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Monday Memories WW2

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I do not have to worry about a subject for today’s BLOG. My old pal, brother  apprentice, cook and mentor

George Girling sent me this most interesting article from WW2 about a  soldier   Leo Major of the

Regiment de la Chaudiere    

Major would go on to become the only Canadian ever to receive a Distinguished Conduct Medal in two separate wars (the second earned in Korea). Leo Major a True Canadian HERO:

This WWII soldier liberated a whole town by himself, but most Canadians still don’t know his name

Thanks George for such an interesting article.

\the second article was also sent to me by a brother Apprentice, Trucker and amigo of many Years. Bob Garsnell  aka   “NEWF.”

I always enjoy e mails from my brother apprentices and thanks again to NEWF.

To all my fellow Veterans who served  in 4 CMBG here s a story from the UK Sandbag Times, with the story of the infamous bouncing Bombs, of Barnes Wallace . Used to take out the Dams along the Ruhr Valley including the Mohne See.

That’s it for today, please support your troops and your Veterans as well as Military Families.

Nil Sine labore


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Well the news from Ottawa is certainly not good with regard to employment for Veterans. yet another Liberal program fails for the men and women who have served with PRIDE and HONOUR

Next item ……. TALK about TOPHEAVY , even countries that were run  by Military Dictators only had Colonels as a Leader in Coups and Government.

Not so in our PEACE LOVING Land of the Maple LEAF.

Well folks short and  short today but not short n sweet.

Take care enjoy your weekend.

Please wear Red  to show your support of our Military, Military Families and Veterans.

For Great Music, older Music and  humour from the Legion in Banchory Scotland stay TUNED:   


Nil Sine Labore


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Mid Week Meanderings

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Greetings on the beginning of MAY. Strange news that a bold faced LIAR and  Tweeter may be named for the Noble Peace Price? Only in AMERICA as they say.  Is this the F A K E  news he talks about? Who Knows.

The following Op-Ed piece is certainly something for Canadians to be thinking about, and yes bolstering our North with far  more than the Arctic Rangers. Who are  more of a Reconnaissance Unit who report on activities in the Far North.

Both op-ed’s very interesting read to say the least.

It is not very often that I agree with the upper Chamber in Ottawa but SENATORS who are asking for a one year delay in Cannabis regulation are to be heard.

The legalisation of this DRUG of choice shows the attitude of a non caring government. Yes use it for medical purposes, BUT how will our Military, and our Police services treat this legalisation?

Try as I may I have searched and searched for news on what the Military Policy will be, with regard to Cannabis Legalisation.

I Have just answered the door to our local postie. Lo and behold a large envelope from VAC Canada?

Is it an answer to my claim of over 2 months , NO it is a Glossy New Veterans Magazine available also on line: Please have a read and let me know your opinion of this Magazine.

On that note enjoy the month of May have a thought and a prayer for our Military, Military Families and Veterans of all ages.

Nil Sine Labore




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