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Greetings all, today I give you the link for the latest CPVA magazine for all you former and perhaps current Peacekeepers.

I would also like to  make mention of Last weeks false alarm in Hawaii, simply because there was also a false alarm in Japan.

  • Japanese broadcaster NHK mistakenly issued alarm about a North Korean rocket
  • The TV network later claimed that it had corrected the error within minutes
  • Blunder comes amid heightened tensions between Tokyo and Pyongyang
  • On Saturday, a mistaken alert caused more than a million people in Hawaii to fear that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile
    People within range of Trumps taunts and threats to the wee fat dictator Kim il Jong, are naturally worried. The False alarm in Hawaii was due in fact to a drop down menu. As many of us older Veterans know that a fat finger can and often does hit the wrong space on a dropdown menu. This was a bad design, for something as important,  as a Missile Alert.


I certainly pray that the upcoming Olympics ease a lot of the Tensions in the far East.

A great Blog from my friend and fellow Veteran Fred Rodgers I will now share with you. I feel strongly that the RCL is certainly letting Veterans down. https://irishroversbooks.wordpress.com/  It is sad that most Legions are failing . I did read of a branch in Quesnel BC that they have many vacancies on their committees specifically the Poppy Fund and  Veterans Assistances. Sadly the RCL has grown as a Non Veterans club.

Last but by no means LEAST a story sent to me by George Girling  A news story that is awfully prominent in my personal life. 4 Years ago I wrote of the Low Life Couple who had planned to plant Pressure Cooker Bombs on the lawns of the BC Legislature , to blow up on Canada day. Why PERSONAL you may ask.  My Daughter her partner and 2 of my Grandchildren live a mere few blocks from the BC Legislature. As is their (as well as hundreds of others) custom to enjoy the Canada Day Festivities on Canada day.

I am PROUD to know that the RCMP sold them inert explosives. This BC Judge that says they were entrapped is obviously lacking in Judgement. This couple should be incarcerated for many, many years to come. Canada and indeed Judge Bruce is far too soft on these so called home grown Jihadis. I am glad to see that the Crown has ordered a new trial. Perhaps this time JUSTICE will be served.


And finally today as promised here is the latest edition of the CPVA peacekeepers magazine.


I certainly hope the links opens for one and all.

Have a great week stay warm, stay happy, if you know a Veteran on his or her own pop in have a chat and a coffee.

Now is your turn to help a Veteran who helped you have a democracy in  CANADA.

Nil SIne Labore






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