CRITICISM from NDP Mulcair Leader ….TWIT. PLUS a Bravo Zulu to a Dutch Citizen.

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The NDP is still the same old Labour Party of Canada from whence it was born. Mulcair the current leader is against the shot that a Canadian Sniper took to WHack an enemy. isis is the enemy what did Mulcair want to do  give him a warning? Here is the letter that he sent to the PM.

Mulcair in his actions  is very similar to Jeremy Corbyn the UK leader of the labour party. He is an IRA sympathiser, and wishes to have soldiers tried in court over Northern Ireland Operations.

Do these peaceniks not realise that war is war. Terrorists which include the IRA are a global threat to peace and security.

The comment made by these so called leaders of a Government Party sickens me a s a Veteran, a Canadian and as a  Scot returned to Scotland.

This coming weekend will be the Big Celebration of Canada’s 150t Birthday, Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe Folks and enjoy your Freedom to Celebrate which was earned for you by men like the Sniper in Question and as far back as WW1.

On a further note a friend who I met on Juno Beach a few years back has been honoured. Men like men like Allan Van der Ree maintain the history of nations. BRAVO ZULU to him.

This is the e mail and Photos I received.

Hello Robby,

With this I have great pleasure to inform you that it has pleased the King of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander to honor me with a Royal Decoration for what was stated, my unique, selfless and long term commitment to propagate and preserve the WW II History of Curacao.

When I got the news, I was literally stunned, but cannot be happier with this honor, which is not only contributed to me, but to all who were part of my WW II historical mission in Curacao.

The Royal Decoration I received was “Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau”.

This Order is a civil and military Dutch order of chivalry founded on April 4, 1892 by the Queen Regent, Emma. The order is open to persons who earned special merits for society. These are people who deserve appreciation and recognition from society for the special way in which they have carried out their activities.

The official recommendation to the King was given by my good friend and historian, Commander Royal Netherlands Navy, Jos Rozenburg, my energetic wife Eveline and my resourceful daughter Sheena. Here after many friends followed and many names were added with their recommendation.

I am very grateful to all.

The decoration ceremony was on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, one day before King Willem Alexander’s 50th birthday. The Knight’s decoration was pinned on me by our Governor, who is the Royal Representative of our King. The ceremony was held at the Governor’s Mansion.

It has been awhile that we wrote, but I have never forgotten you nor your kind donation of your books, which are now part of our WAR Museum Curacao. Again a great thank you. I hope you are OK and that we write soon again.

I herewith send you a few photos taken at my ceremony.

Be good and God bless.

Kind regards,


                            Allan D Van der Ree Knighted

Allan his wife Eveline and Daughter Sheena

Governor General of Curacao pinning his medal

As Canadians we share a history with the Dutch. I know many Veterans who married Dutch girls. The Military Families are riddled with historic marriages.

On Canada Day remember that the late Queen Beatrix of Holland was born in Ottawa.

Nil Sine Labore




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