Canadian troops not leading fight or engaged in ‘offensive combat operations’ says DND

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This seems like a misleading title. However Canada’s Special Forces are in action against isis/daesh. They have successfully destroyed 3 vehicles laden with ammunition and explosives. BRAVO ZULU to the Special Forces Canada’s elite professional soldiers.

However our politicos of the ruling Government party in Ottawa. Maintain the stance that this is not a Combat Operation  but rather a mission to assist and train Kurdish fighters.

HOW I wonder will this play out for survivor pensions if we lose a soldier during these operation not marked as Combat? I certainly pray that we lose no member of Canada’s units in any conflict.

So our Liberal Boy Prime Minister must make up his mind whether we are or are not in a Combat Conflict.

Even the Canadian Government’s supply of Weaponry to the Kurdish Fighters is open to Political dispute. With the Government of Baghdad disputing the supply of weapons to the Kurds. Fearing they will use them to declare independence.

C’mon PM be a real leader and get this job done.

Always remember our men and women serving around the world for Canada’s freedom.

Nil Sine Labore



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