Gary Patrick Stegman, In Memorium Rest in Peace Old Soldier.

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As my brother apprentice and friend Bill Raspberry said it is difficult when a friend/comrade passes after maintaining a friendship in excess of 1/2 a century. I must say it has been difficult to compose a Remembrance for a friends that I had no idea was seriously ill.

May Gary Rest Easy, may his family know how much he was admired, loved and respected within the Military family. Specifically as a brother Apprentice.

Here are a few pics from the 1978 reunion.

Gary demonstrating his fondness for  hiding from the dreaded Seniors, this was in 1978

There may be a coke machine behind them BUT I doubt their bottles contain Coca Cola?

Bill Raspberry and Gary I do believe they were BEST FRIENDS.




Farewell  my friend.

Nil Sine labore



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