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3 Red Fridays till Remembrance Day….

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All of the media seems to be starting their stories with the title  WW3. This sabre rattling must cease FORTHWITH. As the day of National Remembrance comes upon us we must reflect on those who paid the ultimate Price.

A reader in Japan has corrected me with regard to Pierre Elliot Trudeau being a peacenik. This lady is a teacher and old friend, whom I greatly admire and respect. Marilyn Schick sister of my apprentice Brother Dave Maxwell.

 I hereby submit a retraction to my story that Pierre Elliot Trudeau did not serve during WW2. He did in fact for a short time as an Officer Cadet. Although he disliked Conscription. He did serve in the Canadian Army for a short Period. My apologies for not getting the facts straight as my old Lt Bob Baxter would have told me “Get the facts correct first”

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Education and the Second World War

Trudeau earned his law degree at the Université de Montréal in 1943. During his studies, he was conscripted into the Canadian Army as part of the National Resources Mobilization Act. When conscripted, he decided to join the Canadian Officers’ Training Corps, and he then served with the other conscripts in Canada, since they were not assigned to overseas military service until after the Conscription Crisis of 1944 after the Invasion of Normandy that June. Before this, all Canadians serving overseas were volunteers, and not conscripts.

Trudeau said he was willing to fight during World War II, but he believed that to do so would be to turn his back on the population of Quebec that he believed had been betrayed by the government of William Lyon Mackenzie King. Trudeau reflected on his opposition to conscription and his doubts about the war in his Memoirs (1993): “So there was a war? Tough … if you were a French Canadian in Montreal in the early 1940s, you did not automatically believe that this was a  just war … we tended to think of this war as a settling of scores among the superpowers.”

In an Outremont by-election in 1942 he campaigned for the anti conscription candidate Jean Drapeau (later the Mayor of Montreal), and he was thenceforth expelled from the Officers’ Training Corps for lack of discipline. After the war Trudeau continued his studies, first taking a master’s degree in political economy at Harvard University‘s Graduate School of Public Administration (now the John F. Kennedy School of Government). He then studied in Paris, France in 1947 at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris. Finally, he enrolled for a doctorate at the London School of Economics, but did not finish his dissertation.

On this Red Friday I would like to share an article from the BBC as a memory to all those young men who served in Germany in the 50s and 60s. I am sure that each and every one of us visited the Government Authorised houses of Ill Repute; all those years ago be it Dortmund, Bochum, Essen or the infamous Reeperbahn of Hamburg. Not to mention Amsterdam and the Windows of Canal Street. Sadly now in the interests of P R O G R E S S  the ladies of the night have been replaced:

I am not too sure that this in in fact Progress.

But then we were so young, my thanks to another 2 Apprentice brothers Limey Williams and Duke   Collinson (RIP) for introducing me to the Poufenstrasse in Dortmund.  ah  Memories are made of this.

In fact now a days you can get Government info on line:

So my readers, I wish you a good weekend with thoughts and memories. Forget about Trump and Kim and enjoy time with Family and Loved ones.

Please try and visit a site near you of ” FLAGS OF REMEMBRANCE 201 7″   

Locations  2017:

 Antigonish, NS    Beausejour, MB   Charlottetown, PEI  Edson, AB   Kingston, ON   Lilooet, BC    Moosejaw, SK  Ottawa, ON    Ponoka, AB

Richmond, BC    Riverview, NB   Sydney, NS    Sylvan Lake, AB   Vernon, BC   Whitecourt, AB   Windsor, ON

Nil Sine Labore


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D I S R E S P E C T the Liberal Government does it again ! ! ! !

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Photo: Corporal Chase Miller, Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) – Imaging Services


As Remembrance day fast approaches, I was thoroughly disgusted with the memo from our Prime Minister, Boy Liberal of Canada, with regard to observing Remembrance Ceremonies Coast to Coast to Coast.

The Liberals for the first time in Canadian History have placed a Limit on the number of wreaths that Members of Parliament may use this year….. HOW MANY YOU MAY ASK? ? ? ? TWO.

