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Monday 14 days till Christmas,

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Sad news this morning from a study  conducted by Veterans Affairs Canada:

Canadian veterans have ‘significantly’ higher risk of dying by suicide, study says:

This is indeed sad news especially at this time of year. So I implore everyone if you know a veteran even a phone call with words of Thank You may save someone. A lot of Vets are feeling neglected by our Government in fact they are paying more attention to bringing ENEMY COMBATANTS Home and attempting to retrain their minds.

Our VETERANS and serving military deserve far more than this. To lose a son, daughter, wife, husband, father ,mother or simply a friend , is unimaginable to some. We must look for Veterans on the streets, to help them with their lives.

Losing a soldier in battle is terrible BUT to lose someone to suicide is horrendous.

Mr Trudeau look at your family this festive season and think of families Military Families who have lost someone. Families who live in fear of losing someone. You must assist these men and women as a priority over the lowlifes who went to join isis/daesh.

On that Note I finish today. Please have a thought and a prayer for those who will be apart over Christmas and New Years.

Nil Sine Labore


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Trump stirring it up in the Middle East again.

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Does this ORANGE Man know no shame. He has stated that he will move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Is it because there is a WALL there. Yes the Western Wall more commonly known as the WAILING WALL. The place where millions of the Jewish Faith say their prayers annually. Is it because of the WALL Mr Trump? This wall was started in the year 19BC,  yes before Christ was born.

You stir things up with North Korea and have our world on the brink of a Nuclear War. Then you add fuel to your personal fire by upsetting  many groups in the Middle East.

I read in the paper and saw on the news that LGBT reporters and Black reporters are barred from the White House Christmas festivities. Is this the American way of sharing the Christmas Season.  As they say in the UK you sir are a              P L O N K E R if you are unsure exactly what the term means ? then have one of your minions look it up in a Dictionary.

To those who read this Blog, I am absolutely disgusted with the way this so called President is leading the World.

On a brighter note it is less than 3 weeks now till Christmas.

To all our Soldiers, Sailors and Air Personnel I wish you all a Very Happy, Christmas wherever you may serve. On behalf of myself my children and indeed my 7 Grandchldren a Hearty Thank You for looking after  our Freedom.


Nil Sine Labore


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Monday and the news goes on

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As is my norm, when I get up release the chickens , allow the dogs n cat out  feed them then I have a coffee and check the CBC news. Well today the lead story is all about the legal rights of homegrown  Jihadis. One set of lawyers deem it all right to remove them from the face of our earth. One set of HIGHLY PAID lawyers deem it is against their Charter of Rights as Canadians.  THE RIGHT TO LIFE. Well as far as this blogger is concerned they GAVE UP THEIR rights as Canadians by fighting against Canada and her allies. These so called Holy Warriors have spewed their doctrine of  hate and terror toeveryone who does not follow Islam. They are  allowed to be killed in the name of an uneducated man named Mohammed.

Well Mr Trudeau the people  that voted and yes some voted for you are angry and upset. At the cash payments, the re integration of terrorists on Canadian SOIL. You sir must begin listening to the people who pay taxes, have never fought against their own country nor spewed evil about Islam nor any other religion. I wonder truly how much these 60 men who tried to kill us and our allies is costing us as taxpayers? I certainly pray that some media outlet can obtain information via the Freedom of Information Act.

SHAME on the you Mr PM and on your Government allowing these TRAITORS  to return to accommodation 3 meals a day and all the other enticements you offer. I attach the CBC link for those who have not been able to see or read it before now.

The second part of today’s Blog is rather lengthy, but it is well worth a read. It is written by a Veteran Pete Howell  who is  angry with your inactive Government. I present here for you from My friend and Fellow Blogger Frederick Rodgers of PEI himself a true Canadian and VETERAN who also feels passionately about the issue of Veterans and their care.

