Another Sad Day for the US Navy and Canada remembers DIEPPE.

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Sad news for the US navy after their second warship collision in two months. !0 sailors are missing after the USSS john S McCain struck an oil tanker near Singapore.

SEVENTY FIVE Years ago this past weekend. The largest number of Canadian Soldiers died or were captured on that beach in Dieppe. A few surviving members of that ill fated day were  at the ceremony  honouring their Brothers in Arms.

Indeed Canada lost a lot of their prime youthful Canucks that day. May they never be forgotten. It is sad tha Canadian Relatives of these soldiers are not allowed to wear their loved ones medals on Remembrance day. Her Majesty our Queen proudly lays a wreath at the National Monument in London alongside family members wearing their loved ones medals on the Right Breast.

Our so called Royal Canadian Legion wears pieces of tin and plastic on their right side. Many having never served a day in uniform in their lives. To myself and others this is an attempt at STOLEN Valour. THIS IS ALSO AGAINST the CRIMINAL LAW of Canada.

I have attempted to attach the letter I received from the office of the MND on this issue. However due to age? Lack of Knowledge I cannot add it to this BLOG.

If any are interested send me a comment and I will e mail it to you.

I attach my friends BLOG which will allow you to check out the Medals Campaign for families of Veterans.

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MURRAY BREWSTER a fine CBC journalist has penned this next piece about security in SPACE:


DND uncertain how best to defend satellites

Canada is party to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 which commits members to the peaceful use of space

Last buy by no means LEAST a story of Hill 70 and Frederick Lee a Dual National Mr Trudeau ! ! !


Till next time stay safe  hug a Vet and think of those serving in outlying areas of our Globe.

Nil Sine Labore



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