Our MPs are paid far better than many of us ever were, or will be paid.  With Cabinet Ministers being in the REGION of a 1/2 Million Dollars per annum.

WHY CAN’T our MPs purchase Wreaths from their own well lined pockets. I know of many Veterans and military family members who purchase a private wreath to lay on 11 Nov each year. I am a pensioner and have no problem purchasing wreaths  each year in fact I have purchased 12  in the past 3 remembrance days, at my own cost. I lay wreaths at UK Remembrance Parades in honour of RCASC Apprentice soldiers, NATO Veterans and Peacekeeping Veterans of Canada. I also purchase a Flag of Remembrance each October. How many of our Politicians are willing to pay from their own pocket, to remember our fallen. I am sure that they obtain a discount and tax free purchases via the Legion. Where the average cost of a wreath is $55.00

with a base salary for MP’s of the back Benches a meagre $ 1/4 yes over a quarter of a million dollars. Such a sad state of Affairs, for our Veterans, our Fallen and Military Families. Here is the article from Bono Bonokoski of the SUN.

I hope that on Remembrance day  some ministers will be shamed publically for following this sad directive.

Three little words seem to be missing from the Liberal Vocabulary

LEST  WE  FORGET:                   a mere 5 words en francais:                          DE PEUR QUE OUBLIONS.

I am very Proud that I stood with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney at the Hong Kong Military Ceremony where he laid a wreath of Remembrance.

on that note I end this Liberal Rant with hopes and Prayers that this ridiculous memo may be corrected., FYI PM of the 1795 Canadian Soldiers that set sail to defend Hong Kong almost 1/3 never returned to Canada. ( Many are in unknown Graves to this Day ) They were sent to protect the rights of Canadians  like your Peacenik Father who refused to go to war.

Please have a smile and a thought for your Veterans, Your Serving troops and for the Military Families.

Nil Sine Labore



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Happier Thoughts on a Monday

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With all the sad news lately of Trump and Kim. I have decided today to go back to Military Humour. We have all heard and have stories of our time in the Military Land ,Sea or Air. Here are a few from an American Military humour ( HUMOR) site. Funnily enough the first one is a Canuck story.

Anyone who has served in the military has great stories from basic training, deployments, or military life.

French-Canadian Mr. Fluffy, by Gadarn

One of the first days in basic a guy in my platoon was standing at attention while having his room inspected by the instructor.

It didn’t matter how nice his room was because there was a large piece of fuzz/fluff on his shirt that immediately drew the sergeant’s attention.

Imagine a female, French-Canadian, sergeant with this accent.

“Recruit Bloggins! What is that on your shirt?! Is that a fluffy!?”

“Yes sergeant!”

“Why is there a fluffy on your shirt, Bloggins!?”

“I must have missed it, sergeant!”

“Missed it? It is so huge, how did you miss such a big fluffy!?”

She picks it off of him. “Hold out your hand.”

He holds out his hand and she places it in his palm.

“This is Mr. Fluffy. Find a home for him, like a pill bottle or something. From now on, whenever I want to see Mr. Fluffy you must bring him to me.”

And so, for the rest of basic, every time the sergeant found a piece of fuzz she would yell out, “MR. FLUFFY!” and Bloggins would have to march over to her and present Mr. Fluffy and she would formally hand him the new piece of fuzz to add to Mr. Fluffy. There was hell to pay if he didn’t have Mr. Fluffy with him at all times.

Sweeping sunshine, by BenSavageGardenState

There was a time when we made a private sweep all the sunshine off the sidewalks. It took the poor guy all day.

“You’re a ghost now, you can’t talk,” by CrashnCashen

Marine Corps boot camp, one kid on firewatch failed to notice the drill instructor coming on deck (which means you immediately salute and report your post), so the DI ran up to the rifle rack, smacked it, and yelled “BAM! You’re dead.” He tried to respond, but was cut off by the DI: “You’re a ghost now, you can’t talk. Go act like a ghost.”

