Red Friday from Bonnie Scotland

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Both the Orange man and boy Prime Minister Trudeau have Scots roots. Trump a wee bit closer as his Mother was a true Scot where as Justin owes his Scots Heritage  to Grandfather James Sinclair (on his Mother’s side) John Sinclair immigrated to Canada in 1911. He was Born in Banff which is just a wee bit North of my location. 45 Miles or so.

He too was a Liberal politician Minister of Fisheries 1952-1957, served in WW” as an RCAF officer in Malta, Sicily,and North Africa.

With a pedigree like that it is a wonder that Trump and Trudeau make a hash of our English Language.

PM Trudeau made it to BB Radio Scotland today. The talk show discussed his rude interruption of a lady at his town hall meeting in Edmonton. By telling her that mankind is not a word it is PEOPLE KIND???? Where does he get these words from his pal Donald.  I hope this link opens in Canada?

I for one wonder HOW MUCH he will give this traitor to Canada? Yet has no funding for Veterans nor the aged.


News about one of Canada’s second hand submarines this week: The Chicoutimi is patrolling of Korea?

With only one malfunction the submarine is in the sea of Japan.

Best of luck to all of Canada’s SUBMARINERS may you all return safely to Esquimalt.

Here is the online version of this months Sandbag Times  enjoy:

Have a great weekend and take care of our Veterans.

If anyone would like to listen I am on Live from River Dee Radio Friday 1800-2000  remember a 5 hour time change from Ontario and 8 from BC.     

Please have a thought for our Military and their families.

Nil Sine Labore








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