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Monday Morning a SUNNY Day R A N T ……

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I honestly think that a lot of Veterans will agree with my thoughts on the Repatriated ISIS Jihadis from Canada. This one captured  and being tried in NY after admitting to an execution killing, he participated in in Syria. Has now RECANTED his statement. This is natural as the cowardly scumbag wishes to return to TRUDEAU Land for a repatriation Course and funding from the Bleeding Hearted Liberal Government?

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has refused to provide details on the status of a Canadian former ISIS fighter who made an apparent confession to an execution-style killing in Syria, saying police and security officials are taking all necessary steps to “keep Canadians safe.”

I take exception to traitorous  Canadians who fight for our enemies. The moment they accept allegiance to a TERRORIST Organisation they cease Canadian Citizenship. Therefore releasing the Government of the day HELPING Them. I am sure they all treat Omar Khadir multi millionaire as a Mentor and hope to win as much of our tax payers dollars to their personal bank accounts.

That’s my rant for this beautiful Monday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Have a great Day

Nil Sine Labore



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Red Friday ….Attention…..Orders Parade ! ! !

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On this Spring time Red Friday, please  show support for your Canadian Military and their Families.

Who as Veterans never heard these dreaded words….


Well the Canadian Government is going to change some of the rules in the National Defence Act.  Is this the demise of the dreaded Section 118 Which seemed to cover all eventualities including, unauthorised walking on the square….Shades of R E Smith  aka The Hat.  aaahhhh sweet memories.

Well once again I give you the most respected journalist within the minds of Canadian Veterans and serving Military Murray Brewster:

Meanwhile former PM Stephen Harper adds his support the decision of the Orange Man, to cease Negotiation with Iran?

There are certainly a few sides to that story, and sadly only History will tell us which side was correct.

On this fine May weekend, enjoy your families and enjoy your time together as it is precious. All the while remembering  that many of our Military Families are once again separated in Defence of others.

Nil Sine Labore


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Mid week Meanderings.

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Well Trudeau is at it a again. He has once again failed Veterans with PTSD, along with his TV presenter Minister of Veterans Affairs, Seamus O’Regan  Neither of these guys have ever been exposed to the Horrors our Troops have lived and seen. They have no Concept of PTSD suffering.

Murray Brewster says it best:

YET Trudeau can offer yet another meaningless apology, for a HISTORICAL Event. As sad historically as this event was. The Prime Minister of the Day Mackenzie King. Who used to communicate with his deceased Mother through his Dog? It is H I S T O R Y and as such to Whom is he apologising? A Liberal created the disaster and a  Liberal is apologising, using PARLIAMENTARY time. Certainly when there are far more  CURRENT Pressing issues that need to be discussed in Canada’s Parliament

Check out the whole story on William Lyon Mackenzie in Wilkipedia:                                                        Perhaps noting some similarities.

King’s occult interests were kept secret during his years in office, and only became publicized after his death when his diaries were opened. Readers were amazed. King communed with spirits, using seance’s with paid mediums. Thereby, he claimed to have communicated with Leonardo da Vinci, Wilfrid Laurier, his dead mother, his grandfather, and several of his dead dogs, as well as the spirit of the late President Roosevelt. Some historians argue that he sought personal reassurance from the spirit world, more than political advice. After his death, one of his mediums said that she had not realized that he was a politician. King did inquire whether his party would win the 1935 election, one of the few times politics came up during his seances. However Allan Levine argues that sometimes he did pay attention to the political implications of his seances: “All of his spiritualist experiences, his other superstitions and his multi-paranoid reactions imprinted on his consciousness, shaping his thoughts and feelings in a thousand different ways.”
Historians have seen in his spiritualism and occult activities a penchant for forging unities from antitheses, thus having latent political import. Historian C.P. Stacey, in his 1976 book A Very Double Life examined King’s secret life in detail, argued that King did not allow his beliefs to influence his decisions on political matters. Stacey wrote that King entirely gave up his interests in the occult and spiritualism during World War II.

This great Photo Shoot from a brother apprentice WAYNE FLAHERTY and Loadie as well as a friend. ENJOY,

MY OPINION as well:

Stay Safe Always remember  your Canadian Military and  our Veterans as well as MILITARY FAMILIES>


Nil Sine Labore


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Monday Memories WW2

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I do not have to worry about a subject for today’s BLOG. My old pal, brother  apprentice, cook and mentor

George Girling sent me this most interesting article from WW2 about a  soldier   Leo Major of the

Regiment de la Chaudiere    

Major would go on to become the only Canadian ever to receive a Distinguished Conduct Medal in two separate wars (the second earned in Korea). Leo Major a True Canadian HERO:

This WWII soldier liberated a whole town by himself, but most Canadians still don’t know his name

Thanks George for such an interesting article.

\the second article was also sent to me by a brother Apprentice, Trucker and amigo of many Years. Bob Garsnell  aka   “NEWF.”

I always enjoy e mails from my brother apprentices and thanks again to NEWF.

To all my fellow Veterans who served  in 4 CMBG here s a story from the UK Sandbag Times, with the story of the infamous bouncing Bombs, of Barnes Wallace . Used to take out the Dams along the Ruhr Valley including the Mohne See.

That’s it for today, please support your troops and your Veterans as well as Military Families.

Nil Sine labore


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Well the news from Ottawa is certainly not good with regard to employment for Veterans. yet another Liberal program fails for the men and women who have served with PRIDE and HONOUR

Next item ……. TALK about TOPHEAVY , even countries that were run  by Military Dictators only had Colonels as a Leader in Coups and Government.

Not so in our PEACE LOVING Land of the Maple LEAF.

Well folks short and  short today but not short n sweet.

Take care enjoy your weekend.

Please wear Red  to show your support of our Military, Military Families and Veterans.

For Great Music, older Music and  humour from the Legion in Banchory Scotland stay TUNED:   


Nil Sine Labore


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