How dare our Government give POWERS to a foreign Government on Canadian Soil

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What a Headline for Canadians ? ?

Will this be our New Flag under trump/Trudeau:


Pre-clearance bill would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers.

I cannot believe that any Canadian Prime Minister would prepare a Bill allowing Foreign Officers the powers to


The professionalism of US Borders leaves much to the Imagination. I know from a personal experience at Pearson Airport Jan 1994. I was travelling to Palm Springs. Pre clearing US Customs as you did in thos days prior to 9/11 was supposed to be simple. I proceeded to the US area for my passport check. I was then asked to step aside and to accompany a US Border Officer to a separate room. I only has a carry on bag with me.

He checked and rechecked the contents of my bag. He asked me a few times why I was travelling to Palm Springs. I said because it is warm. No laugh, he then told me to give him my Drivers License? I queried why? he said just give it to me as it is suspended. I then said I would not give him my license but to please call the RCMP Airport detachment as I would surrender my license to them? The RCMP constable appeared and I told him what was going on. I told him I had landed in Montreal a week before from Saudi, rented a car and drove to Ottawa where my daughter was holding a 50th Birthday party for me. The Rental had no knowledge of a suspension. The RCMP Constable looked up the suspension on the US  officers computer. When he  told me the date. I showed him my passport, entry and exit Visa I was in Saudi at that time. Never the less a long rambling story. My main query to him was how did the US Have my suspension on their computers when Canada did not, he said he had no idea. I gave him my license and I was allowed to board the Air Canada Flight to LA.

That was many years ago and cyber operations have advanced greatly. To enter Trumpland can be awkward for Canadians of Dual Nationality, at the best of times BUT with these additional powers, some of the Red Neck Border Guards I am sure will act with Impunity.

See the full story  here at the CBC Link:

Recently the Border Guards at JFK detained a Sgt of the British Army, with questions as to WHY was he in Iraq. He was a soldier who earned the distinction under fire of being honoured by Her Majesty our Queen, with the Victoria Cross. Was it because he was he was born in Grenada?  See my previous Blog.

Mr Trudeau are you going to roll over at the feet of trump? or Are you going to STAND UP like a MAN on behalf of Canada and all Canadians? Cease and desist with this ridiculous Bill in our Parliament.

Nil Sine Labore



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