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On this final Red Friday of June 2017. I would like to wish all Canadians a Happy CANADA DAY.  As this is my adopted Country, and I had the honour of serving in Canada’s Military 1960-1982 and the double honour of working for Canada’s Greatest Prime Minister of the 20th Century. The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney. I thank my parents for taking the decision as many hundreds of thousand did. To move to Canada after WW2 seeking a better life, after the poverty and hardships of WW2. The Military Family has been a great part of my life. I have met and maintained friendships from all parts of Canada. To Ed and Olive in Whitehorse, Mel and Irene in Victoria, Bob Bruce in Peterhead, Scotland, Bob and Lynda in Belleville,  and to all other friends and family too numerous to mention.

Have a SAFE, Wonderful Celebration tomorrow July 1st.

To our troops where ever they may on Canada Day STAY SAFE and return to your families when your operational tour is completed.

Canada a Youthful Country Supports it’s Youth and keeps them safe. Thanks to the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, from the width and breadth of C A N A D A

Last but by no means least on this Red Friday the closing date for a Flag of Remembrance is FAST approaching.

This Message from my friend Al Cameron:

Happy Canada Day weekend!
I can’t think a better time to bring forth again our annual Remembrance initiative; Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance.
Our remembrance and tribute event will see an opening ceremony on October 7th of this year at each of our 15 tribute sites across Canada, representing the 128,000 Canadian killed and missing in action servicemen and women from Boer War to current.
The initiative is coming along nicely, but we still have many sponsorship availabilities to ensure it is a true success. Help us give honour and tribute to our military and RCMP Veterans past and present serving, by sponsoring a hero plaque and flag like then attached at one of our tribute sites.
The cutoff date for sponsoring at this years opening ceremony is August 19th,so please get yours in soon.
Also,please check out our website at to see exactly what it is we are striving to do. Funds raised by VVOC-flags of Remembrance will assist with our mission,  as well as helping other community organizations do their important work.
Contact us here or at to inquire and  to learn how to sponsor your hero.
Cheers,and thank you again for all of your support in the past, and I look forward to your support in the future!


Nil Sine Labore

Robby ( A proud ten dollar Canuck)

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