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Mid week

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Uniformity in Canadian Uniforms:

Why wear US Styled uniforms?? I feel that many Veterans will have a definitive answer to this question. Meanwhile a Canadian General wishes to  issue US Pattern Camo to our serving Troops?

Yet another terror attack in London? When will these animals be eradicated? Westminster crash: Salih Khater named as suspect

Why are UK and US sending more troops to Afghanistan?

Some info for you RCAF and Naval folks:

That is it for today have a safe week. Please wear red on Friday and always remember our Troops, their Families and off course our Veterans of all services.

If Jim “Squirrel” Johnson of 24 Pl RCASC (A) sent a reply please get in touch. Many guys have been searching for you for years> Thanks

Nil Sine Labore


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Monday and news of MALI the LOGISTICS of getting there.

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Thanks to the men and women of the LOGISTICS BRANCH (nee RCASC) A cardinal rule for the military is if you think you need it, you better be prepared to bring it with you. For Operation PRESENCE – Mali, this proved to be more that 1.4 million pounds of equipment – all of which had to be moved from Canada by air.

Digitalisation is a terrific storage place for our  history as the RCAF has proven, Bravo Zulu to the RCAF LIBRARY.  Who knows in Future my book may be digitalised for posterity, all about the memories of RCASC Apprentice Soldiers 1953-1967.

On a Naval note anyone who has served on the west coast is aware of HMCS Oriole Canada’s longest serving vessel. Here is an interview with her current Forward Operating Logistics Officer. Sub-Lieutenant Adelaide Taylor of Welland Ontario.

So as we can see today Logistics is as important today as it was in the  days of the Roman Empire. For those readers that may be interested here is a digital site of Logistics in the days of the VAST ROMAN EMPIRE:

Our Canadian Government should check this out for our Veterans:

Not sure how many of you have heard of the Buchannan Trust it’s 1000 acre farm that was gifted to veterans we are in the process of building a national centre for trauma, veterans will be taught skills, given homes and will have the opportunity to build their own forever homes. Please share with as many groups as possible let’s get this project the publicity it deserves so more veterans can be helped. Contact Andy Leavy for details of how you can help find out more about the trust here

This Blogger a Retired RN and RCN Veteran ( Submariner) Frederick Rodgers is well worth following:

On that note plese have a thought and/or a rayer for our men and women serving in the far flung corners of our Globe. Their Families who remain at home and as always our Veterans.

Nil Sine Labore





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Red Friday AUGUST 14

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Sad breaking news from FREDERICTON of shooting in a Residential area 2 Police officers and two others confirmed Dead on First reports……WHAT is Happening to Canada the Peaceful??

With the big story of Saudi Arabia and Canada hsving a MAJOR dispute brought on by a TWEET?  Tweets from Politicians should be banned whle they are in the public eye. Just look at that Tweeting Fool TRUMP> Never the less I do agree that Saudi is lacking in the welfare of  people, with ABSURD OLD RELIIOUS Laws in this day and age. Whippings, beheadings, torture Jail terms with no end in sight? Are but a few. When I lived in Saudia until I was DEPORTED the only good things were  my salary and the weather. Now our alles  primarily the USA (under TWEETY TRUMP) and the UK under Teresa May are very low key in coming to STAND By Canada, even a former High Commissioner to Canada  finds this reprehensible.     The UK may be trying quietly via diplomatic Channels to ease Canada’s problem. YET none of our allies will condemn Saudi for their non existant Human Rights.

On that note I close this shorter than usual Blog:

Please show support for our Troops and Veterans. Please say a prayer or have a thought for the Police and others who have died in Fredericton earlier today, and let us hope no more deaths  in this appalling inident

Nil Sine Labore



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mid week thoughts

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The words beside this photo are Oh So TRUE. Without Military Families, standing behind their serving Loved one, many would falter.

Does anyone know how old Canada’s eldest poppy Seller is? Please let me know.

Quiz 3 of the RAF:




Canada’s Current Peacekeeping Mission in Mali, may be joined by the Surtee de Quebec.

Between 1947 and 2009 Canada has been part of 36 United Nations Missions:

A HEARTY BRAVO ZULU to those who have served and those who are serving Currently, Canadians are proud of you.

Despite this news article ?  Canadian Millennials Apparently Don’t Know What Our Military Does Or That It Even Exists So Here’s The Facts
Canadians know basically nothing about their own armed forces.

This article is shocking to say the least. I wonder who they surveyed? Possibly Refugees were amongst the people surveyed. CANADA need to do more to inform the PUBLIC of Canada’s role in the world MILITARILY.

Till red Friday please stay strong and remember our Troops, Veterans and their Families.

Nil Sine Labore






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RED FRIDAY and a Century on, an Allied sub sunk in March 1917 discovered at last.

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They say the 7 seas always give up their  dead….. 101 years later it is true for 14 Italian Submariners sunk in March of 2017. May they be repatriated to their loved ones and buried with full military order.

Canada’s Submarine element of the RCN Has been around since WW1 when the Premier of British Columbia  purchased 2 from Seattle, and there the RCN Story begins for submariners. A breed of Men (and now women) that were the Bravest of the Brave.

The 2 photos are of RN submarine and RCN Submarine Dolphins.

Please show your SUPPORT for your Military, Your Veterans and their families. Wear Red Today THANK YOU

Nil Sine Labore       Robby


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