A Little Serious this Sunday, Actually very Serious

I implore anyone who reads this article and agrees, then please forward it by any means at your disposal. For those who may not agree, that is your right as Canadians, however please remember the Home Grown Jihadis who would like to end the freeworld Charters of Rights, by killing Canadians and our allies.

I leave today with a frustrated and angry heart at this so called LIBERAL Government.

Please remember our Veterans and our serving soldiers especially at this season of the year.

Nil Sine Labore


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Red Friday….24 sleeps till Santa arrives

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North Korea tests yet another ICBM and still the orange president stirs things up. He tweeted some videos purported to be about Christians being tortured and killed by Islamists. The  videos are not real  YET he uses them to say that Islamisation is a threat to the free world.

Murray Brewster has done a dine job in reporting the joint US/Canada  exercise.: These exercises are held every so often. At least our military will know what to do even if Trudeau does not.

I received a few letters from Veterans, about the government policy of de radicalising home grown Jihadis. Most of the letters cannot understand WHY they have not been charged with treason?

Here in Scotland we have had  snowfall. Roads are closed as they try to clear the snow. Unlike Canada  they do not seem to be readily prepared.

With Christmas coming up very fast. We must thin of our  Military who will not be enjoying Christmas with families or Loved ones.  I share a few photos/cards  of  troops celebrating Christmases.

Please have a thought or a prayer for our Military Personnel

Nil Sine Labore



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Monday Morning Closer to Christmas.

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The social media sites with Canadian veterans etc are all about Trudeau giving jihadis a second chance. The majority say they should be charged with TREASON  They left Canada Voluntarily to wreak terror and death to thousands of innocents. The least we could do is Lock them up or better still ask your pal the Orange Man to open Guantanilmo for their Cuban Holiday.

A very interesting letter arrived from NATO Veterans of Canada. Here is the full link.

Al Jazeera has a story on TRUDEAU yet another apology from years back. To the  men and women wgho suffered in Boarding Schools. Well Mr PM  it is now time to APOLOGISE To the military and to Veterans for the shabby treatment afforded to both serving Military and to Veterans. It is about time that apologies from the past ie: china, Sikhs and other immigrants who were either turned away at the Canadian Ports of Entry or in wartime detained in prison camps, even those who were born in Canada.  Simply make a BLANKET Apology for all incidents  in the last Century Then move ahead and respect and assist  your military and your Veterans of all conflicts., many of whom are still above the daisies as we say. Not 100 years down the road but N O W.

Sad news for peacekeepers as 3 members wearing the Blue Beret were killed this past weekend, May they Rest in Peace. Again Mr Trudeau you are sending  military trainers etc into harms way. Sadly a Blue Beret does not stop them becoming targets.

Canada presently has  80 peacekeepers as part of the MFO in El Arish. They are within striking distance of the monsters of  isis/daesh .     

They currently wear a distinctive Orange Beret. Stay safe men and women of the MFO.

Here is new Quiz to test your brain cells this may be of interest to those who served in the police or prison services. Have a great week.

Here is this week’s challenge. As always the answer will be in next week’s edition of the newsletter.
You are in prison with Barry and Albert. The 3 of you are in a line looking straight ahead. You’re in front, then Barry, then Albert.
A guard has 3 black and 2 white hats. He randomly puts one on each of your heads. Albert can see your hat and Barry’s, Barry can see yours, and you can see no one’s. None of you know what colour you have on your own head.
The guard says, “If anyone can tell me with 100% certainty the colour of your own hat, uttering no one else’s, you may all go free.”
He tells Albert to answer first. Albert is a very honest and intelligent person, but he says, “I don’t know, there is no way of knowing for sure.” The guard then asks Barry. Barry is also intelligent and rational, but also cannot tell.
He comes to you, and you say the colour of your hat with 100% certainty. The guard has no choice but to release all 3 of you.
What colour hat were you wearing and how did you know?
He guessed correctly? 🙂

Always remember our Military Fa,ilies

Nil Sine Labore





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