Finally a Good Decision from the Government of Canada

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Canada suspends special forces training and assistance mission in Iraq.

I personally feel that this is a good decision for a change: As both sides that Canada  are training are now fighting amongst themselves.

Iraqis and Kurds have despised one another for years and years, CANADA  cannot take sides.

On this past Sunday I was out with teams of the Scottish Legion to  show the Poppy and to accept donations. I was very overwhelmed at the Generosity of the public. Thank you on behalf of the Poppy Fund, which in the UK serves both Veterans and Serving soldiers. I proudly wore my grandfathers medals and my Fathers medals on the right breast. Which is perfectably legal and acceptable in the UK and indeed in  all Commonwealth countries other than Canada. A decision that should at all costs be reversed. The Criminal Code of Canada  has many revisions over the years pertaining to outdated laws. The law that does not allow a family member to wear a deceased  family member’s medals as a Remembrance is Long outdated. Yet we have sent letters to the PM, The MND and the MVA with all the same response The Legion does not wish this to happen. YET the Legion associate members wear  upwards of a dozen tin pot medals purchased from the Legion Store. In fact you may be able to obtain one in boxes of Cracker Jack.

I may owe an apology to Claus Brodersen of PEI. I in fact received an unsubstantiated e mail that he had served in the Royal Danish Defence force(Naval Branch). I have since  seen  a photo showing him wearing 2 medals on his left  breast. If they are in fact medals from Service to his birth Country I apologise. for my error.

Colour Parties  for Remembrance with Nary a real Veteran?? This website may help us return to the original Vision for the Royal Canadian Legion:

On that note have a safe Happy Halloween, With that I leave you with one question ( Answered Correctly yesterday by my pal George Girling.

WHAT is the Largest Country in the world with only ONE TIME ZONE ? Try not to google the answer.

Always have a word and a prayer for our Troops our Veterans and the Military Family.

Nil Sine Labore





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