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The leader of an al-Qaida-inspired plot to explode truck bombs in downtown Toronto during the morning rush hour will have his Canadian citizenship reinstated under legislation introduced by the Liberals on Thursday.

How can this man sleep at night?

Trudeau in his short time as PM ,has ignored Seniors, Veterans and most Importantly he has ignored, cut off, shown no RESPECT to wounded warriors. Yet he can cosy up to Terrorists, Criminals and sadly to various off the wall groups. Removed the reference to our soldiers from OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM.
With HEALTHCARE he ignores the plight of Veterans, has ignored my friend and fellow Veteran Fred Rodgers who has a life threatening blood condition. Yet a Big BRAVO ZULU to the ROYAL NAVY Benevolent fund and the ROYAL BRITISH Legion, and friends he can now pay the atrocious cost of treatment. The terrorist cowards who are in the midst of retraining into Canadian Society. Receive FULL Medical Dental etc. These low life’s have never served Canada nor have they ever been ggood hardworking Canadians. And NOW He gives Citizenship back to a terrist Bomber.
While DUAL Canadians, of which there was many in the military. Are banned from returning to Canada on another countries Passport. Myself included as my UK Passport is still valid for a further 5 years.
What a mess that Poor Canada is in.

Meanwhile Canada’s military serves¬† Canadians Pay their taxes etc etc.

That’s my moan of the day

Have a safe week and give a thought or a prayer to our Serving Military  Our Veterans and the Military Familes of CANADA.

Nil Sine Labore


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