Edmonton, Marseilles, (refugees)? possibly Las Vegas who knows yet.

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Terrible news to see a so called Lone Wolf attacker in Canada  again.  Even sadder that our current PM has an open arm policy for refugees. Once again I ask, are all of these refugees Vetted  properly??  The person who attacked a Policeman in Edmonton, who was on traffic duty, who happens to be a Somali Refugee, how many sleepers have they sent into the west?  In fact a man who is being paid over a quarter Million Canadian Dollars annually is now Immigration Minister. He too was a refugee entrant to Canada from SOMALIA. That countries name alone makes Veterans of Canada’s Airborne Regiment shake their heads. This mad influx of refugees must at the very least be slowed down.

I pray that the Police Officer and the casualties in Edmonton recover fully from their injuries. I also pray that Canada’s Liberal Justice System punishes this attacker to the Maximum in fact Deportation after serving a minimum of 25 years. No Discussion with  liberal do gooder Lawyers, nor the Somali organisation with  which The Immigration Minister is a PAST President.  National President of the Canadian Somali Congress – a Somali community organization that works with national and regional authorities to advocate on issues of importance to Canadians of Somali heritage and strengthen civic engagement and integration. 

Canada MUST step up to the plate with Refugees, In fact the best place for them is to populate our vast Northern regions. The we would see who really wished to embrace CANADA  rather than destroy Canada.

Meanwhile in FRANCE a further attack in Marseilles.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/01/man-shot-marseille-train-station-knife-attack/

Globally we have that madman The Donald Twittering again that his Foreign Minister is not helping trying to negotiate with N Korea. This from a Leader that gives a message to the people of Puerto Rico that he presented some golf trophy in their name….. as President and the  Commander in Chief of the US Military perhaps someone should show him the Military Definition of a LEADER:

Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Command is the authority a person in the military service lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of his rank and assignment or position.

He certainly does not provide PURPOSE, Does not DIRECT, nor does he provide MOTIVATION in fact  many US Military people must be very Embarrassed by this so called Leader of the Free World


Finally this morning I would like to ask NATO why they allow information to the enemy  be placed in daily papers? The information that the SAS is hunting for Bin Laden’s warped son should be  secret.


Some readers may not agree with the following  2 lists of attacks in the Name of Islam in 2017: The first Link up till June 2017 The second current



A sad world, yet the CITY of Toronto in Conjunction with Prince Harry had a fabulous week of Games: BRAVO ZULU to all competitors.

The only  good news is that The Invictus 2017 held in Toronto was Overwhelmingly successful. Mayor John Tory and his city provided Venues, Volunteers and great organisation and assistance to the Invictus Games. Bravo Zulu to  John Tory and his team(s). One of the BACK stories that made me very Happy was of the PET THERAPY Dogs of Toronto.


On that note have a great October, Please do not forget the Flags of Remembrance in many  areas of Canada.


Nil Sine Labore



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