Monday A True Canadian & East Coaster Sgt Roy Rushton R I P

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This humble soldier lived to 100 — and saved hundreds of lives.

I hope the RCL recognises a REAL VETERAN note where his medals are. R I P  Sgt Roy Rushton a true Canadian Soldier.



Meanwhile the Orange President is sulking and ignoring US Troops and Veterans. Simply because his Dictatorial Parade for Veterans Day has been Cancelled.  Instead he will create massive Security problems, for the French, by attending the Parade In PARIS.  Marking Remembrance day and the end of WW1:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-says-attend-november-wwi-parade-paris-004334345.html?guccounter=1

This is a SLAP in the face for Troops, and Veterans and the memory of WW1 soldiers who perished, how a person who is Commander in Chief  will not be in attendance for his own Country is beyond my comprehension. S H A M E  on you Donald J Trump. 

A further press story about Trump and his meeting with Veterans of the Vietnam War. He is convinced that the NAPALM used in the film Apocalypse Now, was in fact AGENT ORANGE a defoliant as  opposed, to the extremely combustible  NAPALM. Where was this DRAFT DODGER during the war in SE Asia?


I saw a  meme on the internet which made me laugh it was a photo of Trump and Putin, where Putin says to him  what is the J for in Donald J Trump…Trumps response   “JENIUS”  this says a lot for the state of this  president’s mind set.

Meanwhile the TALIBAN in Afghanistan has been very active  over the past weekend?


With the date rapidly approaching in Canada for the legalisation of Cannabis, Marijuana, Mary Jane whatever you call it, it is ADDICTIVE: 


This will certainly be a problem for police and the military.

On that note I close with asking once again, please have a prayer or a thought for our military, our veterans and military families. T

Nil Sine Labore



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RED FRIDAY and a sigh of relief for US Military

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(RED FRIDAY and the US Military is breathing a long sigh of relief: The current dictator of the USA. Oooopsss typo the sitting President of the USA, has had his parade CANCELLED….https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/pentagon-postpones-donald-trumps-military-parade-amid-soaring-costs/ar-BBM1ZCW?ocid=spartanntp

He will not be allowed to copy, Putin, Kim il Jung, Adolf, nor any of the other world despots that have HUGE or should that be YUGE military parades …..whatever the costs of a non productive parade. Is reason at last coming to the fore in the USA?

This update on Canadians serving with yet another UN Task Force in the Sudan, The Operation SOPRANO Task Force: Strength and numbers: https://ml-fd.caf-fac.ca/en/2018/08/17598

Meanwhile in BC your Canadian Military have been active in fighting and supplying much needed assistance to the International Firefighters battling the FIRES in BC.  http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/operations-canada-north-america/op-lentus.page

On this Red Friday please show your support for our military wherever the may be serving both Canada and the World. From BC to the far flung countries of our world.

Last but not least today I am happy to report that another  brother apprentice Jim “Squirrel” Johnson of 24 Pl RCASC (A) has surfaced again in Canada after working for 27 years in the West Indies, Welcome back my brother.

Nil Sine Labore





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mid week thoughts

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The words beside this photo are Oh So TRUE. Without Military Families, standing behind their serving Loved one, many would falter.

Does anyone know how old Canada’s eldest poppy Seller is? Please let me know.


Quiz 3 of the RAF: https://www.forces.net/radio/raf-100-quiz-3-test-your-raf-knowledge-these-fiendish-questions?utm_source=Forces+Network+Newsletter&utm_campaign=8a4abafd41-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_08_06_03_15&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_25712c5f6f-8a4abafd41-438420745





Canada’s Current Peacekeeping Mission in Mali, may be joined by the Surtee de Quebec.



Between 1947 and 2009 Canada has been part of 36 United Nations Missions:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_peacekeeping_missions

A HEARTY BRAVO ZULU to those who have served and those who are serving Currently, Canadians are proud of you.

Despite this news article ?  Canadian Millennials Apparently Don’t Know What Our Military Does Or That It Even Exists So Here’s The Facts
Canadians know basically nothing about their own armed forces.


This article is shocking to say the least. I wonder who they surveyed? Possibly Refugees were amongst the people surveyed. CANADA need to do more to inform the PUBLIC of Canada’s role in the world MILITARILY.

Till red Friday please stay strong and remember our Troops, Veterans and their Families.

Nil Sine Labore






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Monday the WW2 French Resistance. Thai rescue Continues. Trump Blimp in UK

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With the upcoming 100th Anniversary of WW1. I give you a story of BRAVERY  from WW”. The resistance movements in many occupied countries, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia to mention but a few. They had armies of  civilians, carrying out acts of Sabotage and informing allied HQ of troop moveents. I am sure there were many other duties carried out by these brave men and women.

Many joined the military of the allies if they were fortunate enough to escape. This man is one of the  few that is still alive 74 year after the end of WW2. May they never be forgotten.