Then the kid had to wander around the squad-bay for the rest of his two-hour firewatch acting like a ghost, and he took that responsibility with a stride. Plenty of ridiculous “oooOOOOOoOOOOo i’m a ghooOOooost” noises and f—ing with people’s racks. We were all laughing our asses off for the next hour till our senior drill instructor got pissed.

Replacing the oxygen he stole from everyone else, by Tain01

A service member was a total f—up, to put it gently. Couldn’t be on time, couldn’t show up dressed to standards, constantly forgot professional courtesies, so on. When he was on his last straw, his squad leader pulled him aside and more or less started yelling, then stopped himself.

“No. You know what? I’m done yelling at you. It doesn’t work. Stay right here; don’t go anywhere.” He stormed off into the company building. The phrase, “stay right here, don’t go anywhere” is typically the precursor to something horrible happening when said in anger. The squad leader eventually emerged carrying a small-ish potted tree, which he handed to the service member.

“You will keep this tree alive. You will carry this with you wherever you go in uniform. You will take it to PT, you will take it to chow, you will take it to work. If anyone asks you why you’re carrying this f—ing tree around, you will tell them, ‘It’s to replace the oxygen I stole from everyone else.’ “

Probably the funniest punishment I’ve ever seen, and we’ll never see it again (because you’re not allowed to do that).

Oscar the Grouch reports the time, by Sgt_Slate

Marine Boot camp.

We had a guy that somehow got his watch through the indoc (They take all your crap when you first get there). Well, the Drill Instructors found out he had it when they saw him wearing it one day, so they put him in the squad bay trashcan and put the lid on it. Every time they walked by and kicked it he’d pop out with his watch and yell, “SIR THE TIME ON DECK IS ZERO-NINE-FORTY-FIVE!” and then go back into his can like the freakin’ grouch from Sesame Street.

It was really, really hard not to laugh at that.

The Eagle Scout, by V_E_R_S_E

A recruit in Marine corps boot camp thought he was special because he was an eagle scout. The Drill Instructor picked up on this and during Physical Training took him into the woods and made him build a nest. Then he had to squat over it inorder to keep his eggs warm.

The basic training omelette, by lgmeister

Week 1 in Army Basic Training we had a soldier ask for an omelette in chow line (which was not allowed because there was absolutely no time to make custom omelettes for every single basic training soldier). The cooks started making the omelette when a drill sergeant asked what the hell was going on. The basic training soldier replied “go around, drill sergeant, I’m waitin’ on an omelette”. Needless to say, this was the wrong thing to say and do week one in basic training. Our platoon motto was henceforth “go around, drill sergeant, I’m waitin’ on an omelette” and the basic training soldier was henceforth named PVT Omelette.

Full-Body waiver? You can still smile, by XApparition

Saw a guy on a full-body waiver for exercises. The instructor gave him 1,000 smiley-frownies… (smile, then frown is 1). The hardest/easiest exercise ever.

Edit: for those who don’t know, a full-body waiver is something to the degree of: Cannot lift objects, no walking for more than 200 meters in one setting, no strenuous activities, etc. Basically making all normal physical activities out of the question.

The “suicidal” private caught messing with a girl in basic, by epochellipse

I was in a gender-mixed company in basic. The third floor of the barracks was split with females on one half and males on the other. Males were not allowed in the female half and vice-versa. My platoon was out back practicing throwing grenade bodies and a window on the female side of the third floor opened and a male snuck out of the window onto the ledge. It was immediately obvious to everyone, including our drill sergeant, that he had been in there messing around with a female and another drill sergeant must have come down the hall, forcing him to get out on to the ledge so he wouldn’t get caught. Our drill sergeant looked at the guy for a minute and then yelled really sarcastically, “don’t do it private, you have lots to live for.” Then they put him on suicide watch, and made him hand over his belts and tie and shoelaces and everything that he could hang himself with, and made him drag his newly bare mattress out into the hallway next to the fire guard desk and sleep out there every night until we graduated four weeks later. And they made his battle buddy sleep on the floor next to him for the first week.

