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Edmonton, Marseilles, (refugees)? possibly Las Vegas who knows yet.

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Terrible news to see a so called Lone Wolf attacker in Canada  again.  Even sadder that our current PM has an open arm policy for refugees. Once again I ask, are all of these refugees Vetted  properly??  The person who attacked a Policeman in Edmonton, who was on traffic duty, who happens to be a Somali Refugee, how many sleepers have they sent into the west?  In fact a man who is being paid over a quarter Million Canadian Dollars annually is now Immigration Minister. He too was a refugee entrant to Canada from SOMALIA. That countries name alone makes Veterans of Canada’s Airborne Regiment shake their heads. This mad influx of refugees must at the very least be slowed down.

I pray that the Police Officer and the casualties in Edmonton recover fully from their injuries. I also pray that Canada’s Liberal Justice System punishes this attacker to the Maximum in fact Deportation after serving a minimum of 25 years. No Discussion with  liberal do gooder Lawyers, nor the Somali organisation with  which The Immigration Minister is a PAST President.  National President of the Canadian Somali Congress – a Somali community organization that works with national and regional authorities to advocate on issues of importance to Canadians of Somali heritage and strengthen civic engagement and integration. 

Canada MUST step up to the plate with Refugees, In fact the best place for them is to populate our vast Northern regions. The we would see who really wished to embrace CANADA  rather than destroy Canada.

Meanwhile in FRANCE a further attack in Marseilles.

Globally we have that madman The Donald Twittering again that his Foreign Minister is not helping trying to negotiate with N Korea. This from a Leader that gives a message to the people of Puerto Rico that he presented some golf trophy in their name….. as President and the  Commander in Chief of the US Military perhaps someone should show him the Military Definition of a LEADER:

Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Command is the authority a person in the military service lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of his rank and assignment or position.

He certainly does not provide PURPOSE, Does not DIRECT, nor does he provide MOTIVATION in fact  many US Military people must be very Embarrassed by this so called Leader of the Free World

Finally this morning I would like to ask NATO why they allow information to the enemy  be placed in daily papers? The information that the SAS is hunting for Bin Laden’s warped son should be  secret.

Some readers may not agree with the following  2 lists of attacks in the Name of Islam in 2017: The first Link up till June 2017 The second current

A sad world, yet the CITY of Toronto in Conjunction with Prince Harry had a fabulous week of Games: BRAVO ZULU to all competitors.

The only  good news is that The Invictus 2017 held in Toronto was Overwhelmingly successful. Mayor John Tory and his city provided Venues, Volunteers and great organisation and assistance to the Invictus Games. Bravo Zulu to  John Tory and his team(s). One of the BACK stories that made me very Happy was of the PET THERAPY Dogs of Toronto.

On that note have a great October, Please do not forget the Flags of Remembrance in many  areas of Canada.


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Putin Steps in with ICBM Testing?

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I must admit I was surprised to see Putin join in the Tit for Tat of Trump and Kim?

This indeed changes the global stakes for WW3. I certainly do not wish to see either of these 3 leaders initiate  the BOMB.

Do we learn nothing from past History? I fear not.

Top U.S. general says North Korea military posture unchanged despite rhetoric

U.S. tightens sanctions, Trump calls on countries to isolate ‘the North Korean menace’

Sadly only time will tell, either they ALL Agree to step back or Heaven Forbid  World War 3.

Meanwhile Veterans are competing in Toronto:  To view the medal winners  up to date Simply go to this link and click Results:

Say a prayer or have a thought for our Military, Their Families and Veterans where ever they may serve.


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Canadian Flag Bearer Invictus Games 2017 and news of the tit for tat……

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Corporal Isabelle Cartwright

Corporal Isabelle Cartwright is honoured to be an Invictus Games Flagbearer and to show her support for her community and Team Canada’s competitors. Isabelle is fortunate to have been selected as a member of Team Canada this year, but is unable to compete, as her service dog cannot leave the province of BC until he is fully certified. Isabelle is honoured to be able to show her pride and support for the Invictus Games in a different way: as a National Flagbearer. She hopes to compete in the Games next year. Bravo ZULU to one and all Competitors and Volunteers.

