As Omar Khadir ( Confessed Murderer ) enjoys freedom in Canada….. This Brave Soldier never came home.

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A true hero of the US Military and the sadness of Western Governments charging soldiers and protecting terrorists.


UNSUNG HEROES: The Soldier Who Sacrificed Himself To Save A Stranger From A Suicide Bomber .

Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis  RIP

Omar Khadir despite confessing to murdering a US Medic, by tossing a Hand Grenade still remains a free man in Canada.

This is certainly not justice, when you look at the UK. Soldiers involved in the terrorist wars in Northern Ireland. Many are being charged many years after their tours of Duty. This is a disgrace for a  free western country. Especially as members of the dreaded IRA are so blatantly flaunting themselves as Parliamentarians. Since 1983 GERRY ADAMS gas been the leader of the SInnFein Party.

763 Soldiers and police were killed during the troubles.  13 killed civilians as a result of bloody sunday. From 1969 till 1999 British Soldiers were serving on Operation Banner against the IRA. DEFENDING Irish civilians. Yet they are now being hunted down by the UK government  to appease killers like Gerry Adams. Political Correctness???? The latest men to be charged took out the Official Leader of the IRA in 1972. John Joseph McCann, McCann (24) was commander of the Official IRA’s third Belfast battalion.



Also  Marine A  was charged and found guilty of executing a Taliban fighter? I feel that he killed an enemy combatant which he was trained and expected to do.

Hopefully he will be allowed to be with his family  while an appeal is conducted.

WHY do we treat our soldiers so bad while protecting  confessed killers like Khadir? It is certainly not the way the world should  work.

Please have a thought and a prayer for all NATO soldiers serving to protect us and our families.

Nil Sine Labore




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