D I S R E S P E C T the Liberal Government does it again ! ! ! !

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Photo: Corporal Chase Miller, Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) – Imaging Services


As Remembrance day fast approaches, I was thoroughly disgusted with the memo from our Prime Minister, Boy Liberal of Canada, with regard to observing Remembrance Ceremonies Coast to Coast to Coast.

The Liberals for the first time in Canadian History have placed a Limit on the number of wreaths that Members of Parliament may use this year….. HOW MANY YOU MAY ASK? ? ? ? TWO.

Our MPs are paid far better than many of us ever were, or will be paid.  With Cabinet Ministers being in the REGION of a 1/2 Million Dollars per annum.

WHY CAN’T our MPs purchase Wreaths from their own well lined pockets. I know of many Veterans and military family members who purchase a private wreath to lay on 11 Nov each year. I am a pensioner and have no problem purchasing wreaths  each year in fact I have purchased 12  in the past 3 remembrance days, at my own cost. I lay wreaths at UK Remembrance Parades in honour of RCASC Apprentice soldiers, NATO Veterans and Peacekeeping Veterans of Canada. I also purchase a Flag of Remembrance each October. How many of our Politicians are willing to pay from their own pocket, to remember our fallen. I am sure that they obtain a discount and tax free purchases via the Legion. Where the average cost of a wreath is $55.00

with a base salary for MP’s of the back Benches a meagre $ 1/4 yes over a quarter of a million dollars. Such a sad state of Affairs, for our Veterans, our Fallen and Military Families. Here is the article from Bono Bonokoski of the SUN.


I hope that on Remembrance day  some ministers will be shamed publically for following this sad directive.

Three little words seem to be missing from the Liberal Vocabulary

LEST  WE  FORGET:                   a mere 5 words en francais:                          DE PEUR QUE OUBLIONS.

I am very Proud that I stood with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney at the Hong Kong Military Ceremony where he laid a wreath of Remembrance.

on that note I end this Liberal Rant with hopes and Prayers that this ridiculous memo may be corrected., FYI PM of the 1795 Canadian Soldiers that set sail to defend Hong Kong almost 1/3 never returned to Canada. ( Many are in unknown Graves to this Day ) They were sent to protect the rights of Canadians  like your Peacenik Father who refused to go to war.

Please have a smile and a thought for your Veterans, Your Serving troops and for the Military Families.

Nil Sine Labore



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