End of another YEAR, final RED FRIDAY 2017

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Today I bring you both Good News and Bad News. Sent to me by Brother Apprentice Pat Buzzel.So in effect he has written this Blog today.

Both Stories concern Korea NOW and in 1951. The second story is about a Hockey Game on the frozen Imjin River. I like to hope that an old PPCLI/RCASC friend was watching this game. As I am sure both Frank Cathcart and Donnie Cappler will think. I am speaking of

Ken Barwise MM CD.





My sincere apologies if these files do not open for you, Patrick re sent them to me in a file format but when I opened them they were Gobbeldy Gook.  Now after four hours of cutting pasting etc I hope they open correctly for all. To all those on my Mailing List I will fwd e mails from Patrick in case these links do not work.

A Hearty Get Well soon to Charlene McInnis the commander of the Red Army in PEI. Charlene is a dedicated supporter of Veterans and Veteran’s issues.

THANK You Charlene and a BIG  BRAVO ZULU to you. May 2018 be full of Health Happiness and Prosperity for you and your loved ones.

As this is the final RED FRIDAY of 2017 I send a prayer out to our troops who are far away from friends and family. If you can locate RIVER DEE RADIO  in Free Apps or on Face bOok you will find my New Years wish to our Troops serving away this time of year.

May 2018 Bring Everyone PEACE HEALTH and HAPPINESS. ad as they say here in Scotland HAE a GUID HOGMONAY


Nil Sine Labore



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