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14 K pairs of childrens shoes on lawns of US Capitol Signifying one for each child killed by gunshot. So Sad so striking.                                                       https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Thousands-of-Shoes-for-Memorial-to-Children-Killed-by-Gun-Violence-476647573.html

R I P Stephen Hawkings a man ahead of his time. Today’s Blog honours the life and intellect of one of the world’s finest brains since Albert Einstein. 

Sadly in Canada we cannot say we have an intellectual Prime Minister. This article from the Daily Mail here in the UK:


If this is what the world thinks of our leader Canada is in BIG trouble.

Not only did the PM ignore a meeting with the King and Queen of Belgium one of our NATO allies Rideau Hall placed a German flag at the site of a tree planting on the grounds of Rideau Hall. Although the  German and the Belgian Flags  bear the same 3 stripes of colour one is Horizontal and the other is Vertical?


Although the Belgian Ambassador accepted Trudeau’s excuse. I for one believe our elected leader should meet and greet foreign dignitaries. The Governor General is responsible for accommodation and hosting Royalty on behalf of our Queen. BUT Trudeau as elected (leader) must observe  protocol off  Royal Visitors to our home and Native Land.

One may well think if it had been a visit by a terrorist  he would be their with a handshake, a hug, and an open wallet.


The ombudsman for our Veterans hosted a live open forum for questions on Facebook. I tuned in but found it to be totally inconsistent with a million flashing questions, comments and silly emojis  floating across the screen. Very poor show in my humble opinion.

As some of you may or may not know we have a Radio Studio 24/7 here in Scotland at our legion. Folks from around the world can listen in in many ways and can use FaceBook to send requests, news or comments Simply go to RiverDeeRadio on F/B . The Banchory Scottish Legion is a great place to visit should you find yourself in Scotland.

On that note please give a thought or a prayer to our Military and Military Families. Here is a selection of music you may enjoy on River Dee Radio:   https://www.mixcloud.com/River_Dee_Radio/protest-songs/

Nil Sine Labore






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