First Red Friday of the New Year 2018

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Red Fridays in 2018 let’s see more RED on Display for our Brave Troops


On this Red Friday  I have some very interesting reads from media sources.

First I would like to say Happy New Year to one and all. Any new readers you may listen to my radio broadcasts on the River Dee Radio site on your smart phone, facebook or the internet. This station broadcasts from our Legion here in Banchory Scotland.

First article  please read the comments section as well. It is a disgrace that a Veteran’s Father could not have an audience with the Grande Order of Twits POOBAH Trudeau. Yet someone who was taken prisoner by the Taliban 5 years ago ( And Yes did he and his family not look healthy or be slimmed down versions of themselves due to poor feeding over 5 years. Who is to know that this man has not been converted?).

Next is an analysis of Canada’s mission in Iraq by that award winning columnist Murray Brewster

We are all beginning to understand that our current PM is more interested in re programming Jihadis than looking after Tax Paying Veterans and our seniors. But to be in the same room with an accused Russian Spy that is TREASON as far as this old fella is concerned.

Currently we have boy Prime Minister who is certainly not qualified to Govern a country as large and Diverse as CANADA.

That is it for today readers, more next week meanwhile enjoy our programmes on:

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