Here is a refresher on the Nations Competing this year:

The Grand Opening is TOMORROW  Sept 23 in Toronto. Best of Luck to one and all of these brave Competitors. A BIG THANKYOU to Prince Harry founder and developer of the Invictus Games. The Military Family Continues.

Meanwhile the Rhetoric of Trump/Kim il Jong carries on with threats from both sides of annihilation.  I know that many Veterans have said it is too bad that the two of them would not fight one another, this would save many military and civilian lives. IF it does kick off.

At home the  Government department of Procurement has changed the date for submissions to the Naval Plan for new Frigates:

Bids were supposed to be handed in last spring and the new submission date means the program is about seven months off track.

‘Very high risk of failure’

On this our last Red Friday before the Invictus Games Open it is more important than ever (Especially if you are in or near Toronto) to show your pride in your military, your Veterans and your Wounded Warriors of all allies.

If you scroll down on this Link you will see the weather for the Week of the Invictus Games in Toronto, even Mother Nature Supports the games.


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Legion and Veterans care (NOT)

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At last the dysfunctional Royal Canadian Legion has made it to a larger Print Media  in Toronto, perhaps an interested Politician will get involved to try and save the Royal Canadian Legion: 

Most members of today’s Legion have never spent a day in military uniform:    Not a medal EARNED in uniform…..FACT

the next story is from Fred Rodgers a Veteran of both the RN (Submariner) and the RCN. His Blog Irish Rover fights for Veterans and former Legionaires  ( Who Have Served )  Bravo Zulu to The Irish Rover on behalf of Veterans who served and who care.

Joint Personnel Support Unit????

by irishroverpei

Canadian Forces drops job offer for veterans’ advocate after he tells Trudeau system is failing wounded soldiers
Barry Westholm had been a Joint Personnel Support Unit sergeant major before quitting in 2013 to protest the poor state of affairs in the unit that is supposed to take care of Injured troops

Barry Westholm had his offer of employment rescinded because he wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to complain that injured military personnel, including a soldier who died, weren’t being treated properly.Chris Mikula / Postmedia

David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen
September 19, 2017
8:24 PM EDT
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News Canada

A veterans’ advocate courted for a job by the Canadian Forces had his offer of employment rescinded because he wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to complain that injured military personnel, including a soldier who died, weren’t being treated properly.

The Canadian Forces had offered the job in June to retired Master Warrant Officer Barry Westholm, acknowledging that his advocacy for injured soldiers was just what was needed to turn around the Joint Personnel Support Unit.
Westholm had been a JPSU sergeant major before quitting in 2013 to protest the poor state of affairs in the unit that is supposed to take care of injured troops.
Westholm replied to Lt.-Col. Chris Robidoux, JPSU deputy commander, that he was interested in becoming involved in the plan to set a new direction for the unit. But Westholm stipulated he would work for free since he felt an obligation to help the injured.
However the job offer was rescinded two months later because Westholm sent emails to Trudeau, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance outlining how the current system failed military personnel, including Pte. Leah Greene.

Canadian military leaders aware for years of problems facing unit for injured soldiers: documents
DND quietly shelves report from investigation into inadequate care for ill and injured troops
Westholm emailed Trudeau on July 22 to complain that Greene, who suffered a spinal injury during her military service that left her partially paralyzed, had run into roadblocks trying to get help from the Canadian Forces and government.
Greene, who for years had been dealing with bureaucratic red tape, chronic pain and mental issues, died July 26.
After her death, Westholm also sent emails to various ministers questioning why the system failed the soldier, highlighting problems both with the JPSU and Veterans Affairs in the Greene case.
He also sent an email to Sajjan and Vance requesting Greene’s family be awarded a Sacrifice Medal.
Robidoux, who originally offered Westholm the job, chastised the retired veteran for his emails. “You have repeatedly made slanderous, inappropriate and ill-informed statements about the JPSU and its personnel to our CDS, MND, PM and many others,” Robidoux wrote in an Aug. 22 email.
The officer stated it would be “very inappropriate to invite” Westholm to be part of the team planning to improve the JPSU system. He concluded Westholm wouldn’t “be a good fit.”
The focus is more on optics, making sure no one in the leadership is embarrassed.
Retired Master Warrant Officer Barry Westholm

