Exactly WHAT is it these groups want???? plus Farewell to Leopard Tank..

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The Armoured Corps of Canada have a PROUD HISTORY.


Whether we agree or disagree with Trans Genders in the military. The LGBT advocates have to get their story straight? They have uninvited Police services and military from PRIDE PARADES? I would have thought they would want them included to show solidarity?  Go Figure eh.


Wheras Toronto PRIDE Group invite Recruiters to a Job Fair?



For those beloved ZIPPERHEADS who may have missed this story…..The Leopard is no more with the Armoured Corps.  https://canadianarmytoday.com/a-farewell-to-the-leopard-1-main-battle-tank/

This Video is only from 2007:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9098kmfJQ4


I am sure many a pint will be downed by Armoured Corps soldiers and veterans.

That’s it for this Monday folks enjoy Life, the upcoming Summer and please remember our serving Troops, their Families and our Veterans.


Nil Sine Labore





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