Is this the way forward ? ? ? ? ? I as a Dinosaur think not ! ! ! !

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Call me Old Fashioned, tell me I am not with the programme, if this is to be the new Politically Correct Military I am glad my time was served in a real military. I know for sure that some Sgt’s, WO’s and officers that I served under. Men from WW2 and Korea, they would be most upset to say the least.

All military used to run on discipline, to some this meant a bit of hardship. To others they excelled in finding a solution to problems.

I cannot for the life of me put my thoughts on this issue, in a coherent manner.

So I guess I am officially a DINOSAUR> I dread to see what changes will occur in the next few years. The cartoons and jokes will no doubt flood the internet. What will we see, soldiers that will be only allowed to go to combat between 9 and 5. With guaranteed leave and allowances? I know some readers will take offence at my ramblings BUT I am also sure that some Veterans will be shaking their heads and discussing this move at length.

Please read this article sent to me by a brother Apprentice, fellow Cook and Veteran as well as a damn good friend. George Girling RCASC. Please read and have a think about some of the proposed changes? Will other countries make jest of Canada?

Have a good weekend and please think of our military and their families who may be apart.

Nil Sine Labore



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