Computer Problems caused my absence……I wonder if it was Trump or Kim il Jung ? ?

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The title today is mean as bit of humour.  My laptop just decided to give up the proverbial GHOST. Now I am trying to reinstall everything on the new hard drive. Today is the Final Red Friday until Christmas. On that note I wish all our military wherever they may be serving a Very Merry Christmas. Stay safe and return home to your loved ones.

I would like to show you a video of the 12 days of Christmas a la TRUMP.

The fellas that come up with these videos are amazing.

News about the UN resolution that Trump is using to BLACKMAIL  voting countries who go against him. What will our Freebie Vacationing PM do with Canada’s VOTE?

UN vote today on Jerusalem presents dilemma for Trudeau government:

TRUMP Is a BULLY and a BLACKMAILER to think that he can CONTROL Other Countries. I as a 10 dollar Canadian do not wish to see young Trudeau submit to the BULLY of the Globe.

On that note folks have a very Merry Christmas wherever you may be.

Nil Sine Labore



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