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Monday Morning

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Sad news this Monday Morning, my friend of almost 1/2 a Century has passed onto the advance party.                    Bob Hultquist was both an RCAF veteran, Firefighter Veteran.  He was also a Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather.  

HULTQUIST, Robert (Bob) Stephen It is with a heavy heart the family announces the passing of Bob Hultquist at Belleville General Hospital on Tuesday April 17, 2018. Retired firefighter with City of Belleville. He leaves behind his wife and best friend Lynda (Seames), son Bryan (Amy) of Foxboro and son Shane of Ottawa and his two grandsons, Tyler and Rylee who were the love of his life. He is survived by his mother Jacqueline (father Jim deceased), sister Louise (Norm) Boyer of Smiths Falls and brother Jim (Linda) of Belleville. Brother in law Dan (Lynda) Seames and sisters in law Sue (Dave) Begley and Frances Seames. Predeceased by brother in laws, Herb Seames and Larry Seames. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. There will be no service or visitation, cremation has taken place. If desired, donations to the Belleville Firefighters Toy Drive would be appreciated by the family.132

Rest in Peace Bobby, Your Duty  Done. 

Bob and Lynda March 1963


The Canadian Helicopters going to mali will be outfitted as they were in Afghanistan, and will fly their missions the way they did there, Senior Military Commanders said.

Here is the full report by Murray Brewster

On that note please have a thought and a prayer for our Military Their Families and  of Course our Veterans.

Nil Sine Labore


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Red Friday and some Good news.

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Members of the Korean Veterans Association have waited for  news like this.

North Korea wants total denuclearisation, says Seoul

This headline to myself is full of PROMISE, as long as the Orangeman does not make yet another foolish Twitter.

South Korea’s president says Pyongyang has not attached any conditions such as US troop withdrawal, this process is strictly between the two Koreas and outside blustering and interference is definitely to be avoided at all costs.

Here is the article from the GUARDIAN newspaper:

This story of a National Service person being sworn in? makes me wonder why they allowed a mockery of their military oath?

The following op-ed from Scott Gilmore at Maclean’s magazine is very thought provoking, read on Veterans, Read on serving members………

So folks have a lovely weekend if you wish to Listen to this old duffer on the radio here are the links.

Always remember your Military Families and the ones they love.

Nil Sine Labore



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S Y R I A….WW3….. ARMAGEDDON ? ? Peace in Korea, our World today

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The news is SATURATED with pro and con about the war in Syria? The news and I am sure some it is as TRUMPman says F A K E News.

Who knows what to believe? Did they in fact use Chemical weaponry? Did they clear it up  prior to any proposed inspections?

As sad as it may seem  the 40 killed in the so called Chemical attacks, was not enough SOLID justification to aim Multi million Dollar Missiles, to destroy suspected sites?

The man who I know to be an expert on all things Syrian. Is a brother Apprentice  James G Numbers having spent many years in Damascus with his family as a Canadian Military Observer, he sent me this article which sums it up: Thanks Glenn,


You know my feelings about Syria and I am no fan of Scott Taylor but I saw his article on the net today and it really gets one wondering.

The site I go to daily is which is from the Canadian Forces College and is
SOMNIA – Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs
It provides links to articles re the military and international stories. One stop shopping.
Scott Taylor’s article is at

The article is clear for ex military types and common sense enough that most civilians and politicians should understand it. Just food for thought.

It certainly is Food for thought Amigo

Meanwhile this video has surfaced.

This could be the beginning of the END of the Korean War (Police Action)

Seoul to seek deal on formally ending war with N. Korea

Let us hope and pray that this is the end and That Koreans who have been separated 60 plus years may be reunited.

CIA director Mike Pompeo secretly travelled to Pyongyang to meet Kim Jong-un over Easter as Trump confirms ‘extremely high level’ conversation took place between US and North Korea:

This meeting should have taken place, way before the tit for tat comments by the Orange man and Kim Jong-in.

So as we leave this midweek ramble, I would like to add that Barara Bush was a fine First Lady and a brave woman Rest in Peace. Also my good friend and RCAF Veteran, plus 25 years as a Belleville Firefighter has passed away peacefully., Bob Hultquist Farewell my friend and Rest in Peace your Duty done.

Nil Sine Labore




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Red FRIDAY the 13th

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As the world waits expectantly on a decision whether to attack Syria or not? ORANGE    PRESIDENT               ALL  THUMBS,  alters his original tweet. Saying that a US attack was imminent? On Thursday he changed that to, ” Never said when an attack would take place. Could be Very Soon or not at all “

(Does that sound like your young Child) Lies and changing stories that he believes ? ? ? ?

Putin is adamant that if an attack takes place then he will retaliate on behalf of Syria. On this Friday the 13th I hope and pray that the orange man does not attack Syria.

Yes I know that chemical attacks are abhorrent. but to release the destruction of missiles many hundreds perhaps thousands will die. It is sad that 40 people died from the Chemical attacks and up to 500 were ill. BUT does that equate to the possible destruction of other civilians who are not involved.

Perhaps it is time to eliminate  Bashir and his cronies in Syria by Stealth. Remove the root cause of this  situation:

Our  Minister of Defence said that  a couple of Helicopters and crews have been assisting the FRENCH in MALI. This is certainly news prior to the Imminent departure on a UN Mission to MALI  or Maybe Not?

Please be kind to our Veterans who are being let down on a Daily basis by the Morning TV Presenter :

Seamus O’Regan  the wrong man in this position I wonder if he can even Spell  V E T E R A N .

Have a great week end and please have a thought or a prayer for our Military Families.

Nil Sine Labore



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Mid week Syrian Crisis

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Missiles ‘will be coming’ to Syria, Trump says after Russia warns against U.S. strike.

I wonder WHY? a Commander in Chief would give away information to allow enemies to prepare? This goes against what were taught in the Military. Even as far back as WW2 the SLOGAN  ” LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS ”  is as pertinent today as in previous Wars, Conflicts, Police Actions, or indeed on UN Missions.

Perhaps there are newer rules of War?  or is just the bluff and Bluster of the ORANGE Man?

Meanwhile MND  Harjit Sanjjin claims the current Governemnt has put aside over a Billion Dollars for the Military?

Why oh WHY were the newest vehicles purchased from FRANCE for our MILITARY,


First SMP trucks arrive in Edmonton

After a rigorous testing program over the past two years, the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) project delivered the first Standard Military Pattern (SMP) trucks and trailers to CFB Edmonton during the first week of April. All five truck variants (Cargo, Material Handling Unit, Gun Tractor, Load Handling System, and Mobile Repair Team) totalling fourteen trucks and six trailers should arrive at the base by mid-April.

They will serve as the training fleet for Operator Cadre Training at the 3rd Canadian Division Training Centre. Seven week-long training serials are planned starting the end of April at CFB Edmonton.

Mack Defense LLC was awarded the contract in June 2015 for the procurement of 1,537 SMP trucks, 157 Armoured Protection System cabs, and 300 load handling trailers. The trucks are manufactured in France and then sent to Prevost, a sub-contractor of Mack Defence, in St-Nicolas, Quebec for final integration of auxiliary systems before shipping to bases.

Thanks to Brother Apprentice Dale Martin for that story.

That’s it for today, please give a thought and a prayer for our Canucks serving away from home, as well as military Families  I saw this on Facebook and was unaware that Military Children had their own month. But it is so TRUE

Nil Sine Labore


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