A little known fact about London Cabbies on REMEMBRANCE DAY….plus combat rations….

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The black cabs of London waiting on Westminster Bridge to ferry the veterans from Waterloo station to the Cenotaph and back again……for free.
They do this every year, but it never seems to be mentioned in the press.
Good on you cabbies.


A Hearty Bravo Zulu to the Cabbies of London. Doubt that Ottawa , Toronto Montreal or Vancouver would do this?

A Hearty Bravo Zulu to the Cabbies of London. Doubt that Ottawa , Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver would do this?



From Cabbies on Remembrance day to MRP’s, Dry Rations, Compo, field rations how ever they may be named here is a great article on field meals that are used by my our and other NATO Military¬† units.


I have fond memories of Brit Ration packs in the 60s in Soest. Some delicious Date and nut loaf comes to mind , some not so tasty. I also remember the US packs that had cigarettes and a vile  choice of Lima Beans and Ham yyyeeeuuuccchh.

Arctic Rations were excellent and included high energy lozenges. Ah Memories both good and bad. Comments welcome from Veterans of all armies.

Till next time stay safe be happy and think of our Troops serving around the world.

Nil Sine Labore



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