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Red Friday Mid July

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Even K-9s are wearing Red. Why not Y O U ?

The Veterans assistance dogs do their bit with assisting Veterans with PTSD and other traumas. Man’s best friend is certainly true. In honour of the Red Friday Dogs, I give you this one hour Radio Tribute to fallen dogs both in peace and war.

Please enjoy this hour programme with your Coffee and your feet up.

Meanwhile back in Ottawa this Op-Ed is quite enlightening:

For all  you air buffs, here is a short video  shot at RAF Fairford:

The YOUNGEST Pilot of SPITFIRES during WW2 has passed away at 96, Rest in Peace Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum

Next year is the 75th anniversary of D Day. I certainly pray that Lt General General Richard Rohmer  OC CMM OOnt DFC CD QC. RCAF is in attendance as he was at the 70th.  He had a standing Ovation whle Stephen Harper and Prince Charles received scattered applause.

Have a great weekend wherever you may be. Please Wear Red on Friday and show support for your Military and to wish CHARLENE McINNIS of PEI  on her Birthday. A Proud Supporter of Canada’s Military, Veterans and Military Families.

Nil Sine Labore



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Mid week Meanderings

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This story from last year,

Now an update from an AMERICAN Army General ( I wonder what the Orange man in Washington thinks of this)

Meanwhile the SUPREME COMMANDER of the US military waffles and Flip Flops on his press conference in Helsinki?

This man child PRESIDENT must think that we pay attention to his lies and changes of stories on a daily basis.

It is now the moment for the  Government of the USA to IMPEACH and dump this fool.

News papers on both sides of the Atlantic agree that his actions and words in Helsinki are traitorous

On the Good news side  Canadian Troops taking part in the Nijmegen Marches took time out to visit the Canadian Graves of 338  Canadian Soldiers who died Liberating Holland. As every year this young boy in the Video makes me Proud to be a Canadian Veteran:  Holland and Canada Steadfast friends.

Please remember  your Veterans, your Military and their families and Loved ones wherever they may be.

Nil Sine Labore


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Monday morning Comments

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What has the head Shed decided with regard to Marijuana use within the military community?  For the day it becomes legal in Canada is fast approaching.

I am sure that General Vance and his Surgeon General are checking all aspects of the use of this weed in the military. I do hope that they consider the question that I have? What will happen to a soldier serving in the USA or some other country where Marijuana is  still illegal. Will they go to a foreign jail, will they be blacklisted from serving in that country.

I do not envy the military in making these decisions. This is where the RCASC Motto certainly comes into its own.

NIL  SINE LABORE….. Nothing but Work,  also the order of the garter sounds prophetic with this issue….. Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense…… Evil to He whom evil thinks. Certainly will be a major decision for future operations.

I am in agreement for marijuana for Veterans suffering with PTSD if it helps them, but certainly not for Serving Soldiers.

Leaving the military for a second a pause for thought: Plastic straws are now banned and illegal WHEN  are we going to bar AUTOMATIC weapons for civilians ?

The Canadian Army says that it is getting back to Basics for modern soldiers here is a 2 minute Video.

I was under the impression that CANADA was a PROUD Member of NATO. If so why did the Trudeau Government  purchase radar which is not compatible with our NATO ALLIES ? ? ? ?

On that note I will leave you for now and tell you one and all.That my Partner of 15 Years has moved onto the Advance Party. FAREWELL my Loyal Friend Sasha a Therapet Canine for 10 years of her life. She gave so much to so many. She was the first Therapet in the Banchory Academy Reading Programme.



Nil Sine Labore




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Red Friday … RIP Saman-Kunan

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This Thai Seal Saman-Kunan  paid the ultimate price of any military man. May he Rest in PEACE. BRAVO ZULU to all Volunteers Internationally.

While the BOARS recover in hospital they have at last been reunited with families. This was an incredible show of the international  community coming together to save the team and the coach.

Meanwhile  as the NATO meeting breaks up CANADA has again been tasked with a NATO Job.

Canada to command NATO training mission in Iraq:

It is strange how the Boy PM has no problem committing Troops to dangerous area of this Globe, yet cannot find funds to support injured Veterans.

Here are linking NATO stories including the orange President saying that NATO countries are going to increase their spending?

Last but by no means least a RCEME mechanic Killed in 2014 , report says that accident could have been prevented. This certainly does not come close to the loss that the parents feel.

A soldier’s unnecessary death:

On that note the  single good news story is the Rescue of the Wild Boars Soccer team in Thailand.

Always wear Red on a Friday and PLEASE show support for our Military, their Families and our VETERANS.

Please listen to this weekend’s show on VOLUNTEERS:

Nil Sine Labore


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Mid week Meanderings.

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With  this being the Centennary of the RAF. I found it most surprising that some very important people have been left out of the Celebrations. These were the few women who FLEW the aircraft from the factory to the first line airbases. These women contributed greatly to the war Effort;

Todays question to the Canadian Government is this:  WHY has Canada 130 Generals for a standing ARMY of 79000 with a reserve of 32500 for a grand total of; 111500 or about one general to 857 and a 1/2 soldiers.

While Vietnam with a standing ARMY of 448,500 with a reserve of 5,040,000 yet they have a total of 7 Generals in the military and two in the Police for a distribution of 6471 per general in the standing army.

Canadian Generals all 130 of them average monthly Salary is approximately 15000 dollars per month.

No wonder TRUDEAU has no money left for the Veterans.

Meanwhile on the GOOD NEWS  front  The Wild BOARS and coach have all been rescued:  PTL

A Hearty Bravo ZULU  to the Thai Seal Team and international Volunteers. The world working together to rescue the team.

On that note I will now Post this edition.

Nil Sine Labore


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