Tree-hugger, by travisarcher

Another oldie but goodie is making a private hug a tree. It all depends on how you take it. Some privates thought it was funny to have to hug a tree, but for some reason some of them thought it was really embarrassing.

“Beat your face,” by NotAnnoyingPerson

My brother told me that when he was in basic, a Drill Sergeant yelled at this guy to “beat his face”, meaning to do push-ups. Said guy had no clue it meant that, and promptly punched himself in the face, really, really hard, and fell to the ground. The Drill Sergeant had to walk that one off and my brother said you could hear him laughing hysterically as he walked behind a building. Not totally relevant, but I figured I’d share.

Dance partner, by Shiny-And-New

I saw a guy be forced to slow dance with a mop for one hour straight.

Yes the  military life always had some great humour. Instructors like Jim Fuller, Al McNeil, Robby Robinson  and yes I’ll bet even The Hat had a sense of humour somewhere? Even the Clerical Trade had a sense of Humour: That one is for  all the Clerk Admins during my service.   Thanks GUYS and GALS.

On that note today I close with thoughts and a Prayer that the  world is still with us or should that be we are with the world.  Thankyou to all our Veterans where ever you may be.

Nil Sine Labore




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A worrying time for the WORLD ! ! !

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I must admit I do not agree with most of the Liberal Government statements but Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has  hit the nail on the head.

“Canada finds itself navigating the most uncertain moment in international relations since the end of the Second World War, says Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.”

The chances of WW3 being triggered by either of the Maniacal leaders of the USA and N Korea, simply lose it and press the button, creating such a mass destruction of lives.

IN my youth we always used to hear the expression ” BEWARE THE YELLOW PERIL”  perhaps it should read “Beware the ORANGE PERIL”

It may no longer be Politically Correct, however we are facing Global Peril. I certainly pray that someone gets through to Trump or Kim and eases the situation. Trump is also aiming to destabilise the middle east agreement with Iran and their Nuclear production.

This so called leader of the free world must take care of business at home. Before he attempts to de stabilise the Globe. He has Forest Fires, Floods and  mass shootings , he should get his own country under some form of control, before destroying other countries.

This is not to take away from our allied brothers in the US military, they do a great job in difficult circumstances without having to worry about WW3 descending upon them.

Defense Secretary Mattis urges US Army ‘to be ready’ with North Korea military options:

Remembrance day is exactly one month from today. We must remember those who have served and paid the ultimate price. If WW3 breaks out before then there will be even more sadness in our military world.

A Hearty BRAVO ZULU to Al Cameron and his teams across our fine country who once again have raised Flags of Remembrance in many Provinces and towns. Lets aim to make 2018 a year that Flags of Remembrance are in each and every Province and Territory.

Nil Sine Labore


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Tomorrow the Flags of Remembrance will be raised across CANADA

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Thanks to Al Cameron and his superb teams who have worked so hard to get this far. Al Cameron is indeed a Canadian who not only respects Veterans, their families and Serving Soldiers. He makes one proud to be Canadian. BRAVO ZULU    AL and keep up the great projects of REMEMBRANCE.    

With only 6 Red Fridays remaining before Remembrance Day I must wonder if WW£ will be upon us by then. The mad babblings and taunts of the so called LEADER of the USA are not ceasing at all. In fact now he is picking on IRAN…..again.

PROJECTIONS are appearing at an alarming rate in the world’s media. If for example  North Korea unleashed a missile strike on Tokyo and Seoul. Initial estimates are 2.1 million dead and many hundreds of thousands  maimed and wounded.

As we are all aware RUSSIA has provided more Chess Masters than any other country and PUTIN Is  plating a great Game of World Chess( Diplomacy) he agreed with the latest Sanctions from the UN. Yet he quietly tries to improve relations with this mad man Kim il Jong: A very dangerous game indeed….BUT  If it works then  he can safely be credited from saving us from WW3. Putin is indeed a far more intelligent man than both the US Bully and the North Korean Bully. I seriously wonder if TRUMP can even play Checkers let alone CHESS.

