Does T R U M P still think that NATO is OBSOLETE?

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The NATO alliance needs renewal and strengthening, not disparagement.

This article defines the Strengths, of  the NATO alliance since 1949. Many NATO veterans will certainly agree with this article. Perhaps “The Donald” will read it, or have it read to him after inauguration day. This article is by the Retired General who Trump wishes to be secretary of Defense. I did not realise that a Sec’y of Defense must be retired 7 years before appointment? Something Canada has never worried about in appointing a Defence Minister with no military background, so many times.

General Mattis requires a Congressional Waiver? Will he get it?

On this note I will leave you to contemplate a world without the NATO alliance.


A NATO AWACS (airborne Warning and Control Systems) The newer term for the plane is Airborne Early Warning and Control and many countries have them. The systems can detect aircraft up to 400 kilometres away. McInnis photo.

The Motto of NATO is:


Please have a thought for our NATO Veterans of Canada and their successors.

In the news on this day.


On this day in 1946 the UN Security Council held its first session.

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