able to attend. Millions of Veterans across the world will be wishing you all the best.

This is a wonderful lens eye view of life on board Canada’s Submarine in the  waters off Korea.

It has been quite a while since former MND Paul Hellyer  creator of Corporals GALORE has been in the news. Well he apparently personally believes in the Illuminati:

That the news for today VALENTINES day. and The Birthday of my partner for the past 14 Years. SASHA my Loyal and Faithful CANINE

Meanwhile another ancient political Hack is seeking headlines yes short term interim Prime Minister Kim Canada’s first and thus far only female PM. For a fascinating 4 months and 9 days of her glittering Political Career. Never the less she has been out of the headlines lately . thus this silly comment:

Currently CANADA is ranking 5th in the Medal Count at the 2018 Olympics.


Please have a thought and a prayer for our Military, our Veterans and their families.

Nil Sine Labore



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Monday Blurb

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Well the old adage about buying an old car does not seem to be appropriate for the purchased of Used Fighters from the other side of the world.

The well used Aussie F-16s has been pushed back till 2019 at the earliest? Murray Brewster has an excellent column on this issue.

Meanwhile the Phillipines have cancelled their order for Canadian built attack Helicopters?

I do realise that I am getting older and there are many things I do not understand. One being WHY if we can produce helicopters? did it take so long to replace our helicopters. Also in the interests  of employment WHY not have Bombardier produce a Canadian Fighter Jet? If anyone has an answer please be kind enough to let me know.

PERHAPS Trudeau should check KIJIJI for home purchases:  (L O L )

On the good side of the news Canada’s Olympians have now taken a GOLD Medal in S Korea.
Gabrielle Daleman’s performance guaranteed Canada a gold medal in the team event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, before Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir even hit the ice.  Well done all Canadian Olympians.

It was nice to read of two Canadian brothers, supporting one another in their chosen careers. One in the RCN and the other an Olympic Athlete. Bravo Zulu to the Dehaitre brothers.

Brothers Rene and Vincent De Haître represent Canada in their own unique ways, yet they also offer strong support to each other as they pursue their individual goals, even if they are a world apart.
Vincent, a world class long track speed skater, will compete in the PyeongChang Olympic Gamesthis month in both the 1,500 and 1,000-metre races on February 13 and 23 respectively, and Rene hopes to graduate from the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in St. Jean, Que, on February 22.

A good Canadian Story:

Be safe folks and please support our Military, our Veterans and their families.

Nil Sine Labore




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Red Friday from Bonnie Scotland

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Both the Orange man and boy Prime Minister Trudeau have Scots roots. Trump a wee bit closer as his Mother was a true Scot where as Justin owes his Scots Heritage  to Grandfather James Sinclair (on his Mother’s side) John Sinclair immigrated to Canada in 1911. He was Born in Banff which is just a wee bit North of my location. 45 Miles or so.

He too was a Liberal politician Minister of Fisheries 1952-1957, served in WW” as an RCAF officer in Malta, Sicily,and North Africa.

With a pedigree like that it is a wonder that Trump and Trudeau make a hash of our English Language.

PM Trudeau made it to BB Radio Scotland today. The talk show discussed his rude interruption of a lady at his town hall meeting in Edmonton. By telling her that mankind is not a word it is PEOPLE KIND???? Where does he get these words from his pal Donald.  I hope this link opens in Canada?

I for one wonder HOW MUCH he will give this traitor to Canada? Yet has no funding for Veterans nor the aged.


News about one of Canada’s second hand submarines this week: The Chicoutimi is patrolling of Korea?

With only one malfunction the submarine is in the sea of Japan.

Best of luck to all of Canada’s SUBMARINERS may you all return safely to Esquimalt.

Here is the online version of this months Sandbag Times  enjoy:

Have a great weekend and take care of our Veterans.

If anyone would like to listen I am on Live from River Dee Radio Friday 1800-2000  remember a 5 hour time change from Ontario and 8 from BC.     

Please have a thought for our Military and their families.

Nil Sine Labore








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