Disgraceful actions against a Military Medal of Valour soldier M/Cpl Collin Fitzgerald

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Years of fighting criminal charges has cost decorated Afghan vet more than $160K………  Retired master corporal Collin Fitzgerald has $160,000 in legal bills related to a two-year court odyssey and an additional $40,000 in family court costs from a custody battle involving his daughter.

This I feel is something the Royal Canadian Legion should address. Sadly the new Legion of non veterans are simply not interested.

This young man is one of many soldiers suffering from PTSD. Where is the Federal Government help for them?

Canada currently is far more interested in housing and doling out tax payers dollars  to refugees. Some of which are alive today because of the actions of

men and women fighting for their FREEDOM>

This Medal of Military Valour  recipient is being dragged into the depths of personal debt, due to court costs. The court cases were dropped with simply no information nor indeed any monetary recompense.

The Ontario Provincial Police tried to offer many inducements for a plea bargain. Which wisely were turned down as he is innocent.

Please read the full story here:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/soldier-legal-bills-1.3905688   This is tragedy and disgrace to a fine soldier who did his duty unflinchingly  and returned home damaged.

I wish as I am sure  all Veteran’s wish him a Merry Christmas, with best wishes of justice being done for him in the New Year.

Nil Sine Labore


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