Trump is once again on the warpath with the opposite side of the world from North Korea…..IRAN.

Trump: Iran has not lived up to spirit of nuclear deal

US president says ‘Iran’s aggression’ must be stopped, as reports suggest he may decertify landmark nuclear agreement.

This so called US Policing of the world  rankles me and I am sure some citizens of the USA. Trump has far more immediate problems in his homeland. GUN CONTROL being at the top currently as well as Mother Natures Wrath against  many States and Puerto Rico. Then again there the probes and senate committee investigating the TRUMP malfunctions.

Sad to hear that 3 US Special Forces were killed in an ambush in Nigeria as well as members of the Nigerian Army. Rest in Peace fellow soldiers.

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND in CANADA. So enjoy family get togethers, be thankful we are Canadian and please remember thos Canadians who are serving far from home on this another Family Holiday.   Afghanistan, Estonia, Ukraine and many other hot spots. Stay Safe my Brothers and Sisters.

Nil Sine Labore


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Edmonton, Marseilles, (refugees)? possibly Las Vegas who knows yet.

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Terrible news to see a so called Lone Wolf attacker in Canada  again.  Even sadder that our current PM has an open arm policy for refugees. Once again I ask, are all of these refugees Vetted  properly??  The person who attacked a Policeman in Edmonton, who was on traffic duty, who happens to be a Somali Refugee, how many sleepers have they sent into the west?  In fact a man who is being paid over a quarter Million Canadian Dollars annually is now Immigration Minister. He too was a refugee entrant to Canada from SOMALIA. That countries name alone makes Veterans of Canada’s Airborne Regiment shake their heads. This mad influx of refugees must at the very least be slowed down.

I pray that the Police Officer and the casualties in Edmonton recover fully from their injuries. I also pray that Canada’s Liberal Justice System punishes this attacker to the Maximum in fact Deportation after serving a minimum of 25 years. No Discussion with  liberal do gooder Lawyers, nor the Somali organisation with  which The Immigration Minister is a PAST President.  National President of the Canadian Somali Congress – a Somali community organization that works with national and regional authorities to advocate on issues of importance to Canadians of Somali heritage and strengthen civic engagement and integration. 

Canada MUST step up to the plate with Refugees, In fact the best place for them is to populate our vast Northern regions. The we would see who really wished to embrace CANADA  rather than destroy Canada.

Meanwhile in FRANCE a further attack in Marseilles.

Globally we have that madman The Donald Twittering again that his Foreign Minister is not helping trying to negotiate with N Korea. This from a Leader that gives a message to the people of Puerto Rico that he presented some golf trophy in their name….. as President and the  Commander in Chief of the US Military perhaps someone should show him the Military Definition of a LEADER:

Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Command is the authority a person in the military service lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of his rank and assignment or position.

He certainly does not provide PURPOSE, Does not DIRECT, nor does he provide MOTIVATION in fact  many US Military people must be very Embarrassed by this so called Leader of the Free World

Finally this morning I would like to ask NATO why they allow information to the enemy  be placed in daily papers? The information that the SAS is hunting for Bin Laden’s warped son should be  secret.

Some readers may not agree with the following  2 lists of attacks in the Name of Islam in 2017: The first Link up till June 2017 The second current

A sad world, yet the CITY of Toronto in Conjunction with Prince Harry had a fabulous week of Games: BRAVO ZULU to all competitors.

The only  good news is that The Invictus 2017 held in Toronto was Overwhelmingly successful. Mayor John Tory and his city provided Venues, Volunteers and great organisation and assistance to the Invictus Games. Bravo Zulu to  John Tory and his team(s). One of the BACK stories that made me very Happy was of the PET THERAPY Dogs of Toronto.

On that note have a great October, Please do not forget the Flags of Remembrance in many  areas of Canada.


Nil Sine Labore



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