A wet and WINDY red Friday in Scotland

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Red Fridays in 2018 let’s see more RED for our Brave Troops


It certainly is a windy rainy day here in Scotland. Red Fridays continue primarily within the Military Family. How do we get more people interested?  Comments most welcome.


Feds promise more service dogs for vets with PTSD
Questions ahead as federal budget paves the way for more on service dogs for vets with PTSD

Heads turn and smiles break out as the four veterans make their way through the Bayshore mall in Ottawa’s west end one recent Tuesday morning. But it isn’t just the men that the shoppers are watching: it’s also their dogs.
A little-noticed promise in the most recent federal budget has sparked applause and sighs of relief from veterans across Canada dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological trauma.
The commitment was to add “psychiatric service dogs” to the list of medical items that Canadians can claim as a tax credit on income-tax forms, as is already the case with guide dogs for the blind.

The move follows the recent results of a government-commissioned study that indicated — as many veterans and advocacy groups had long claimed — that dogs can go a long way in helping those suffering from invisible injuries.
“He lowers my anxiety. He gets me out of the house,” says Dwayne Sawyer of his service dog, a golden Labrador named Rex who has been helping the 22-year veteran with his PTSD.
Rex sits at Sawyer’s feet as shoppers walk by.
“I have to look after him, which makes me have to get up and do stuff. Prior to that, I wasn’t getting out of bed. And if we’re in a mall situation and he can feel my anxiety, he gets really cuddly and he gets right up into me.”

Yet the answer to one big question is still being worked on: What, precisely, qualifies as a psychiatric service dog?       MY answer to this question?

Any dog no matter  the size or breed, that encourages Veterans with PTSD to share the  unqualified love of a Canine Partner, should qualify as a “psychiatric service dog” . If the person enjoys comfort from a canine, they should qualify. Training centres can be set up in most provinces with very little required. Most training centres for dogs, would be happy to train a dog for Psychiatric service.

Most rescue hounds I am sure would qualify. The are in need of sharing love.  As the Vet stated in the above article. He gets up in the morning and feeds and walks his pal. This certainly  helps some PTSD sufferers to get up and out of the house.

For once Trudeau may actually be helping Veterans with this  announcement.

Number of Canadian soldiers on UN peacekeeping missions hits new low. Opinion by Murray Brewster


The world is indebted to Canada for their PeaceKeeping work around our troubled globe.

This from my Brother Apprentice Joe Drouin. Thanks Joe:

Good morning Robby,

I taught that you would be interested in this great article. I enjoy reading your comments. Keep up the good work, mon ami.

The ‘highway of heroes’, in honour of Canada’s fallen soldiers. Joe

There’s a video with the article.
Friday, March 9, 2018, 11:57 AM – The Canadian government, in partnership with local businesses has announced plans to plant 2 million trees between Trenton and Toronto — one for every Canadian that has served in the armed forces.
Of those trees, 117,000 will be planted directly along a stretch of the 401 highway that’s referred to as the ‘highway of heroes’, in honour of Canada’s fallen soldiers.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made the announcement Friday at the Garden Canada Blooms show in Toronto.
A Highway of Heroes garden will be on display at the show until March 18th, aimed at raising awareness about the campaign.
“The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign has a threefold benefit: honouring our military, cooling the environment and beautifying the most travelled highway in North America.,” reads an excerpt on the “Tree for every hero” campaign website.
Organizers of the initiative are inviting the public to get involved through donations, fundraising and volunteering.
About the Highway of Heroes
A portion of Ontario’s 401 highway between Glen Miller Road in Trenton and Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway/Highway 404 Junction was officially designated the Highway of Heroes on August 24, 2007.
The road is travelled by funeral processions for fallen Canadian Armed Forces personnel from CFB Trenton to the Toronto coroner’s office.
The Highway of Heroes designation was extended to Keele Street West in Toronto in 2013, to coincide with the move of the coroner’s office.
Source: A Tree for Every Hero

This is the website for the Highway of Heroes Tribute


Give a Thought or a prayer for your Military, Military Families, Please wear Red to show your SUPPORT

Nil Sine Labore


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