Is this the LAST STRAW with the Royal Canadian Legion??

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I would dearly love to know if any of the committee members of this branch in London Ontario have any Service at all. Or are they part of the new breed of NON VETERAN’S in charge of yet another branch of the ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION. ( formerly Legion Branches  cared for Veteran’s and their issues.) Please follow my friend and Fellow Veteran’s Blog re the Canadian Legion and their antics?

Bob Hanson a Senior Veteran from Canada’s SENIOR SERVICE. A man who lied about his age to join in the fight during WW2.

He was barred for simply using his CONSTITUTIONAL right, Whatever happened to the word COMPETITION ( if that is what the Legion Feared).

For 70 of the sailor’s 90 years, he’s been heading off to local Royal Canadian Legion branches to meet up with his buddies, swap war stories, listen to music and dance.

But last November, Hanson was banned for 180 days — a long time when you’re 90 — from the Legion’s Victory branch 317 in London for breaking its rules.

His infraction? Handing out business card-sized flyers of a country music band schedule he’d set up at another London club.

No amount of apology from this branch can ease the way Bob Hanson felt at being dismissed like an associate non voting member.  In truth the Legion was formed a scant 20 years or less when he volunteered to serve his King and Country.

SHAME ON the Victory Branch of LONDON Ontario.

I will always remember when S/Sgt Buck Buchanan my boss at the RCASC School in 1967. Introduced me at the Royal Canadian Legion in New Lowell Ontario, a small branch but very active. I was so proud to be allowed to join up as a serving member of the Canadian Army. Sadly I will never renew my RCL Membership, the pride is gone, the infidels as the Islamic Scholars would say Have taken Over. MY definition of Infidel is a NON VETERAN. This may not be PC but it is the truth. I am very happy to be a member of the Royal Scottish Legion here in Banchory Scotland.  Where old Legion Values are maintained.

Tom Eagles past Dominion Command President Tin medals? are they also made in N Korea?









Meanwhile our troops are still serving in Iraq.

Canadian troops in Iraq mount pressure on ISIS around Syrian border

Canadian special forces shift attention to other ISIS positions as fighting intensifies around Mosul

This article from our own CBC:


My thoughts and prayers go out to all of our Military and their families no matter where they are serving.

Nil Sine Labore


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