Red Friday Canada supports her Troops and Remembers her Fallen.

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On this RED FRIDAY we remember the sad day on April 17th 2002. When our PPCLI were bombed by the USA thus named Friendly Fire a term that I personally do not condone .TARNAK FARM remains in the history of the PPCLI

We will remember them, a much used phrase Yet so significant. These young soldiers were killed and wounded by our American Allies.


Meanwhile the current Leader (Commander in Chief) of the USA. Continues to add to his ever growing list of Paux Pas’. My navy is sending a Carrier group NORTH to Korea ? ? ? ? ooopppppssss they are heading SOUTH. As the president of China and I ate the best Chocolate Cake Ever. I unleashed 59 cruise missiles to IRAQ……..oooppsss SYRIA. As C in C he certainly does not know his AS* from his Elbow as we used to say in the Army.

Tensions have been rising between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. Leaders of two huge countries acting like they are in Kindergarten.

This childish tit for tat with North Korea may certainly have grave consequences to the rest of the Free World. His 100 days of power are soon to be reached, it will be interesting reading when the media complete his 100 day Report Card. Here is a Pre Report Card:

Canada again steps up to the plate with a Helicopter Squadron from Edmonton arriving in IRAQ yes that is correct IRAQ not Syria. Stay safe and return home safely to your homes and loved ones.

Meanwhile Canada’s once proud Royal Canadian Legion is lowering standards by authorising Legion Lager, what better way to promote Cheap Drinks as the majority of NON Veterans rule the Legion:

So once again I ask you to wear Red on this Friday. Also a wee reminder about ,


Flags of Remembrance 2017                                                                                                                 


Nil Sine Labore


Red Friday

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