The news is full of stories of the boys football team and coach trapped in a cave in Thailand. Volunteers have jumped in to assist the first responders. At this moment in time 4 have been rescued and the operation continues.

https://news.sky.com/video/rescuers-form-mini-village-outside-thai-cave-11429200     An amazing village of rescuers, Volunteers and first responders has grown up near the cavern mouth.

What is ‘the backbone’ of the Canadian Army doing in a junk yard?


How many years does it take to dismantle  vehicles of parts. Whatever Happened to the RCEME School and the Ordinance Field Parks?  Training is an important part of all branches of the military, surely this dismantle operation could have trained many troops ? ? ? ? ?    OR heaven FORBID  some Veterans, who I am sure would have enjoyed the employment. I am sure it would not have taken the military  this long to dismantle these LAVs?

This story reminds me of when the leaders of the Taliban complained to the UN that the ISAF were using Dogs which offends Muslims….. well I feel this K-9 deserves a MEDAL of Honour: Note the Flag behind right ear.



So as the world awaits the rescue of the remaining boys and their Coach. Japan faces landslides and flooding, while here in the UK we await the arrival of the Orangeman.

The costs of his UK protection teams are Astronomical. He will be meeting the Queen on FRIDAY the 13th I certainly hope there is no bad Luck for Her Majesty.

To end today on a good news STORY sent to me by brother apprentice and friend GEORGE GIRLING:


Nil Sine Labore



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Monday Morning Closer to Christmas.

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The social media sites with Canadian veterans etc are all about Trudeau giving jihadis a second chance. The majority say they should be charged with TREASON  They left Canada Voluntarily to wreak terror and death to thousands of innocents. The least we could do is Lock them up or better still ask your pal the Orange Man to open Guantanilmo for their Cuban Holiday.

A very interesting letter arrived from NATO Veterans of Canada. Here is the full link.  http://natoveterans.org/current-news

Al Jazeera has a story on TRUDEAU yet another apology from years back. To the  men and women wgho suffered in Boarding Schools. Well Mr PM  it is now time to APOLOGISE To the military and to Veterans for the shabby treatment afforded to both serving Military and to Veterans. It is about time that apologies from the past ie: china, Sikhs and other immigrants who were either turned away at the Canadian Ports of Entry or in wartime detained in prison camps, even those who were born in Canada.  Simply make a BLANKET Apology for all incidents  in the last Century Then move ahead and respect and assist  your military and your Veterans of all conflicts., many of whom are still above the daisies as we say. Not 100 years down the road but N O W.


Sad news for peacekeepers as 3 members wearing the Blue Beret were killed this past weekend, May they Rest in Peace. Again Mr Trudeau you are sending  military trainers etc into harms way. Sadly a Blue Beret does not stop them becoming targets.

Canada presently has  80 peacekeepers as part of the MFO in El Arish. They are within striking distance of the monsters of  isis/daesh .     

They currently wear a distinctive Orange Beret. Stay safe men and women of the MFO.

Here is new Quiz to test your brain cells this may be of interest to those who served in the police or prison services. Have a great week.

Here is this week’s challenge. As always the answer will be in next week’s edition of the newsletter.
You are in prison with Barry and Albert. The 3 of you are in a line looking straight ahead. You’re in front, then Barry, then Albert.
A guard has 3 black and 2 white hats. He randomly puts one on each of your heads. Albert can see your hat and Barry’s, Barry can see yours, and you can see no one’s. None of you know what colour you have on your own head.
The guard says, “If anyone can tell me with 100% certainty the colour of your own hat, uttering no one else’s, you may all go free.”
He tells Albert to answer first. Albert is a very honest and intelligent person, but he says, “I don’t know, there is no way of knowing for sure.” The guard then asks Barry. Barry is also intelligent and rational, but also cannot tell.
He comes to you, and you say the colour of your hat with 100% certainty. The guard has no choice but to release all 3 of you.
What colour hat were you wearing and how did you know?
He guessed correctly? 🙂

Always remember our Military Fa,ilies

Nil Sine Labore





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Gary Patrick Stegman, In Memorium Rest in Peace Old Soldier.

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As my brother apprentice and friend Bill Raspberry said it is difficult when a friend/comrade passes after maintaining a friendship in excess of 1/2 a century. I must say it has been difficult to compose a Remembrance for a friends that I had no idea was seriously ill.

May Gary Rest Easy, may his family know how much he was admired, loved and respected within the Military family. Specifically as a brother Apprentice.

Here are a few pics from the 1978 reunion.

Gary demonstrating his fondness for  hiding from the dreaded Seniors, this was in 1978

There may be a coke machine behind them BUT I doubt their bottles contain Coca Cola?

Bill Raspberry and Gary I do believe they were BEST FRIENDS.




Farewell  my friend.

Nil Sine labore



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