Is their NO SHAME in the Royal Canadian Legion ? ? ?

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Wanted for Impersonating Real Veterans

Claus Brodersen of PEI and Former Dominion Command President Tom Eagles

These men have never served a day in any uniform of the Canadian Military, RCMP nor our allies. They should be ashamed at this pretence of being a Veteran.

Simply wearing tinpot medals purchased from the Legion Shop or having them presented by the Legion does not make them 


  Perhaps that is where Kim Jong Un purchases his medals for North Koreans.

That may make a Joke of it BUT they are making a joke of real Veterans who have served our country in  wars, peacekeeping and attached duties with our allies. To have the gall to be part of the Poppy Day is bad enough, but the Dominion Command President meets the Governor General on Remembrance Day. If these men really wanted to help with Veterans issues then they should remove the tinsel and assist Veterans with Housing, Employment even a coffee or two. Show appreciation do not PLAY the Wannabee Game and be a pretend Soldier, sailor or airman. Canada’s once PROUD Legion is tearing its self apart with these BOZOS.

I am positive if you look up Photos of last years Legion AGM In Scotland Tom Eagles did not wear his tin medals on the right side but did wear his medals issued for events not battles. I am ashamed to say that I was a member for many years of the RCL  but now I am a proud member of the Royal Scottish Legion which still operates on the principals of the Royal British Legions. Associate members cannot be in the hierarchy of the Legion. Those positions are only filled by Veterans.

So Claus once again you gained your photo on the front of the Guardian PEI  on Poppy day and you Tom Eagles I hope your two  family members are enjoying their Legion Bursaries.

Please folks treat your Veterans and serving military and their families with RESPECT. For they have served you and remain serving you and your freedoms.

Nil SIne Labore





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