A TANKER died today… RIP Sgt Robert Dynerowicz … A Royal Canadian Dragoon

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RIP Sgt R J Dynerowicz

A PROUD REGIMENT has lost a Son

Sadly a military exercise in Wainwright ALberta , has resulted in the loss of life of a Sgt with the RCD’s. This goes to show that the military suffer casualties in training, as well as Combat. May he Rest in Peace and condolences to his family, Regimental Brothers and Loved ones.

May the 3 injured recover quickly and return to their loved ones.


Tuesday has passed but the Bluff and Bluster of Donald Trump  continues to plaque the world.


The next issue this morning is not military but it does Concern me and should also concern all free Canadians. My baby brother Joe sent me this Video. I follow it up with links to the Government of Canada web site as confirmation. I find this a reprehensible rule in gun ownership. EVERY ONE MUST BE Photo Identifiable.




On that note we continue to watch the childish machinations of trump and kim il jung.

Have a thought and a prayer for our Military, our Veterans and indeed their families.

  Thank you to all Family Members of our Serving Troops.

Nil Sine Labore





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