A worrying time for the WORLD ! ! !

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I must admit I do not agree with most of the Liberal Government statements but Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has  hit the nail on the head.

“Canada finds itself navigating the most uncertain moment in international relations since the end of the Second World War, says Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.”

The chances of WW3 being triggered by either of the Maniacal leaders of the USA and N Korea, simply lose it and press the button, creating such a mass destruction of lives.


IN my youth we always used to hear the expression ” BEWARE THE YELLOW PERIL”  perhaps it should read “Beware the ORANGE PERIL”


It may no longer be Politically Correct, however we are facing Global Peril. I certainly pray that someone gets through to Trump or Kim and eases the situation. Trump is also aiming to destabilise the middle east agreement with Iran and their Nuclear production.

This so called leader of the free world must take care of business at home. Before he attempts to de stabilise the Globe. He has Forest Fires, Floods and  mass shootings , he should get his own country under some form of control, before destroying other countries.

This is not to take away from our allied brothers in the US military, they do a great job in difficult circumstances without having to worry about WW3 descending upon them.

Defense Secretary Mattis urges US Army ‘to be ready’ with North Korea military options:


Remembrance day is exactly one month from today. We must remember those who have served and paid the ultimate price. If WW3 breaks out before then there will be even more sadness in our military world.

A Hearty BRAVO ZULU to Al Cameron and his teams across our fine country who once again have raised Flags of Remembrance in many Provinces and towns. Lets aim to make 2018 a year that Flags of Remembrance are in each and every Province and Territory.

Nil Sine Labore


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