Westholm now questions whether the military is serious about fixing the system. “They don’t seem to want to hear about where the problems are and how they can be fixed,” he said in an interview. “The focus is more on optics, making sure no one in the leadership is embarrassed.”
Westholm said he was surprised by Robidoux’s response, noting the officer was well aware of his advocacy for injured troops and highlighting problems with the system. In fact, Robidoux acknowledged in his initial email it was an opinion piece Westholm wrote in June, critical of JPSU, that prompted him to reach out with the job offer.
“Clearly you are a very passionate and knowledgeable person, and just the kind of person that we need to help move our yardsticks,” Robidoux wrote in a June 22 email.
Westholm provided the correspondence to the Ottawa Citizen.
Robidoux sent Westholm an official letter Sept. 1 apologizing for the language he used in his email chastising the veteran. But the job offer was no longer on the table.
The Canadian Armed Forces recognizes the importance of diversity and actively looks to recruit candidates with different views.
Canadian Forces spokesman Navy Lt. Kelly Boyden

Canadian Forces spokesman Navy Lt. Kelly Boyden said the military cannot discuss specific individual employment issues. “We can advise that the Canadian Armed Forces seeks to hire, recruit and retain the very best candidates for available positions,” he added in an email. “The Canadian Armed Forces recognizes the importance of diversity and actively looks to recruit candidates with different views, experiences, and skill sets needed to meet the needs of our members.”
There has been praise for JPSU, originally created to offer programs to help mentally and physically injured troops resume their military careers or more commonly, to make a gradual transition into the civilian world.
But critics such as Westholm have continually raised concerns that injured personnel aren’t getting the attention they need because of the staff shortages and excessive workloads in JPSU.
The unit has had three commanding officers in the past year.
In addition, recently released documents obtained under the Access to Information law show the military leadership was well aware as far back as February 2014 that the JPSU was in dire straits with not enough staff and a growing number of injured soldiers to help.
Despite the severity of the problems, the Canadian Forces leadership continued to claim injured personnel were receiving a top level of care.

A big problem with the leadership at the top of the Government, our elected leaders and civil servants. CARE for Veterans is in Severe Disarray.

Please support your Veterans and serving members.

The UK team departed Heathrow a few hours ago heading to the Invictus Games in Toronto, SUPPORT your Wounded Warriors.

Hug a Vet:


Nil Sine Labore


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Worrying News from the General Assembly…..Speech by TRUMP

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                                       SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS T H A N K Y O U

As Edmonton  gets its first Snowfall of 2017 bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr.

The Donald use his time to address the United Nations, this after saying it was a useless institution a few months back. He has once again Taunted North Korea with threats. This time of total  “ANNIHILATION”

NOUN : complete destruction or obliteration:

“the threat of global annihilation”

This threat could well lead to WW3. A threat that the world does not need, with so many natural disasters happening around the globe. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Forest fires, Floods  to mention but a few.                                                                                                                                           The survivors and rescuers tasked to the limits to rescue and rebuild. TRAGIC.  The North Korean Ambassador to the UN stormed out during Trump’s rant to the UN.  I say again President Donal Trump is  a danger to the world and to himself. He obviously does not think through what he is going to ramble on about , with hundreds of Hand gestures?     Trump the businessman has increased sales of Weapons to South Korea and other allies?


As a former soldier of the so called “COLD WAR, I fear for my children and Grandchildren, If Canada enters WW3 we will once again see convoys along the “Highway of Heroes”. This I am sure most Canadians will not wish to see happening.

Prayers go out to all the people of Mexico and the various Islands of the Caribbean who are battling Mother Nature.

May the survivors of these tragedies recover and rebuild their lives.

As WW2 veterans slip away to their advance party a story of TRUE Love of a soldier and his war bride, both have passed away within hours of one another. An excellent  WW2 video of War Brides in this article. May they be blessed  and be seated  at the right hand of God.

REST IN PEACE Jean and George Spear

A little bit of WW2 History that does not get a lot of mention nor accolades:

Strong women in dangerous times  Bravo Zulu to all the women who fought the war farming for all.

This story  was in the papers yesterday but overshadowed by Mother Nature:

RIP Submariners.

For your viewing and listening pleasure this web site will be carrying all the nes of the Invictus Games in Toronto this month:

Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Toronto

Till the games stay safe HUG a Vet and please  have a prayer or a thought for our soldiers, sailors and airmen serving around the world.

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